Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 79

79. Photoshoot 3

The photoshoot session went smoothly, and finally it came to the last one.

Up to this point, there were poses that were questionable whether it would really be used for school guide or not, but I decided to not think too much about it and used it as a reference to what kind of poses that women would like men to do.

…But! every pose I did, they always had a happy reaction so, I don’t know which one is the best…

“Then, this is the last, please stand in front of the school gate.”

The pink-haired woman came to the school gate and said that this was the last photo.

In front of the school gate, huh… Maybe because it’s the face of the whole school and also the place where the image of the school is decided.

What kind of pose will she request this time? From the flow until now… will she request a little extreme pose?

…Well, I can’t imagine what kind of pose it is…

“Then …”

The pink-haired woman cleared her throat, ‘Uhumm’, and she continued her words.

“Because it’s the last, Hatano-san… will be the one who think the pose… please give me a nice pose, okay?”

With a red face, the pink-haired woman said so.

…… This woman… what she embarrassed about?

Let put that aside now. After all, the problem is the words she just said.

I didn’t mishear it right?

“… Huh?”

Never mind, let her say it once more time

So, what you were saying just now?!

“Ah, hmm… I’ve been instructing you so far, but since this is the last, I was wondering how to maximize Hatano-san’s charm… so…”

“In the first place, I’m sure you’ve taken a lot of my photos.”

“Well, but the school gate is an important place!”

“I know!”

Listening to such a conversation between me and the pink-haired woman, the photographer came into the conversation.

“Well, so, in the end, what to do?”

“Aaah, I’m sorry. Then, since this person said it’s up to me, let’s take a quick shot and end this.”

“Yes, I understand”

With that said, the photographer began to set up the equipment.

Well … what should I do …

I was told that I could do my favorite pose, but… honestly, I don’t have a favorite pose! I’m not an idol! I wondered if I should just stand with a smile, but … This school guide itself is not normal anymore, so why don’t I try something here …

Then, I thought about taking a pose that was a little stimulating for the girls in this world.

The poses so far had been pleasing, but they were not too extreme or erotic. So, the pose that I had been thinking about was a slightly exciting pose.

To be honest, I didn’t think the pose was something that a man would do it, but I thought that there was a different between the cultures of my previous life and present life.

Well, in my consciousness, as a man the pose seemed a little hard to do, but I felt that everyone would be pleased for sure. 

Well, I want to see what kind of reaction they will make if I do the poses?

But, should I really do it?.. or not?… what to do …

“Alright, I’m ready. Please start.”

The photographer’s voice was thrown at me who was wondering whether to make a stimulating pose or not.

But, even if it is a trial, is it okay to take an exciting pose for the school guide?… Uhmm…


“Hatano-san, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, no… nothing.”

“Is that so? Have you decided on the pose?”

The photographer asked with a worried expression.

….. So, is this ‘I’m worried about you’ a secret formula to be popular with men in here?… But, it seems many men said that it’s appealing to them.

If so, the taste of men in this world is a little bit peculiar huh….

Well, this going to be an important pose since it’s the last… but should I try to do it for the time being?

Even if I try to pose a little stimulatingly, I think this pink-haired woman will definitely use it!

“Yes, I decided.”

“What kind of pose do you want to pose?”

“It’s a little stimulating.”

“I see, so a little stimula… huh?!”

“Well, since it’s no longer an ordinary school guide, maybe…”

The photographer certainly nodded to my words.

“I thought it would be strange if there was only one ordinary photo there.”

“… You’re right, but are you okay with this?”

“Yes, even if it’s a little stimulating, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be naked… it will just make the heart of the one who see it…skips a beat.”

“I understand, so I’ll just focus on making it a nice photo.”

“Yes, please.”

With that said, the photographer went away. 

…Somehow, even though from the back, I could tell that she seems to be full of motivation. Is this a professional’ nature? Or is it just her being happy to hear that I’ll do a stimulating pose?

And the last shooting started.

The camera was pointed at me. I was wondering if the school gate could be seen properly, but I decided to not worry too much about it.

For the whole photoshoot, my clothes were… of course, school uniforms……. In other words, I was wearing a skirt.

I picked the end of the skirt with my fingers and slowly raised it little by little.

A stimulating pose that I decided to make was… to raise the skirt to the limit!

“Uhhhh-haaaaー! Hereー itー comeー! Oh, God, Thank youー!”

The pink-haired woman shouted so much joy at the actions I took.

…based on the reaction, it seems that this pose is good.

I may have the opportunity to use this on others someday …

“It’s still okay! You could raise it more! A little more!”

…… So loud and annoying.

Perhaps, the photographer understood my feeling, she lowered the camera and snapped her finger.

Then, the assistant who had helped with the shooting approached the pink-haired woman, closed her mouth and at the same time pulled her to an invisible place.

It was a splendid decision of the photographer to moved away the pink-haired woman who went wild without even thinking about it.

“Alright, let’s continue.”

When the pink-haired woman disappeared, the photographer said so with a smile.

After that, the shooting was completed in success and was dismissed.

“Thank you for today. I, Maki Kaede, will never forget this day! For sure! Well, I was disappointed at the end …”

And lastly, when I heard the pink-haired woman happily said so, I finally remembered the pink-haired woman’s name.

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