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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 3

3. Sealing Technique

Since I was able to use the Read Mana (Mana of Strengthening) safely, it was decided that I would be taught Sealing Technique.

As for the Green Mana (Mana of Creation), I didn’t learn anything about it because it said that it was difficult to practice in the prison environment.

If anything, I was more interested in the Mana of Creation than the Mana of Strengthening, so I was very disappointed. After all, when it came to magic, everyone would think of a fireball… Everyone should yearn for a ball of fire.

After all, boys were such creatures.

‘Fireball’, I’ll definitely learn it when I’m released, so wait till then…

And so, I was completely struck by the old man’s Sealing Technique.

First of all, as basic knowledge, I was taught about what was a Sealing Technique and what was a Sealer.

――A Sealer…

…was a person who manipulates the Sealing Technique. The target was sealed in a ‘Mana Fillable Object’ like a talisman or a box, confined, and isolated from this world.

The old man said that the only thing that can be used for sealing was limited to a ‘Mana Filled Object’.

For example, the small stones in the surroundings or pigs and cows that weren’t able to be filled with Mana, weren’t applicable.

There were three major conditions required for Sealing,

・ Knowing the other party’s name 

・ The opponent’s Mana must be less than the Sealer’s Mana

・ To mark the other party by putting a ‘Character Stamp’ on them.

If the target weren’t a living thing, the first condition could be omitted. In other words, a name wasn’t needed to seal a sword or spear.

There were many loopholes in the first and third conditions, but basically the second condition ―― The Target’s Mana must be less than the Sealer ―― couldn’t be excluded.

“By the way, the only one who can be sealed in this prison cell is me or you.”

Well, there was nothing here that could be filled with Mana.

“Hmmm? So, I can’t put it into practice right now even if I learned it?”

“Well, there is a way, it’s to seal yourself…… However, it’s a waste to do that, and also Sealing Technique takes time to learn because it’s a high-level technique.”

No, no, even if I knew how, I wouldn’t do it because I was scared to do something like, sealing myself.

“Don’t worry. In my personal belongings that I let be kept in this prison, there is a demon. So, let’s bribe the guard with money and ask him to bring it here.”

The old man made a bribe declaration brazenly.

The characteristic of the guards in the prison was that they were vulnerable to money. That said, perhaps the old man’s strategy would work.

“Old man, you said that you need the name of the creature to seal it, but what about monsters and others that don’t understand language?… I mean, you can’t even ask for the name.”

“A monster is basically be thought of as something that can’t be sealed… Given that it is not necessary to seal the non-speaking monster. “

“From the way you say, it sounds like there is a monster who can speak?”

“Monsters gain intelligence every time they eat a person… after they eat hundred people, the monsters can learn the human’s words and have the same thoughts as humans. And that kind of monster, I called it <JINMA>. On the contrary, a human who has gained power by eating a monster <MAJIN>… Both are evil and atrocious, but unlike normal monsters, they are aware of their name and can be sealed.” [TN: The literal translation of the word is… ‘Jinma’ is Humanoid Demon and ‘Majin’ is Demon Human]

<JINMA> and <MAJIN>…

Seeing that the old man made a bitter face, it seemed to be a troublesome opponent.

“Another question, is there any fixed form for the ‘character stamp’?”

“There is, the shape depends on the sealing method. I will tell you about it later.”

After finishing the explanation, the old man was out of breath and sat down on a chair in the prison cell.

“Sealing is a lot of work, isn’t it?”

“But it’s a magic technique that can beat anyone if the conditions are met… It requires a tricky action, but you don’t hate to play with it, right?”

“Oh, it looks like you’ve grasped my personality in this short period of time.”

“You have a lot to remember.”

” ――Well, I can use it to kill time.”

(1) Hit the target with a fist covered in Yellow Mana. If the target’s total Mana is less than you, the opponent will be marked.

(2) Take out the object with the magic circle drawn in advance. This object can be anything as long as it does not contain Mana. If the opponent is a living thing, write the name of the target in the outer frame of the magic circle.

(3) Cast the sealing spell. The target will be sucked into the object on which the magic circle is drawn. If the magic circle is dyed red, it is a success.

(4) Cast a special spell to unlock the seal. Sealed items that can’t hear your voice cannot be unsealed.

That was the basic procedure for sealing.


After eight hours of ‘class’, I was burying my face on the stone floor.

How to write magic circles, types of spells, how to handle Yellow Mana… It took a considerable amount of time to accurately pull this information out from the old man’s mouth.

My head hurt so much.

However, the old man looked tired more than I was.

“Old man, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

No, you’re not, you’re lying.

An okay person wouldn’t lean forward and sit in a chair like that.

The old man looked completely exhausted.

And, to such an old man, I was half-jokingly suggesting, “Let’s me massage your shoulder.”, But, then the old man smiled.

“Is that okay?”

Oops. I intended it to be a joke, but it was hard to say that it was just a joke now, especially after he gave a carefree smile.

I scratched my head, stood up, and went around behind the old man. Then I made a fist and rhythmically hit the old man’s shoulder.

“… Seal, can you weaken your strength a little more?”

“Hmm? like this?”

“That’s too weak.”

“Then, how about now?”

“It hurts! Seal, it hurts! Are the option only 1% or 100% force?!”

“Tch, I can’t help it! I’ve never massaged someone’s shoulder before!”

I hit the old man’s shoulder while searching for the appropriate strength.

As I hit the old man’s shoulder, I immediately felt the brittleness of his shoulders. Weak shoulders which were likely to be dented… Based on his age, it shouldn’t be strange.

I somehow asked the old man a question I couldn’t ask before.

“Old man, why do you teach me Sealing Technique?”


“I mean, you’re the only sealer in the world, right? That means you haven’t taken a disciple until now.”

“That’s right… maybe you could say that it’s similar to human nature who want to leave an offspring before they die… My life won’t last so long, so I want to at least leave my skills before I meet my end. “

Not last long…

There was no lie in that word… The feeling that I felt in my fist said so.

I stopped and sat on the floor, leaning against the old man’s chair.

“Seal, why did you decide to learn Sealing Technique?”

“Just for killing time.”

“Isn’t there any other purpose?”

“I have no other purpose, even a dream too, not at all. So, I have no plans for my future… I’ll be free for my whole life… That’s why I’ll always kill my time for the rest of my life. And, this Sealing Technique is likely to be a good way to kill time after being released… That’s why I’m learning it.”

“Just for killing time, huh… It might be the same reason why I’m teaching you Sealing Technique… Just for killing time, no, maybe it’s just an act of vain struggle?”

The old man laughed with a strained smile.

I didn’t even know what the old man was carrying or what he was trying to carry.

I didn’t think the old man would ask me to do anything or fulfill his wish just because I learned Sealing Technique from him. I didn’t think that Sealing Technique would be useful. I wouldn’t even try to take over the things that the old man was carrying.

Well, as a gratitude for this, I wanted to give something back to the old man. I would do anything if it was something within my ability.


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