Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 75

75. Schedule confirmation

A few days after the event at the Student Council Room, I was contacted to confirm the photo shoot schedule, so I decided to have a meeting again in the Student Council Room. 

I didn’t know why, but the members of the Student Council were anxiously watching over the meeting…… Do all of you need to watch over me?

And, the office worker…, a woman with pink hair started talking with a smile.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“I haven’t waited that long.”

“Everyone involved in this pamphlet making was enthusiastic and the work went very fast.”

“……Well, isn’t that good?”

“Yeah, everyone was so excited, and the workplace was filled with enthusiasm!”

“I’m sorry if I’m rude, but I don’t know why you’re all so excited.”

What kind of environment is the office work that could makes you so excited and full of enthusiasm?! I would like to take a look.

I mean, the work is making a school brochure, isn’t it? Even if a man’s photo going to be included, it’s just a normal photo, not a lewd photo, right? So, what you get excited about?

…… you’re not going to ask me to get naked and do some pose with a good smile…… right?

Well, even if you ask me to do that, I won’t do it…

“Well, even just seeing the photo shoot is more than enough to make us happy you know!”

Is it like looking at a picture of an idol? If it’s just the face, I’m confident that mine is better than the idol… if it’s just the face!

“At work, a lot are fans of Hatano-san.”

“I’m not an idol though…”

“The way they call your name are various too. such as the one who prefer the ‘adult lover play’ calls you Kohaku without any honorific, the one who prefer the ‘lovely lover play’ calls you Kohaku-chan, and the one who prefer the ‘slightly dangerous play’ calls you Kohaku-tan.”

“The photo that’s supposedly for school guide, what are you people going to use it for…?”


The woman only answered my question with a laugh.

I mean, what do you mean by ‘play’?! You’re not going to print the photo, stick it to a hug pillow and sell it, right? Well, if you just make it for yourself and use it, I can’t stop it …

So, let’s say you make it for yourself and enjoying it as if it’s your lover…. Well, in my previous life, there were men who do that…

Somehow, the thing I could imagine from that… a sad scene… and also it sounds like what a freak would do.

Wait, if I the girl is a beautiful girl or woman, it will be… kind of okay, I guess?

Let imagine it again.

Yeah, it’s still the same! Rather, I feel sadder because the one who’s doing it is a beautiful girl.

…… In conclusion, neither has a future… only a sad life waiting for them…

“And so…”

Oops, I have to listen properly.

The pink-haired woman talked about the photo session.

“There are many students taking photos on weekdays, so I would like to take the photos on holidays …”

‘How about that?’, The woman asked with an apologetic face.

So, I need to go to school on a holiday, huh? It’s a little troublesome, but I guess it can’t be helped. They also need to go on a holiday too…

“Well, it can’t be helped. That’s fine.”

“Ah, as expected Hatano-san is like an angel…! I’ll tell the other staffs about this too!”

Hmm, I know, it’s their job, so she has to tell other people too… but the nuances seem different…? What do you mean by ‘about this too’?! What else are you telling them! This Pink…!

“… Please don’t tell them anything unnecessary.”

“But, I have never told them anything unnecessary?”

The woman looked at me the face saying, ‘I am innocent though?’, but I couldn’t trust her at all.

“Well okay… no, it’s not okay, but for now it’s okay.”

“Huh …?”

“So, when you say holiday, is it the next Saturday or Sunday?”

“No, the photographer said it’s on the next week Saturday. Is your schedule okay?”

“Yes, it’s okay, but… is the photographer that busy?”

I mean, if you ask the company, it is unlikely that there is only one photographer… Well, it may depend on the company you request though.

“No really, just that I asked a famous person because this is a rare chance.”

“I think you’re too enthusiastic about this…”

“The photographer is the one who had taken the most photos of men in this country, and also who has a reputation for being able to bring out the most beautiful of the men when the photo was taken.”

“… It’s really a picture of the school guide, right?”

I’m not the most important, right? It’s the school, right? You’re not going to forget to take pictures of the school buildings and its facilities…right?’

To my question, the pink-haired woman smiled and answered calmly,

“It’s okay”

…… But, my question was whether it’s a picture of the school guide or not.

I only felt uneasy about the answer. Even with a gentle smile, I felt that the smile is somewhat suspicious.

By modeling, the number of Kenran High School examinees would increase.

If that really happened, I would be happy too. But what I was worried about was whether the school guide would be decent or not.

It was also because of this meeting. This meeting made me think that I was making a photo book with a school as the background, rather than making a pamphlet for school information.

It should be okay, right?… please…

I just hope the completed pamphlet will not have ‘Kohaku Hatano, 15 years old’ in the title…


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  1. I finally understand ! The basic women of this world are all Fangirls with rotten minds ! I was wondering why I identified so much with them, but it’s just because they act like me when I think of some manga characters. No wonder the men of their world are disgusted with them… Fangirls are scary sometimes.

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