Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 2

2. Seven Types of Mana

I didn’t hate studying. After all, it was fun to get new knowledge.

Besides, the content of ‘Magic’ learned from the old man was interesting.

The old man first explained to me the power of magic.

There were seven colors of Mana.

Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Rainbow.

Of these, Mana of the colors Red, Green and Blue were flowing in all humankind. This called, 《Three Main-source Colors》.

And Mana of the colors Black, White, Yellow, Rainbow. One of these was randomly given to one individual. This called, 《Four Sub-source Colors》.

In other words, it seemed that a total of four colors of Mana were flowing to humans, Three colors of《Main-source》+ one color of 《Sub-source》.

Mana has characteristics for each color.

Red …… The Mana of Strengthening.

It was a Mana that strengthens things. You could increase the strength of things and strengthen your own body by using the Red Mana.

Green …… The Mana of Creation.

It was the Mana that create things. You could make flames, water, or substances / objects such as iron and steel from the Green Mana.

Blue …… The Mana of Operation.

It just the Mana that moves the Mana… It was this Mana that guided the Red Mana to the place where you wanted to strengthen, also ejected or stagnated the substance created by the Green Mana. The more dexterously you could move the Blue Mana, the wider the range of magic. In a sense, it might be the most important Mana. When Blue Mana was exhausted, it became impossible to operate any others Mana.

The role of the Magician also changed depending on what extend you could operate the《Three Main-source Colors》.

If you were good at using Red Mana, you would be a Warrior type that pushed anything with your physical strength,

If you were good at using Green Mana, you would be a Magician type that casted magic as many as you could.

If you mastered both Red and Green, you would be a Versatile type that could handle both.

However, basically, it was said that increasing both Red and Green was a waste of efficiency, so it was popular to choose and focus on one of it, and at the same time learn how to use Blue Mana…. It’s just a theory though.

However, up to this point, each Magician had no personality.

The Magician’s personality was determined by the 《Four Sub-source Colors》.

Black … The Mana of Destruction.

As the name implied, it was a Mana that destroys the substances touched by it. Applying it in others magic could enhance the destructive power of the magic and applying it on a sword would increase the sharpness of the sword. It was similar to Red Mana, but unlike Red Mana, it couldn’t strengthen the body or objects itself.

This was because the body would collapse when the activated Black Mana was being circulated in the body. This was the same for the sword. There was no problem if you applied it to the sword like an aura, but if you put it on the sword itself, the sword would break. It was a Mana that said difficult to handle.

White …… The Mana of Regeneration.

It could be used to repair the body and things. You could heal a wound by lighting the White Mana on the wound, also repair an object by lighting the White Mana on the broken object. Healing could only be performed by using White Mana.

Yellow …… The Mana of Domination.

The Mana that targeted brain and soul, then controlled the vessel. Used for causatives of spirits and brainwashing of others. So, it could be said that the Mana had a bad property, and if you were known to had it, you would be hated. Yellow Mana was a must for a summoners or necromancer.

Rainbow … the Mana of Freedom.

Manas that cannot be classified by the other six colors were generally called Rainbow Mana. So, it also could be said as ‘the other’. It didn’t have a fixed property, so it said to be versatile in application. It was a mysterious Mana that had not been studied yet, and it was a rare Mana with the smallest number of individuals who possessed it.

Basically, there were many people with Black Mana or White Mana, and the theory for it was well established, so it seemed easy to handle. The Magician who handles black magic was called ‘Black Magician’, and the Magician who manipulates white magic was called ‘White Magician’.

There was no particular name for the one with the other two colors, Yellow and Rainbow. Perhaps because the number of individuals were small.… Well, the name of ‘Yellow Magician’ or ‘Rainbow Magician’ just feel weird.

“So from the《Four Sub-source Colors》, I wonder what is my color…”

I was mumbling so, but…

“It’s Yellow.”

The old man answered immediately.

Contrary to his crumpled skin, the old man was staring at me with his fresh silver eyes.

“How you know it?”

“I have a little special eye.”

Which one is the ‘special eye’, the blue right eye or the silver left eye? Which one?

“Yellow… so it’s Mana of Domination?”

“The Sealer is useless unless he has the Magic of Domination. So, you’re in luck.”

Domination… I mean ‘Sealing’, it has an image of keeping the other party in a jar or a bill.

Can it be called Domination depending on the viewpoint? After all, you need to control, bind, and trap the other person’s body.

“You’ve confirmed that I’m qualified, so please teach me a sealing technique.”

“Before that, you need to know how to handle 《Three Main-source Colors》. Grasp the features of Mana with it, and after that, start training for 《Sub-source》. This is the basic pattern of a Magician … “

With that said, I learned about how to handle the Red Mana. And at the same time, the Blue Mana too.

