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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 38

From this ch the way I TL-ing this will be different from before…
I hope it’ll be easier to read.

38. In the meantime, It’s not good to overdo something

A sudden visitor who appeared after breakfast. Saira, the waitress of the ‘Dog’s Bone’. she appeared with a large baggage on her back and was out of breath.

“Good morning, brother!”

“Oh, it’s you Saira…”

“Ah, so you came?”

While having a rough breathing, Saira looked at the surroundings with interest. Well, if you were called to the house of someone that you admire, of course you will get excited.

“It’s a lot of luggage, huh. What is that?”

“Oh, today I got the clothes for Illias that you had requested for a long time.”

“for, me?”

Illias’s clothes were requested when Wolfe’s clothes were made, but it was difficult for Saira to complete clothes that were satisfactory for Illias. Rather than saying, it seemed that the motivation for creating the clothes was too high. She was repeatedly remaking it.

In the meantime, I had some clothes for Wolfe prepared too. Still, for a made-to-order product, it was rather cheap.

“I went to her home to hear the progress the other day, but it was a big deal. I invited her to bring it with me.”

“Is that so…? that’s why it’s so much like this?”

“No, it’s not even 10%”


“I brought carefully selected clothes made for Illias!”

“That’s why. I can’t accept all of them, so try them on now and choose one.”

“O, okay.”

And they headed to Illias’s room. 

Then, Lacra muttered while drinking tea.

“So, there is such a cute tailor in here… I also want plain clothes, Shosho-sama.”

“I see… do your best then. I’ll think about discount negotiations.”

“Wolfe too, wolfie want some too.”

“Alright, I also think that Wolfe has to add a little more of personal belongings. Say what you want. I’ll buy what I can buy.”


“Soー meanー!”

Lacra was dressed the same every day. Although it was work clothes, a loose robe could be used as plain clothes too… Isn’t that all right, priest?

Incidentally, it has the advantage of saving you the trouble of choosing clothes. In a sense, that was a sad reason.

Speaking of that, Wolfe was similar, but in fact, I asked Saira to make some new clothes in addition to the same clothes for Wolfie. It was quick to make a new one for Wolfe, but it took some time when it came to Illias.

Saira was still in training. Lacra, who has a good style and also beautiful, will get one or two outfits if she cooperated with her as a model, but… I didn’t want to make that easy for Lacra… Let’s do something on Saira.


It seemed that one of the clothes brought in in large quantities has been decided, so Illias and Saira came down… Yeah… who are you?

“Illias, beautifulー”

“Well, well!”

Most of Illias’s plain clothes were like men’s, but the clothes that Saira brought were completely feminine. And it was my second time I saw her wearing a skirt.

However, it was far from the normal image of Illias, who usually wears armor and looks like a gorilla. The fluffy cardigan also gives a soft impression.

“doesn’t it… look strange on me?”

“I think it’s good to the point I can’t think of you as a knight.”

“Is it a compliment?”

“Yeah. The impression you give is quite different from usual, but such clothes look good too.”

“I see, thank you.”

“Then, why don’t you go out while wearing it?”


“You see, by actually putting on the clothes and seeing let Saira observe you while wearing it, it’ll be easier for her to make a new one for you next time. So for Saira’s sake, I think that you should wear it for a whole day today.”

“Wait, wait, I have been entrusted to be your escort by His Majesty.”

While Illias was complaining. Then, a new visitor came over there… I’ve been waiting.

“Hey, kid, are you ther… huh? who is this beautiful woman?”

“Gra-grandpa Kara!?”

“I’m not planning to go out, but I could guess that you’re going to complain, so I’ve called for an alternative escort.”


“FaHaHa! Isn’t it good? Illias. Sometimes, even if you dress like your mother, you won’t be punished.”

“Or Illias, even though I’m just going to stay home for today, you’re not going to say that you’re dissatisfied with Grandpa Kara as a substitute, right? If you say that, I’ll call Lord Ragdo.”

