Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 77

77. Photoshoot

The day of photoshoot had finally arrived.

I was still wondering if I would really take a picture for the school guide or not, but I decided to do my best so that whatever the result, my photo would look good.


The weather was nice, so it was a very good day to take photos.

It was my first time to come to the school on a holiday, but I saw students… perhaps because they had club activities.

Especially the students in athletic clubs were on the ground and they were sweating a lot. While observing the situation, I walked to the meeting place.

The meeting place was not the Student Council Room that was usually used for meetings, but the meeting room where the school staff were working. Unlike the Student Council Room door, the door was simple. I pushed that door and entered.

“Excuse meー”

There was no staff inside and it was quiet, but since they said to wait in the meeting room, I entered without worrying too much.

Since I had been guided to the place before, I arrived at the meeting room without any hesitation and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

I heard a voice of permission to enter the room from the other side of the door, so when I went inside, there was a pink-haired woman, the photographer, and a person who seemed to be the assistant.

When the pink-haired woman looked at me, she welcomed me with a smile and introduced me to the photographer.

“Oooh~, I’ve been waiting for you~! Seriously, one day feel like a thousand years! Well, come here!”

“Go-good morning. Thank you.”

“Yeah! Good morning. See, Togashi-san! How is it! he’s a beautiful boy as I said, right?! Even so, he also has a good personality! He’s so popular that the staff wanted to come to work on holidays even though it’s not the works day! But, don’t worry, I ordered everyone to not come!”

So energetic … Apparently, it wasn’t just the staff who were working for this pamphlet, but other staff too were looking forward to this…

“Oh, Hatano-san, this is the photographer Togashi-san, who will take pictures today and the assistant who will help me with the shooting. Togashi-san has taken the most photos of men in the world. I’m sure Hatano-san too, your photo will also be taken beautifully. I’m looking forward to it! “

I think you better take a beautiful picture of the school, not me…  the purpose hasn’t changed right…?

However, since I was introduced, I would like to say hello to the photographer and the assistant.

“Thank you for your time today. My name is Hatano.”

“Me too, Thank you very much.”

The photographer who bowed to me after saying that, and the assistant who followed, also bowed down. The photographer was a woman in her mid-40s, and she was an elegant person.

She was a calm woman who didn’t seem to be the type that attack men aggressively, which was rare in this world.

I see … I wonder if this elegant behavior and calm atmosphere are the factors that the men in this world accepted.

The pink-haired woman talked about my impressions with high spirit.

“How is it Togashi-san? Why don’t you ask for a handshake? Hatano-san is kind, so he may accept it! You will be able to touch it legally!”

…… Is this person so excited about today that she didn’t sleep yesterday? Can’t she calm for a moment? The photographer’s looks so tense! 

“No, no … I’ll refrain from doing that … If I ask for that, men may feel disgusted or distrustful, so I try not to make physical contact as much as possible.”

Oooh! She’s a professional! Is this what they call ‘the first-class’?… she’s so different from the pink-haired woman.

“Ah, Th-That’s rightー,  Wellー, it’s a wonderful idea! I’m really glad that I asked Togashi-san.”

…… Apparently, The pink-haired woman became calm as she was flustered when she spoke.

The photographer listened to the words, smiled and gently returned the words.

“Thank you. I’m happy to hear that.”

“Well~, hahaha ​​…”

…..Well, .I could see the contrast between a mature adult and a child-like adult clearly.

The mature adult photographer started talking about her work.

“It is said that I took photos of men the most in the world, but my skill is not that impressive, I think there is still more room to grow.”

“That’s not the case. The world recognizes Togashi-san.”

“Thank you …. I think good photography can make the subject feel good. And I feel that I’m still immature in that part. Of course, compared to other photographers. I don’t think I’m losing to them, but … but I think I can take better pictures if I can make the model feel good, so this time too I will do my best.”

With that said, photographers Togashi-san and her assistant bowed to me and the pink-haired woman.

I asked Togashi-san what I was wondered.

“Ah, excuse me…..”

“Yes, what?”

Togashi-san responded to my voice with a gentle face.

“Is it hard to take photo of men after all?”

“That’s … it’s a lie to say that it’s easy. Many men don’t like being photographed so much … I’m not boasting, but many said that I appeal to most people.”

…… Yeah, sure, you’re not boasting yourself….

But I wonder why … Somehow it has the atmosphere of someone who is boasting themself…

“But, you know, I just took a picture of a matchmaking the other day. And, the model at that time was a pretty boy, but…”


“Well, that … I was depressed because I was told that it was physiologically impossible.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“No, thank you for your valuable story.”

It’s just by chance! I’m sure it’ just a coincidence! Yeah, I’m sure it’s a different person who said that!

After all, that boy won’t say to such words to a calm person like her, right?!… Yup! Definiitely!

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