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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 72

This ch is the end of this arc….

since this is a good point, next ch is after I release the next ch of my other series first….

so, tomorrow there might be no new ch of this….

72. Escape

Apparently, my family’s housemaid was a little too awesome.

…….How could she feel a presence? Is it something that can be seen clearly? Are you came from a battle manga?

Anyway, what to do now? … Fortunately, they don’t seem to come here …

I took a look at Maizumi-san-san.

…… why she has an enlightened face? Is she alright?


“Wha-What is it?”

“I will never forget to bring the pleasant memory that I got today to the afterlife… “

“Can you decide not to die?”

“I mean she will soon find us, if that happens, for sure I’ll be killed by that strange person! “

Oi, my family’s housemaid isn’t that dangerous! ……Perhaps.

“… There are four options to take from now on.”

I gave Maizumi-san a choice of what to do next.

“One is Maizumi-san-san leaving here while I’m left and attracting their attention.”

Maizumi-san nodded quietly to my words.

“Second, I will leave Maizumi-san here and, I’ll try my best to go out from her without them noticing me. Then, Maizumi-san may or may not join them enjoy the hot spring. But if you decide to join them, don’t let them know that you were with me.”

Then, I told her the third one.

“The third is quietly stay here so that they won’t notice us until they come out.”

‘And finally,’, I said so and told her the fourth.

“The fourth is both of us will try to leave here without being seen.”

‘So, which one?’ I asked Maizumi-san.

With a tense face, Maizumi-san seemed to be thinking about what to do.

…… But why do we need to be this serious just to get out of the bath?

It feels like I’m thinking of escaping from a confined prison…… even though, I’m just in a hot spring with a nice view.

Maizumi-san was thinking with her eyes closed. And after a while, she opened her eyes and stared at me.

I felt a very strong will from Maizumi-san’s gaze. It seemed she has settled her thoughts …


“Yeah, in the fourth …”

The fourth, huh…so you want both of us to escape at the same time… I see.

“Can I ask why?”

Maizumi-san nodded and told me the reason.

“The first choice… if Kohaku-san remains, I’m sure she’ll try to find if you were really alone or not… and somehow… I feel like she’ll find me…”

…… Surely Maria may find you. After all that person is not normal.

“The second choice… if I stay here alone, she will definitely realize that you were here too, so no…, The third choice… I might get dizzy soon and if that happens, I’ll be found out, and it’s. THE END.”

I feel that if Maizumi-san is left alone, she will be found out in no time…… well, this is just my opinion, there is no special reason.

Besides, Maria said that she felt two persons are in close proximity, so if only one person is found out, she might search for the other person.

“That’s why I chose the fourth one, I want us to get out of here and stay alive together.”

Maizumi-san looked at me with her determined eyes. 

I mean… we’re just getting out of the bath.

“Then, let’s go out together?”

“Yeah, if we get out safely, let’s toast with fruit juice!”

But no matter how much we try to not be seen, since our presence are being detected by her, she’ll know that the two presence is going out. But, whether Maria will turn her gaze to us or not it depends on the others. So, the only way to escape is to not behave strangely and to make it unnoticed by the other adults.

I told Maizumi-san about my thoughts and she nodded that she understood.

…… But is she really gonna be okay? I feel like she is a person who will somehow mess up any plan given to her…

While thinking so in my heart, this was a scene where we have to take action. Maizumi-san and I confirmed that the adults were facing away from the entrance and so we started moving quietly, yet quickly.

My worries were that up to this point, it was smooth. The adults were soaking in hot water without facing the entrance. 

But ‘that’ happened when we got to the entrance door.

Maybe Maizumi-san was relieved to arrive at the door, she slipped.

If she made a loud noise here, the adults would definitely turn to our direction.

So, I hug Maizumi-san’s waist and pulled her! But, the towel that covered Maizumi-san’s body came off because of the momentum and our body stuck to each other.

Our face was so near that just by a few centimeters our lips would meet.

My eyes and Maizumi-san’s eyes met. 

The noisy heartbeat can be heard from Maizumi-san’s body. 

Then Maizumi-san’s eyelids fall, and her lips came out slowly.

“Hmmpp …”

At the same time, I put my hand on Maizumi-san’s face silently…

And, I did an ‘Iron Claw’. [TN: Iron Claw in here is a wrestling move]

Oi, oi, don’t you forget that you’re the one who almost messed all of this!

Luckily, Maizumi-san hadn’t forgotten the current situation, and she managed to endure my iron claw silently.

I took Maizumi-san out as it was.

In the end, we managed to escape from the bathhouse without being exposed. When we finally arrived at the dressing room, I released Maizumi-san.

Maizumi-san, who was finally released, collapsed with teary eyes.

“Uuuu, so mean…”

“Why me and not you? I mean, how can Maizumi-san’s react like that in that kind of situation?

“But, but…”

“Well, get dressed as fast as you can and let’s drink fruit juice.”

“Fruit juice …, okay …”

Maizumi-san, who managed to recover with the word ‘fruit juice’, headed to the place where her yukata was placed quickly…… What a simple girl.

I watched over her, and then I took a breath and headed to the place where I had my yukata.

……Even though I just took a bath, I feel so tired.

After that, I talked with Maizumi-san while drinking fruit juice, and then we ate breakfast at the inn with the adults who came back from the baths.

This was the end of my trip. 

When I looked back at my trip once again, I realized that the rate of skin exposure was quite high, but it seemed that impact that I got from other events was stronger than that…

… It was such a trip.


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