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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 74

74. Pamphlet 2

But, This person is… amazing

Even though there are other students around, she dared to something like this. What kind way of thinking does she have…

Seeing the sudden action of the woman, the members of the Student Council were in complete silent.

It’s good that they are calm…

“Hatano-kun, why……… this person suddenly doing a ‘dogeza’?”

The student council president asked a natural question.

what is that unnatural stop? 

Maybe even the Student Council President doesn’t remember this person’s name? But, if you become the Student Council President, you might remember the name of the office worker… right?

“I was asked to model a pamphlet.”

“Pamphlet? Oh, is it for the next year’s school guide …”


“Originally, hiring a male model costs a certain amount of money…”

“Well, if it’s only this time, I’m okay with it, but…..”

I don’t want to her come and ask me again and again.

Perhaps she felt such a nuance, the woman who was bowing raised her head vigorously and said,

“It’s okay! It’s only once! Please believe me!”

…… What should I do? Those who say this usually request it a second time.

It’s not like I have a real experience in my previous life… so, there is no fact that what I said.

But somehow … there is something that makes me feel she is desperate about this… As expected, working is hard.

“Okay, but only for this time.”

I decided to respond to the woman’s desperate request.

Maybe, I’m too kind… To be honest, I want to be able to use ‘carrots and sticks’ properly…

But, it’s difficult! I feel like I haven’t grasped the way to do it yet. Hmm…

Well, for now, let’s do the work first.

The woman who heard my reply looked at me with a startled face saying she couldn’t believe it.

And, the woman put her hands together and clench them.

“Oh God……”

The woman started praying.

I am not a god…

The students around me also saw the woman who started praying with strange eyes.…… I think it’s natural.

“Well, now, hmm… please get up.”

“That’s right, hmm… yeah, get up and sit here. I’ll prepare tea.”

The two vice presidents said so to the woman, who were praying, and encouraged her to take a seat.

Their reaction… it’s like ‘Oh, I remember meeting them, but I don’t remember their names’.

But, Nobody called the woman’s name… So, I decided to go along the flow….

“Thank you very much. Ah, and please don’t worry about me.”

In response to the words of the vice presidents, the woman stood up and sat in a chair. The position of the seat was just facing me.

The woman sat, looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you again for accepting my request.”

“Ah, yeah …”

“With this, the number of examinees next year will increase! A lot! I’m sure of it!”

A woman made a fist to emphasize it.

Is it so effective just to be on the pamphlet?

I think it will increase a little.  I mean, there are times when you just get a pamphlet and don’t even read it…

I decided to ask the woman.

“Will it really increase a lot?”

“Of course! I can’t think anyone not coming to this school after seeing Hatano-san’s picture!”

“i,is that so…?”

“Yes! The girls who saw the picture of Hatano-san in the pamphlet will think like this… ‘If I go to Kenran High School, I can meet the boy in this pamphlet! I may even be able to have a close relationship with him!’.”

“Nah, No way, impossible~”

“It’s not impossible! Because if I were in their shoes, I’ll think so! So, I’m sure They do so too!”

While saying so, the woman stood up vigorously, spread her arms and said that the girls in the surrounding Student Council were the same.

When I looked around the members, I see that everyone nodded.

……If so, aren’t the girls in this world too simple? Are you all okay with that…

I’m worried about how the girls will proceed their live from now on…

The woman who sat back in the chair goes on to say.

“Well, even if they enroll, this school is really large, so let aside getting close to you, it may be difficult just to see you… but it’s a trivial matter, isn’t it?”


…….so corrupt.

They studied hard and paid a high tuition fee to enroll. But in the end, the fact is like what you said… wouldn’t the freshman cry…?

……Wait, even if I accompany her in the briefing session, isn’t in the end it will like this too? No, wait… different from pamphlet, there aren’t many briefings, so it’s okay, I guess? Well, I just need to explain the charm of this school. 

“Was the shooting schedule already decided?”

“No, I mean, I don’t know whether Hatano-san would accept it or not, so I haven’t decided it yet. If it’s the design of the pamphlet without Hatano-san, I made it. But now, since Hatano-san accepted, I need to change the design first. So, I will inform you of the shooting schedule when it is decided.”

The woman left the room when she replied that I understood.

“I wonder if we can get a pamphlet too…”

“I don’t know, but I think it’ll be posted on the school homepage, so let’s save it from there!”

Everyone else was convinced by the words of Katsurakawa-san, the vice chairman.

When I was embarrassed seeing the scene, someone tapped on my shoulder, so I turned around.

There was the chairman looking at me with a gentle eye.

I could see that her eyes saying, “Do your best.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have accepted it…

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