Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 78

78. Photoshoot 2

After the greetings and chats, we went out to start the shooting session.

Kenran High School was unusually large, so there were many places can be used as the background.

“Then, let’s start around here.”

That said, the pink-haired woman stopped. And somehow, she was whispering to the photographer.

…… Very suspicious. Is it something she don’t want me to hear?

When I was wondering about the suspicious behavior of the pink-haired woman, I wondered if she noticed my gaze, and she cleared her throat and announced the start of shooting.

“So, let’s get started. I’m already thinking about the layout here, so I’ll give you instructions on poses, etc. Of course, please tell me if you have a better pose or composition. If it turned out good, it might be used instead.”

Apparently, the basic composition had been decided, and I just needed to follow the instruction to pose and sprinkled a smile according to that composition.

…… I hope you smile or don’t pull.

And the shooting started under the instruction of the pink-haired woman.

“Then, Hatano-san, please spin in circle and don’t forget to smile.”

“… spin?”

“Yes, spin.”

“in circle?”

“Please just do what I said.”

……Huh? For what?

“I don’t have to spi…”

“Yes! You have to!”

When I asked a question, the pink-haired woman rushed to say the necessity and importance of spinning around.

“Like this …, see?”

The pink-haired woman spun around on the spot as if to set an example.


“Then the skirt will spread with the momentum of turning, right?”


“In addition to the feeling of somewhat dynamic, and by the effect of ‘the art of giving a brief glimpse’, it seems to be visible and invisible at the same time, isn’t it the best?”

……the best?

When I was wondering what this person was saying, the pink-haired woman smiled at me asking for my consent, ‘Hey, do you think so too right?’. 

When I turned my face to the photographer, she had a slightly embarrassed face.

Perhaps it was a good idea for idol photo books, but I was wondering if it was a good idea for school pamphlet.

But, in this case, the school decided the concept and design of the pamphlet, so the photographer might be refraining from saying anything… Aaaa, even though she’s the only one here that has a common sense… sh*t…

“Now, please spin around cheerfully!”

I didn’t know the real meaning of spinning around yet, but I decided to do it for the time being.

“Good! It’s beautiful!”

…… and a smile at the end, right?

I made a smile after I spun.

“It’s a good smile, but please give me a brighter smile! Again!”

And, I need to do a retake.

Uuugh, I’m already tired from the first one… what should I do…

After a few retakes, the first photo finished.

This may take a lot of time more than I thought…

Let’s do our best …….

“Let’s shoot here this time.”

The place designated by the pink-haired woman was a place with a large fountain.

“Then, Togashi-san, please take a picture with this fountain and the first school building behind. And, Hatano-san, please do you best.”

“… Do I need spin around again?”

“Huh? Ah, it’s okay, you don’t need to spin this time.”

I was relieved to hear the words.

It seemed that I didn’t need to spin around every time.

“Or, Maybe you wanted to spin? Should you spin again after all?”

“Well, well! Let’s start the shoot now!”

“Hmm, so…”

“Please specify the pose as soon as possible.”

“Well then…, please wink this time and do a horizontal peace near your eyes with one of your hand.”

………… strange, I feel that the pose she ask is a strange pose again.

“Hatano-san, it’s a horizontal peace while winking.”

“Horizontal peace…”

“Yes, it’s a horizontal peace.”

While saying that, the clerk winked and made a horizontal peace.

It looks so fixed… anyway, do I really need to do that…?

“Hmm, this is for a school pamphlet, right?”

I heard a voice of someone questioning the pink-haired woman’s sanity.

That’s right, tell her!… In this kind of situation, it’s an unavoidable question after all. You see, I tried to not question her about this so many times, but she keeps doing that and asking something strange…. so, this question keep pops up in my head again and again.

The photographer, she asked the same question I had in mind.

“Yes, nothing is wrong and strange… it’s perfectly fine..”

However, the pink-haired woman as if the one who was strange were us.

Upon hearing the reply, the photographer, Togashi-san, nodded and muttered as if she was convinced.

“Really?…, I guess, the recent school guide has changed a lot…”

“Last year’s school information was normal!”

Perhaps Togashi-san said so because she wasn’t updated with the recent information about school, so, I rushed to tell the truth to the photographer who was easily convinced by the words of the pink-haired woman.

I mean, please don’t believe anything so easily!

“Well, isn’t it good? Anyway, Hatano-san, please.”


“It’s okay! Everyone is happy!”

But, no one is worried about it…

There was no choice but to do the pose.

The pink-haired woman cheerfully spoke out according to my pose.

“Horizontal piece!”


“Hatano-san! Horizontal peace!”

…… don’t tell me, you want me to say the words?!

And, once again, the pink-haired woman said,

“Horizontal peace!”

Well, I guess, this really won’t end, until I say it …

“Ho-horizontal Peace!”

When I posed while winking, I heard the sound of the shutter being released.

For some reason the sound sounded very hollow.

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  1. I thought the title was “let’s aim to be a devilish man” not “let’s be a simp in a world of female simps”

  2. Thanks to the translator for translating.

    But this is where I think I’ll drop off. I know that the author is trying to be funny and is trying to be cute. But I don’t find this either cute not funny 😶.

    For me, this ch is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
    The author is probably trying to portray this scenario as a shameful/embarrassing but cute photoshoot. But what I’m getting is a man who’s being kind to women in a world full of cold men but being used for his kindness for recreational purposes.

    I’m read other reverse world novels but this wn can be considered to be among the bad ones.

    Thank you again for the translator for your hard work. And sorry for the rant.
    I just wish someone had put on the “gender bender” tag on novelUpdates.

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