“Stop it! You’re definitely not going to do that!”

Thus, partly because of the earnest persuasion, Illias and Saira would go around the city together. So, it would be two people around the same age going out around the city. I was sure it would work well considering each other’s personalities.


“Kid, this is hard on me …”

“Wolfe, don’t be so wary of Grandpa Kara …”

“Shosho-sama, I also wanted to go play.”

The relationship between Grandpa Kara and Wolfe must be adjusted. As for Lacra… I didn’t care about her.

It seemed that it’s finally time to release the secretly prepared items.

“It would be boring to stay still in the house. So, I prepared a little sideshow.”

————————————– <ILLIAS POV>

Tour the city with Saira. Saira knew not only the market, but also the stores that I wouldn’t normally go to, such as clothing stores and shoe stores. I didn’t think there was such a difference in the range of activities even though they were around the same age.

Even so, I‘m worried about the eyes around me, they won’t think something is strange about me right? …wait, it shouldn’t be strange to be mistaken for someone else in this figure. There will be no choice but put up with this.

If I think that this is for Saira, I’m sure I can put up with all of this.

“Hmm, I was able to go around where I wanted to go! Now, I have a lot of inspiration about what to create! So, Lady Illias, why don’t we take a break?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

We sat on the chaise lounge in the square and take a break. 

Seriously, his strange ability to act is a problem. Can’t he use it to makes himself a better person?

Unlike Wolfe, he doesn’t like studying or training, he always runs away from it. That’s why he still relied on Maya’s possession.

But, since I became his escort. Should I try to lead him to have a better life? But if it’s too strict for him, since he is clever, I’m sure he could escape somehow. So, I really to do that… there are many challenges ahead.

I sighed.

“Ah, hmm.. Lady Illias, are you bored?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not that. The sigh is for him. He often escaped from training or didn’t show up at all, but he spared his time to do something like this.”

“Brother often came to see me… I’m sure there are many other things that he does on the side!”

But, I’m curious about the various things… still, he is not targeting her right? No, wait… Saira is a pretty town girl, and his response towards her feels relatively gentle.

But isn’t it sad if she likes him? I mean, he doesn’t seem to have so much interest in her, so it must be a sad story if that’s the case.

“The other day, Mr.Van… well, he introduced me to a famous merchant in this city and asked me to send clothes to the Black Wolf tribe which the same tribe as Wolfe-chan!”

The Black Wolves could be seen here and there in the city. They wore something that felt like the clothes that Wolfe wear, and it seemed that it was made by Saira too.

“The clothes for Wolfe were good. Maybe the clothes for the Black Wolf were also good?”

“Yes! Everyone in the Black Wolf tribe liked it so much that I received a thank-you gift!”

Saira said so and showed the necklace that she was wearing. It was a simple necklace with a shiny ore on it.

“That’s great. They aren’t familiar with the city yet. I’m sure the negotiations with them may be in a state of robbing them.”

“And then! I was allowed to be a disciple of Mr. Van’s clothing store after acknowledging my achievements!”

I was listening to Saira’s story. She usually worked as a waitress in the ‘Dog’s bones’ and made clothes by herself on holidays. And in the future, she wanted to set up a store, so she learned what she needed for that.

However, when a craftsman took a disciple, the disciple would be the one who continue the shop. So, no one accepted Saira, who only wanted to learn, as she would become a business enemy in the future.

But she was making great strides towards her goals. People of the same age as me, were certainly on the path of their choice.

“Saira, you’re amazing.”


“I’ve been training since I was a kid to be a knight like my father. I’ve learned swordsmanship and I’ve become a knight, but I’ve been stagnant since then. But Saira is steadily moving forward. I respect you as someone of the same age.”

“That’s not the case! Illias’s strength is comparable to one of the top five in Tiez! Now, you’re still young, but your ability is recognized, I’m sure you’ll be the leader of the Knights in the future!”

