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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 25

Next ch will be from Natsukawa POV…

25. ‘Demon King’ in the Student Council Room

I come to the Student Council Room because my sister calls me every day, but who would like to approach such a place by their own will? if you think about it normally, it must be someone who has errands or a close friend of the Student Council President, right?… Wait, there is another one.

It’s what you called, a stalker.

“… That woman …!”

At the door of the Student Council Room, there was a suspicious person who bent over, sticked her face so close to the door and tried to look inside. That person was the girl who was here the other day… She was squeaking with exactly the same lines as before. 

…Isn’t that flashy blonde twirl head unsuitable for stalking? 

I took out my smartphone, and… <PRESSING SOUND>…

【You don’t want me to go inside the Student Council Room that much?! Also, You never said anything about having a strange guard! Never mind, I’m going home!]

I send that to my sister.

  ~ ♪


“You’re that clo─── huh?”

The volume of the smartphone that was not set to silent mode. 

The sound of my message received echoed in the quiet corridor. 

Hearing that, I uttered a voice involuntarily, and my eyes met the blonde girl’s eyes over her ass. 

Hmm? I thought that only ‘gyaru’ who likes to have their hair blonde, but when a young lady like her did it, it surprisingly looks neat … wait, maybe elegant is the right word? Well, it was only for a moment, but she looked like an elegant woman, the problem is the fact that she’s still bending over when turned her face here… yeah, she’s a pervert.



The young blonde lady. Blondie, looked at me with a super surprised face. 

Why? It’s me who is supposed to be surprised.

[Huh? I’ll add 10 more]

Oi,oi, you want me to pass this hurdle myself?

And why is that girl keep looking here? What do you want from me?

Now, what should I do …!

“… Wha-What is it?”

No, no, I don’t have anything to do wit—- wait, what did she said just now? It’s too natural and I didn’t realize it for a moment, but doesn’t the tone is kind of rare? 

Hm? if you look closely, she doesn’t look like so Japanese … Ah, is she perhaps, hafu? Ohohohoho. [TN: Hafu refers to a person who is half Japanese and half something else.]

“Nothing, young lady.”

“A, Ara… really? Well, I just happened to pass by and nothing else…”

I slipped my mouth, but I got an unprecedentedly polite reply. it seemed that the ‘Packing Lady’ did not feel any discomfort with my words. 

She left with a very elegant laugh that somehow, she did it on purpose, to the other side.  I didn’t understand well, but I was able to repel her (make her go away)

After confirming that the figure disappeared, I went straight to the Student Council Room. 

It might have been better if I hadn’t sent an extra message, after all my older sister replied like that, I’m sure she’ll really ask me to help a lot more than before.

“So, who is that blonde girl?”

“Huh? What? is that kind of girl your type?”

When asked by Sis, I think I hadn’t thought about it that way yet.

…Hmm, speaking of type, the face was certainly a pass. From the tone, I think she have a lot of money … But ughh, I can’t think anything good if I happens to be with her… it’s no exaggeration to say that the number one type of girl who I don’t want to get close to is a girl with a blonde hair that stand out a lot.

“I’ll put her in my ‘Maybe’ list.”

“Look yourself in the mirror.”

“Wahahaha! So sharp!”

Todoroki-senpai laughed so hard. From his way of talking, he was not suitable for office work. There weren’t many documents allocated on that person’s desk. Perhaps, my sister learned how to handle him.

“Wataru, Please, forgive Marika.”

“Ah, yes, huh?”

Suddenly, Yuuki-senpai participated in the conversation. He called the name that was probably her real name, and he also called my name casually. It was so natural that I asked him back. He was really friendly.

Perhaps, founding my reaction to be interesting, Hanawa-senpai explained.

“She is Hayato’s fiancé.”

“Hey, Renji”

“I see…. Pardon?”

Hah!?? Fiancé?!  Is there still such a thing in this world? Maybe Yuuki-senpai is also rich like that girl? Otherwise, you would n’t get engaged in this modern society.

I was so surprised, so I looked my sister to see her reaction. She was resting her check in  one hand and proceeded her work silently in a moody manner. It seemed that she was not interested at all.

But I could read the situation somehow. 

So, that girl is Yuuki-senpai’s fiancée, and she’s not satisfied with his treatment towards her. That’s why she don’t like my older sister who is always nearby her fiancé. In conclusion, she’s like a rival character that appears in school dramas, right?

…but if you think about it realistically, wouldn’t it be a serious problem? I hope there will be no victim.

“Please hold the reins properly… seriously.”

“A, okay … I’ll keep it in mind.”

Yuuki-senpai talked about that blonde girl, and asked me, ‘How do you think they feel about this fiancé thing?’, and I replied, ‘I don’t care about how they feel’.

 …such personal feelings will not help me in society. I mean, if they’re going to get married because of their family, their own personal feeling doesn’t really matter right? After all, this is not a school drama.

