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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 26

This ch is from Aika Natsukawa POV
Then next 2 ch also from her POV…

26. Goddess’ indulges

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand… about ‘that guy’ (Wataru).. and even about myself. 

Why do I have to be so moody like this?… I’m sure, it’s all because of him.

Moody Natsukawa

There was a seat change. I was one seat behind than the last time, and he moved to the front seat on the corridor side. 

I was happy because I thought that the noisy guy would finally leave, and it would be a little quieter, and I also thought, ‘serve you right’, as the front seat was easy for the teacher to point to.

…But why? Why is it so uncomfortable? Even though I’m not being disturbed by anyone…. I could talk to someone, or be alone if want to… I’m doing as I want, so why…?

Kei sat behind him. Since the first day of changing seats, Kei has been actively involved with Wataru. When I saw her trying to bother him and he looked annoyed, I thought, ‘so, he is really like that except for me’. But, that’s only at first.

He has an acquaintance nearby. So, it’s natural that he would be called often, and no matter how much he annoyed he was, when he talked to Kei, he would talk normally. And recently, I often saw friends.

Around me…There is no such person.

That was why Kei would come to see me when she has time. She often talked to me during breaks, and it was a lot of fun during that time. After all, the one who had been talking to me for a long time came to talk to me.

On the other hand, ‘that guy’, He did not come to me anymore.

At one point, when I went to school, ‘that guy’, was walking in front of me. When I noticed, I unexpectedly called him, so I was flustered there. But, ‘that guy’, it seemed he couldn’t hear me, so he kept walking. Then, Suddenly I caught to him, so I grabbed the back of his collar and made him turn back. When he turned back, ‘that guy’, his face was rushing closer to me… N-Normally, you’re surprised if that happens, right? So, it can’t be helped that I pushed him hard with my bag…

『”What a fierce way to express your affection…” 』

『”T-that’s not the case! “』

I thought, ‘It’s been a while since I talked with him’. It had been a while since I heard his stupid words, so unintentionally, harsh words came out from my mouth. The exchange was warm, and even though I said something terrible, my lips almost curled up into a smile.

But then he turned his back on me to end the conversation.


I wished I could say that normally, but I forcibly detained it because the other party was Wataru. At that time, ‘that guy’, I feel like I saw his frustrated face for the first time. I’ve never seen that before, and suddenly I was scared of ‘that guy’ and made only a small voice.

From there, we went to school together, but we rarely had a conversation… That day, I feel like I was not in a good mood for a whole day.

A few days after that happened, there were suspicious seniors on the way to school. For some reason, they were standing on both sides of the road, so I was scared and couldn’t get through. But then, I met ‘that guy’ and his sister, who was a cool woman unlike him… I doubted that they were really connected to blood, but when I saw his unreserved attitude to her, I thought, ‘Ah, so they’re really a sibling’, And also, ‘I wish that I could have a relationship like that with my sister, Airi, just that not that bloodthirsty like his sister’.

At that time, we went to school together as a matter of course due to an abnormal situation, but it was the first time in a few days that I talked to him. He seemed to forget what we talked when we met before. He was the usual, stupid Wataru.

But sometimes I don’t like the way he is treating me like a cold woman. I mean, why he was leaving me alone even though we were ​​going to school together…I don’t know how he get that idea… and also, just because I have a good face and personality, I’m not the kind of woman that’s easy to fall in love… ma-maybe.

As I was heading to the classroom while being angry at ‘that guy’, who looked at me with an unusual face, Kei jumped out of the classroom and ran over here. She said Shinomiya-senpai, A third-year student and also the chairman of discipline committee, was looked angry… Hey, wataru, what did do?

Then, I heard that Wataru was giving a pseudonym to Shinomiya-senpai when he was asked about his name… ‘Yamazaki’… isn’t that Yamazaki’s surname? Why you use others person name…

Shinomiya-senpai was so cool that admired by a lot of girl. Kei with a heart in her eyes was also staring at Shinomiya-senpai. On the side of Shinomiya-senpai, there was also Inatomi-senpai, a second-year student. It might be rude for me, a first-year student, to said this, but she was very cute. I wanted to hug and stroked her head.

Wataru made an appointment to meet Shinomiya-senpai at noon, and when the fourth class was over, he left the classroom with an annoyed face. Everyone was sending his backs with a half laugh… Ye, yeah, it didn’t seem to be a sexual affair… I know that Shinomiya-senpai would get angry if someone misrepresented their names., but I wonder why Shinomiya-senpai were looking for Wataru in the first place… I’m sure it’s not only for that …….

I felt like everyone in class talk about Wataru for the first time in a while. Recently, I thought that the class was calm, but it wasn’t so, Shirai-san, who was nearby, was smiling with others. No matter what he did, they would be astounded…

I had a bad feeling, but they added me to the story while they were talking about him.

“Umm… Natsukawa-san. You haven’t talked to Sajou-kun recently. What happened?”

“Ah, hmm……”

I was shocked. For a moment, I thought it was a delicate question that Kei asked Aizawa-san before, but even if I never thought about it, it was a well-known fact that he was favoring me even though we weren’t dating… Let’s stop thinking deeply, Shirai-san must have just asked with a light feeling ….

“T-There’s no particular reason. It seems like he’s busy these days, and he’s away from my seat, so isn’t it normal?”

“Ah… really? good then… it’s not like you’re in quarrel, right…?”

Ugh, it was so dazzling. I could see that Shirai-san and her colleagues were seriously worried about me and him… Why can you think about us so much… and in the first place, I’m not on good terms with him.

“Ye-Yeah, that’s right. Even me, I’m too busy taking care of my younger sister.”

“Wow … Natsukawa-san, so you have a younger sister? How many…? Are there any other siblings?”


For some reason, it became lively. Shirai-san and her colleagues asked me a lot about me. And I thought, ‘I’m not used to this … what should I do?!.’

I hurriedly took out my smartphone and I expanded my treasured item, Airi folder, and gave them the smartphone. Seeing that, Shirai-san and her friends shined their eyes and said, ‘So cute’, and began to writhe on the spot… When I saw that, I thought, ‘He-hey, don’t say it with that kind of voice… there are boys around here you know…!’.

It continued until Kei came to follow me.

Taking Airi as an opportunity, I started talking to the people around me a lot. Shirai-san has a younger brother and laughed as if he was in trouble because her brother liked playing pranks. ‘Shirai-san is kind, if you’re my sister, I would prank you a lot because I know that you will forgive me’, when I said that, she was laughing shyly… Yeah, s-she was so cute …

Suddenly I remembered Wataru’s older sister. I thought she was cool, but honestly… Yeah, maybe no one dare to prank her.

Sasaki-kun of the soccer club also has a younger sister. Even though his younger sister became a junior high school student, she sneaked into his bed. So, he thought that the rebellious period would not come… Well, it’s better not to have a rebellious period. Sasaki-kun is handsome, so I understand why his younger sister loves him so much. Even me, I feel like I might want such an older brother too……. Wataru? Hmm… No way.


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