Red Mana was the Mana of Strengthening, and the core was the heart. It was said that there was an energy source that producing Red Mana in the heart.

… I need to Imagine something like transferring power from the heart to the limbs through blood vessels.

Blue Mana was the Mana of Operation, and the core was the brain.

… I need to Imagine something like transferring power from the brain to the limbs through blood vessels.

Blue Mana from the brain and Red Mana from the heart, I needed to mix it and transfer to the whole body.

Ah, I got the image. Easy-peasy――

“It’s impossible.”

I practiced as I was told and gave up early.

In the first place, I’ve never dealt with Mana, and I don’t know how to transfer power… at all.

“Tell me why I can’t do it, Master.”

“Because…. you don’t have the sense. That’s it.”

“You, are you really want to teach me?”

He is an old man who is not good at explaining.

Maybe he has never taken a disciple.

After all, he said he was the only sealer in the world.

“I mean, is it really present, something like Red Mana…? or Blue Mana? Isn’t it just your nonsense?”

The old man stood up silently and swung his thin arm up.


When the old man hit his fist on the stone ground…. Ah, the ground cracked.

I was worried that such a sloppy old man could keep up with the prison labor, but there seemed to be no problem.

“I broke a rock when I was eight. When I was the same age as you, I split the sea with my fist.”

“Ah, Yes! It’s definitely exaggerated! After all, old geezer and old hag like to forge his own heroーic story.”

The old man was looking at me with a blank face. The face was saying, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’.

Huh? You’re joking right?… Did you really split the sea? You’re kidding, right?

“You can do it, if you try hard.”

My so-called Master folded his arms, spitting out stupid words.

Yeah, yeah, you want me to keep trying, right? okay, okay…


“Oi, you d**khead, Seal! What did you just say?!”

“I said, Let’s fight and bet the prisoner’s boss seat.”

In this prison, prisoners took a bath at the same time in the public bath.

I was now facing another prisoner, the one who bossing other prisoners, who was 2 meters tall and weighed 150 kilograms, equipped with a towel.

The Prisoner’s Boss, Butamaru, he glared at me, then stood up. [TN: ‘Butamaru’, which also could be translated as ‘fat pig’. but since it’s a name? I’ll put it as it is for now.]

“If I win, I’ll have you take over the labor that my room was assigned to.”

“Haah! I hate it. There is no reason for me to ride this game!”

“If you win, I’ll give you a dessert for lunch every day.”

“Alright !!!”

Butamaru kicked the ground before deciding the rules of the game.

A greasy giant approached. A rock-like fist was swung up.

If I received the fist, I would have been knockout before the game start.

CRACK!!, There was a sound of crushed bone.

My forehead and Butamaru’s fist clashed.


Butamaru held his right fist with his left hand and rolled around the stone floor of the bathroom.

“Alright, I succeed in controlling it.”

I focused the Red Mana in one place, on my head, and received Butamar’s fist with it.

There was no damage to my head, but a slight shock was transmitted from the neck down.

I think it’s good enough to just concentrating the Mana in one place, but if I do not cover the other parts with a certain amount of Mana, the impact be transmitted, huh?

“Next is……”

Butamaru kneeled on the floor and glared at me.

Butamaru screamed and rushed to me like a wild boar.

I kicked up the wooden bucket at my feet, caught it with my right hand, and let the Red Mana flow into the bucket.

 ――Objects Strengthening.

I threw the bucket at Butamaru.

If it’s a wooden bucket, he could repel it easily. Even if it hits, it does not cause much damage. But what if it hard as steel?


Yup, it will be like this.

Butamaru broke his nose as he tried to catch the tub on his face. And he was dispirited.

Apparently, it was my win.

I passed through the noisy prisoners and approach an old man who scooping hot water from a bathtub and pouring it to his body.

“Shall I wash you back?”

“No need. It seems that you became quite skillful in handling the Red Mana now.”

“Yeah, it’s perfect. Well, it took me a whole week though.”

“If so, I will start the real training of sealing techniques from tomorrow.”

I and the old man entered the bathtub and sat side by side.

“Hey, old man. Who was the one that tricked you into this prison?”

“Tricked? Why do you think so?”

“Because you’re not a sinner. You see, I’ve lived on the other side of the city since I was born. So, I know the smell of ‘trash’. “

The old man looked like he was thinking about something.

“I can’t trust that nose, because I’m a ‘trash’.”

“If you realize that you’re a’ trash’, it’s mean you’re now the real deal.”

Warm water ran around my whole body.

I like it better if the water is hotter. The hot water in this prison is way too warm.

“It’s warm …”

“I agree.”

I nodded to the old man’s grumble.

It had been a week since the old man came, and I’d become able to handle Red Mana and Blue Mana… I’m not sure if this week is short or long.

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