Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 73

73. Pamphlet

The cup of the tea was placed on the table.

After the tea inside was being drunk accompanied with a citrus-flavored steamed bun.

“This, this is delicious!”

“You’re right. As expected of something that Hatano-kun chose.”

The two vice presidents of the Student Council were evaluating the steamed buns while drinking tea.

After the holidays, the school started.

After the school, I came to help the Student Council. Now, everyone in the Student Council were eating souvenirs I got for them from the trip.

I bought three large sizes just in case so that it could be distributed to everyone. I gave it to everyone in the class and it was well received, and it seemed everyone in the Student Council liked it too. 

I was glad that the souvenirs I chose was successful, and everyone were eating it deliciously.

Felling relieved, I looked around but, one schoolgirl was completely ignored my souvenirs.

Maybe she hates citrus? or it’s the steamed bun itself that she hates?…

I thought I was doing something wrong, but the people around the girl seemed to be wondering why she didn’t eat it too. So, they asked the girl.

“Hey, why you don’t eat it?”


“? Are you on diet?”

“… No, it just…”

“… I don’t know if you have any particular reason, but if you don’t eat it, can I take it? the fact that it’s a souvenir bought back by Hatano-kun just make me it tastes many times more delicious somehow.”

“No! Don’t do it!”

“Huh? So, why don’t you eat it then?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to eat it, just that I feel it’s a waste to eat!”

“But it would even be more waste if you didn’t eat it…”

“I know! But, it may not be true!”

…… So, the girl didn’t dislike steamed buns or citrus. But, I was wondering what they were talking about.

I continued to listen to the conversation.

“… Maybe it’s not? But, it will spoil if you don’t eat it.”

“Yes, and that’s the problem …”

“A problem? But, it’s the providence of nature …”

“I want to display this souvenir from Hatano-kun as a living thing.”

“…Please, calm down. I know you think that this probably the last time you might got a souvenir from a boy, but a steamed bun isn’t something to use as a decoration.”

“But…, but!”

Oi, oi, No But!… I want you to give up your thoughts and eat it as soon as possible. Even if you could save it, I don’t want the steamed bun that I bought to be used as a decoration. I don’t know how others will react if they go to the room and see a steamed bun being us as a decoration.

Apparently, the schoolgirl gave up and she was eating the steamed bun while crying.

It’s not that good, so I want you to eat it normally … 

Just the fact that it’s a souvenir from a man and the reaction they have is so great… it seems that anything a man sell could be sold out in a minute.

 …… No, rather, if they investigate it and no man is involved, there would be a terrible retaliation…

But, the man in this world have a high pride, so I feel like they won’t go into such a business …

When I was spending my time in a Student Council Room like that, the door was knocked and then a woman came in.

The woman smiled and talked to me when she saw me there.

“Hatano-san, long time no see. Do you enjoyed the school life you have here?”

…… Who are you? No, wait… vaguely… in memory…


I didn’t reply, so I was called again.

It’s bad … if I say, ‘Who are you?’, it’ll too ruder. But I can’t keep silent like this, right?

“Ah, yes, long time no see. Thank you so much for all of your support.”

For now, let try to match her… I will remember her eventually.

The woman smiled, perhaps because she was relieved to hear my reply.

HUFT…good. I was wondering if I was being forgotten by you.”

“Haha, no way.”

She’s sharp…

“Today, I’m thinking of asking you help as per the contract you signed.”

Contract… What contract? 

From wait she said, it seemed that I made a contract with her.

……Oh, right. I signed a contract with a person related to this school, and I finally remembered it somehow.

Is it the one about accompanying her to a briefing session? 

I finally remembered what the content of contract I signed, but I still couldn’t remember the woman’s name.

“Aaah, that contract… but the time to do the briefing session hasn’t started yet, right?”

“Yes, that’s right, but we have to make a pamphlet for school information before that.”

“Oh, but I think the contract was to accompany the briefing session and appeal the good point of this school. It didn’t say that I would appear in the pamphlet.”

That’s right. I signed a contract to accompany her and publicize the school, but she didn’t say that I would have to appear in the pamphlet.

Well, well, sorry, but that’s the contract…

“Fufufu, I know…. That’s why I visited you in person today!”

Then the woman knelt down, gaining some momentum and bowing her head.

“Please! Become a model!”

It was a magnificent ‘Dogeza’.

Oh, I remembered that when I met this woman for the first time, she was also like this… but, there are a lot of people likes to knell down on the ground lately, huh…, is it a new boom?

However, I didn’t know what to do….

Should I receive her pleading? but I think she’ll asking more if I accept now…

Besides, my market value in this world is considerably high… Honestly, normally it costs a lot of money to use a man like me as a model.

After all, even though I was still a high school student, I’ve never planned to sell cheap of myself…

Well, what should I do about this… and about her name too…

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