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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 76

76. Runaway

After the meeting at school, I went back home.

Although it was evening in terms of time, the sun was still high and the surroundings were bright, probably because summer was approaching.

I bought a meat bun sold in front of a Chinese restaurant on my way home and walked while eating. This meat bun was small and just the right size when you’re hungry, and it was sold for 100 Jenni each, making it a popular product for children and adults alike.

Recently, I often went to buy in person, so the people in the shop was not surprised when a man came to buy. And It made me felt very comfortable somehow.

I bought two meat buns, but even if I ate two, I still could eat dinner properly. I finished eating the first one, so I tried to put my hand in the bag to eat the second one, but suddenly I saw something interesting.

It was just past the side of the park. It was a small park with only one person at that time, and it was a quiet place with few people on the road. What caught my eye in such a place was a boy. The boy was on a swing alone in an unpopular park and was fading into the dusk. The boy… looked like thirteen or fourteen years old. And the boy was quite good-looking.

The expression of the boy, which was still young but had a sorrowful look, was somewhat sensual and made me think that if there was a woman here, it would surely attract the eyes.

…Is he a junior high school student…?

I looked around,

……Nobody is here.

… only one boy who is fading into the dusk.

he won’t be kidnapped, right?… No matter how many women in this world have a ‘good manner’, I’m sure there are still crimes.

Hmm… I’m strangely worried about him that I can just leave him be.

…For the time being, should I try to call him out? If he seems to be annoyed, I’ll just leave him be?

When I decided what to do, I went into the park and approached the swing with the boy.

The boy didn’t seem to notice at all. It seemed that he was thinking about something.

“You should go home because the sun will soon set.”

When I called out to the boy, he shook his body and turned his gaze at me. And when he saw me, he looked relieved and took a breath.

“Thank you for your concern.”

Oooh! he’s polite.

“But I don’t want to go home now…”

It seemed that there was something unpleasant at home.

“I see, but I don’t think you can stay here forever?”


“Well, since I met you here, this maybe some kind of fate, so if you have any problems, you could tell me… Ah, of course I’m not forcing you….. well, if you’re okay with this, here is a meat bun, it’s delicious.”

The boy who received the meat bun in a confused manner looked at me and the meat bun alternately, and after a while, he bit into it.


“Right? it’s quite a popular meat bun.”

After that, the boy seemed to be a little lost about something, but he decided to talk somehow… and little by little he started talking.

“In the end, I, I’m going to have a matchmaking …”

Apparently, the boy’s worry was that he didn’t want to go to the matchmaking.

‘…… This may be quite troublesome.’, I thought so when I heard it.

It might not a big deal this happened in my previous life’ world, But in here, there was even a case where a man committing suicide, rather than going to a forced matchmaking. So, the mentality of a man in here was a bit… troublesome.

The men in this world are a hassle, so I have to be careful when handling him. Very careful like… handling a special natural monument!

“But why again?”

I mean, men in here have such a mentality, so there shouldn’t be a forced matchmaking, right?…

“My dad said, ‘would you go to a matchmaking? I mean, don’t you want to make friends of the opposite sex?’, but I…”.

Oh, it’s lighter than I expected.

“I… hmm…”

I wanted to say, ‘what about you go first and after you see them in person, you decide what to do there?’.

But, the boy continued his words. It seemed something hard to say.

“Women are… scary…”

“Aaah, I see.”

If that’s the case, of course he wants to run away from them.

Maybe his dad wants him to overcome it.

“My father and mother are on good terms, so I’m sure they want me to build a similar family…. but… I’m really scared.”

So, you yourself also aware of that purpose. But you’re so scared, that’s why you ran away from home…

But unfortunately, most people in this world are women, so wherever you go, there are women.

That said, it is possible for men to stay in their own room and without going out at all in this world… But, it is not a good thing to do.

“What’s so scary about wo…”

“The way they see me.”

The boy answered even before I could finish my words.

“The eyes of the women who look at me feel like carnivores looking at their prey.”

…… Probably it’s not wrong.

This boy is quite pretty. His light cherry-colored hair looks great too.

So of course, everyone want to ea… I mean, they want to get closer.

However, if this is left as it is, he will dislike women because his fear of women.

So, what should I do?…

I decided to give one piece of advice for the boy who was worried.

“Let’s give up.”


“Let’s give up on the fact that women looking that way to you.”

“But what should I do …?”

“Get used to it.”

“Ge-get used to it…?”

“Yeah, there are so many women in the world, so it can’t be helped. And, in addition…”

“in addition?”

The boy listened to my words with interest.

“No matter if they look at you like that, they won’t do something so crazy to you.”

Well, Men in this world are a little mentally ill, so women know what would happens if they are stimulated unnecessarily.

“So, if you really going to the matchmaking, you can make friends if you want to, but if you can’t do it, you don’t need to force yourself and just say it to them…”

‘that, it’s physiologically impossible…’, I added.

The boy nodded as if he was convinced when he heard my words.

And after thinking about for a while, he said.

“I understand…. Yeah, I shouldn’t be scared forever. I will go to the matchmaking and think it as a good opportunity.”

“Do your best.”

I send a support to the determined boy.

“Yes! I’m still scared, but I’ll do my best to say it… That it’s physiologically impossible!”


“Thank you for taking time to give me a consultation.”

The boy said while bowing his head, and then he ran away.

Huh???… it’s not what I mean. I said you could say it in a case where you really can’t do it physiologically.

You can’t use it unnecessarily and become a trauma maker…… you understand what I mean right?!


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