Well, I just hope that this will not bring harm to my family, or I will not forgive you. I believe you, Yuuki-Senpai.

“Huh? I’ll beat her up if you don’t.”

Perhaps she could feel my feelings, my sister said so and turned her face up in a leeway while rearranging her legs in a bewitching manner. 

…harm? What is it? as if there is something in the world that can harm this gorilla? I feel that I worried for nothing.

Ah, wait… maybe if this a school drama, my sister might only be a character you see time to time, but she is not the main character. So, she’s like a martial arts high school girl in a school drama …

“Sis, Look, it’s over.”

“… So fast.”

“I’ll add more then.”

When I put together the finished documents while preparing to return to the classroom, new documents were added on the desk. 

Oi, Sis … The compliment from Yuuki-senpai was drowned out by you. Even though we’re siblings, why the treatment is so different…

“……… Hey”


“Yeah, ‘you’.”

“Ah, me?”

I was suddenly talked to, so I thought it wasn’t me. 

I mean, the moment she said ‘you’, I understand that it’s me…. after all, it’s obvious that I’m the only one who is called that way in here...

“How about ‘that girl’? I mean, Natsukawa-san.”

“Oh? ‘That girl’? is she the one we saw with you the other day? Your younger brother’s girlfriend?”

“Hoo, it’s surprising.”

‘Wait, please wait a moment. Do you talk about that matter here?’ I said like my secret was being exposed.

But, Sis… even though you asks me, I think you know the answer already. Or what? Do you think there is any progress?! This f**king gorillaaa…. !! Please, don’t stare at me!!

“I will continue my role as a devoted servant of her.”

“Hmm– then you’re always together with her every day, right?”

“No… I protect her from afar.”

“This piece of sh*t!!”

“You b**ch!!”

Even though you’re my sister, I can’t forgive you too… I feel like I could shoot a bullet from my handBut for some reason, I can imagine a scene where my sister catches it with one hand. And she pays me back by tenfold after that….

There seemed to be some misunderstanding about the relationship between me and Natsukawa, so I decided to explain it carefully.

“Look at that the difference between our face and standing. Even if I do something, nothing could change that.”

I put myself as the comparison. There was no more compelling explanation than that.

Appearance! ability! Personality! Not even one could be compared! You understand?!, I was sweating just by thinking so.

“Huh? You don’t know if you don’t try, right?”

“I’ve tried it for almost two years now.”

” ’That girl’ ……… is she the one you’ve been clamoring since a long time ago?”

“I’ve never clamored about her…”

“Yes, you were.”

Hmm, I was… clamoring about her, right. Thanks to me realizing it, I can now live modesty. And thanks to me for behaving more appropriately, my life became better and more peaceful lately… Except for this unreasonable situation now!

There was a saying, ‘Never be under your wife’s thumb.’, but I was sure that my sister can’t stand that even if she ever got married. She might drop her husband using her hips and used him as a chair. But I wondered why, somehow, I could imagine her husband smile happily in that situation.

“─── So, she rejected you, and you become a coward after that.”


I felt like I was suddenly slashed. And it seemed that I got irritated by her words. 

Then, I saw my sister was unknowingly gazed at me as if she pulled her chin and looked up.

…… No, no, calm down. She was just saying the truth… it’s a daily occurrence that I was rejected by Natsukawa. Why I need to be angry now…

“… Yeah, I’ve been rejected dozens of times already.”

“What the… ‘you’, you confessed to her so many times already?”

“Yeah, I’m not joking, it’s the truth. It’s a fool story, isn’t it?”

How is it?! Now you know how much my enthusiasm was, right?!  I’m not the kind of guy who breaks in just one shot like what you said! I was a clown who didn’t even understand my own specs …

“─── even though you and mom always told me that…..”

“… !!”

‘Disgusting, nerd, stupid, idiot’… She said so while she did a kick, a Palm-heel strike, a Cobra twist, a camel clutch, and a punch to meWait a minute, aren’t there too many variations of my sister’s technique? Is it a kind of mixed martial arts? Soon, she might add a slash the spinal cord too… I’m getting scared now.

“Well, isn’t it okay already? I’m going back now. The lunch break is about to end.  Please do your best and good luck, senpai.”

“Ye, yeah… Wataru-kun too, please keep doing your best without being discouraged.”

Oi, Kai-senpai. Will you stop already? I’m about to cry you know… After all, an ordinary person who gives up and accepts unfavorable treatment will easily cry if someone understands and encouraged him! Forget about that ‘Villager A’ in that area and keep following my please!

Good-looking guys also have good personalities….. After I came in contact with these people, I finally know the real meaning of ‘Your appearance is the outermost part of your personality’. Perhaps because of that, when I saw my face reflected in the glass in the hallway and felt like spitting at it…. No, I’m not going to do it for real, though.


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