“Embarrassingly, since I became a knight, I’ve only been training and escorting. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to get an achievement, but that’s not only with my personal strength.”

“If you said like that, Brother also gave me the opportunity! Isn’t we’re the same then?!”

Is that so? He only gave Saira the opportunity, other than that Saira seized it with her own ability. In my case, it was achieved with the cooperation of various people.

I feel that Saira could have made it faster because he was there. It’s different from me who couldn’t have done it without him.

“Mmm, that face is saying, ‘It’s different’… well, the speed of progress may be different, but the strength that Illias have is real! you can’t deny the result of your own effort, it’s wrong!… And even I’ve made a progress to my goal, but I still have a lot of thing to learn, with my skill no, I’m not enough yet! If Illias was so demeaning, wouldn’t I be even worse?!”

“That was… Ah, right. it was bad. I forgot that excessive humility was said to make the other person uncomfortable.”

“Yes, at least I know and respect Illias’s strength!”

It’s rare for someone to recognize me from the front like this. After all, He doesn’t say that kind of thing, and although I’d been acknowledged by the members of the Ragdo corps, they rarely said it in front of me.

In comparison, Saira is straightforward when conveying her thoughts. I feel a little embarrassed, but it’s not that bad. Apparently, I’m vulnerable of being flattered, I need to be careful from now on.

But, I think it’s okay to feel like this, once in a while.

“… I see. Then, it means we respect each other.”

“That’s right!”

“If so, we are equal. So, please stop calling me like that. Call me Illias without any honorific, Saira.”

“Huh? no, that’s …”

“Why? do you want to say that you are different from me?”

“Uh, that way of speak, it’s like how brother speak…”

Ah, speaking of which, I’ve never speaks like this. I’m sure, he was the one who influenced me. I’ll blame him. But, this kind of speaking without too much reservation and hesitation is not that bad too, huh.

“Maybe that’s the case, but it’s something that rarely for me to say. Well, let me use it for now. Anyway, Saira, your tone is starting to break.”

“That’s, hmm… then… Illias… is this okay?”

“Yeah, I hope we continue to get along with each other.”

” ―― Yeah, I’m not that reliable, but please get along with me from now on too!”

It was not until this year that I made friends with another woman who was also around the same age as me. A person who has a different path but was striving with dreams and continued to hone herself. In that respect, we might be similar.

“I want to go shopping with Wolfe next time!”

“Well, that child should be happy too.”

Saira talking with Illias

Wolfe was also beginning to get used to the city. I was sure that she would be able to have a close relationship with that child someday.

There was nothing I had never tried to improve my strength before. But, What I am lacking now will be revealed by taking a step toward the unknown like this.

Did he understand this and send me out? if so, I must thank him immediately after I got home. But, I’ll be embarrassed because there’ll be another people around us… Let’s thank him the next time we’re alone.

I separated with Saira. She went home, saying that she had a job at ‘Dog’s Bone’ at night. As the number of employees has increased, it meant that Saira could have more time to work hard on the path she wanted to take, but, as expected living expenses were not easy to make.

From now on, I will do my best to look after her too. I should be able to support her just as she supported me.

However, what happened to the large amount of clothes left by Saira? she said that she made it for me and would like me to wear it. It seems to take up a lot of space. It’s uncomfortable to put it in a drawer with chainmail.

Let’s asks him to buy a new one when he’s free. It’s decided.

It has been late when I got home, so I thought that it’s a good idea to go to ‘Dog’s Bone’ to have dinner.

“I’m back now, everyo–“

What I saw there was a battlefield where many corpses rolled.

————————————– <MC POV>

Well, it all started with the desire to get along with Wolfe by inviting Grandpa Kara to illias’ house. The chance for them to meet was only when they were training. So, I thought that the relationship wouldn’t improve forever, that was why I prepared something that we could play with.

Spreading on the desk was a board game that was familiar on the Earth. It was something that, the only way to move was with the dice, also you needed to earn money, and aimed for the goal through various events.

It was ‘The Game of Life’. The stiffness that raised the rank of my partner from a wooden stick to a wooden sword was also concentrated in this game.

There were many turning points on a huge map, and there were 100 types of cards that can be drawn in the event space. Furthermore, item cards that interfered with the opponent would be implemented, expanding the range of strategies.

It was a large-scale game with a wide range of upbringing, with this world standard where you could become a king from a local farmer.

Regarding the first lap, there was an explanation of the rules, and although it was stagnant, they were able to understand the fun of the game and were happy. But then, a girl named, Lacra, said something unnecessary.

“Since it’s a game, why don’t you give a punishment to the one in last?”

Wolfe immediately showed her support, and Grandpa Kara couldn’t strongly oppose it, and so additional rules were adopted. The first place will punish the bottom.

However, I didn’t think that a decent punishment game would be played if Wolfe were in the 1st place and Grandpa Kara in 4th place, or if Lacra were in 1st place and me in 4th place.

Therefore, before the game started, I decided to have them declared the content of the punishment game to be given to the 4th place if each of them became the 1st place.

In this case, the punishment game issued by Wolfe might fall on me, her master, and so Lacra said that a heavy punishment game would not occur. But Wolfe didn’t have any mercy, and Lacra too.

When I first heard about Wolfe’s punishment game, I doubted my ears. I even regretted that my education might be wrong after all. However, considering it was a pure punishment, I was convinced that it was certainly something that came out from Wolfe.

In a sense, Wolfe was confident that I would be able to avoid fourth place. Lacra was quite annoying, she thought that anyone was fine because it was a punishment that others than her need to do.

As a result, everyone was motivated. What was unpleasant was the introduction of items that interfered with the opponent.

This caused everyone to dragged each other down. Lacra was always aiming for me, and Wolfe was always aiming for Grandpa Kara. The two men were evenly divided while reading the atmosphere at that time.

And the result was mostly… First place, Wolfe, who was the strongest in this game. After all, the feeling of being able to control the dice rolls was almost like cheating.

The second place was me, the creator, which has the widest range of strategies because all the data was in mind. It was also important that I kept keeping the 2nd and 3rd place so as not to earn hate form others.

The third place was Grandpa Kara, an ordinary player. 

And, Lacra… she self-destructed on the gambling course every time.

The punishment I put out were at best, ‘play the next game in an air chair’ or ‘become the number one chair in the next game’, so there wasn’t much damage.

However, the damage at the time of the first place taken by Wolfe was severe, and Lacra was suffering from the damage. Every time she put out terrible punishment… One example was ‘eat a charcoal’.

Lacra was in a terrible situation. Even so, the unforgiving Wolfe finally made Grandpa Kara a prey to the punishment.

Wolfe was pleased to see the dying Grandpa Kara, but there was a time when Lacra’s gambling course was right on the spot. And at that time, Wolfe was half dead after being hit by the worst punishment.

I thought that it would be the last game, but at the very end, the three people colluded and declared the same punishment. I was standing around to defend the 2nd and 3rd place so as not to earn hate like usual, but me, as the creator, also as the one who survived without a punishment, at the last minute, it was brought to 1 vs 3 and finally was defeated.

The damage of the punishment that the other three players have received so far has accumulated and finally went down. Thus, The Game of Life with no one to survive from the punishment has come to an end.

Oooh, I didn’t think I had a chance to know the taste of charcoal…. <SOBBING SOUND>

“What are you all doing …”

There, Illias returned home, and everyone was scolded.

However, from this day, it seemed that the relationship between Wolfe and Grandpa Kara has improved, albeit slightly. The Game of Life was politely sealed as it became a trauma for Wolfe and Lacra.


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