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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 71

71. Mixed Bath 2

After making a strange voice, Maizumi-san slowly sank into the hot water.

I know that it was embarrassing because I was seen naked too.

You know, it’s not a muddy water, so I can still see you…

When I thought so, I saw that bubbles had come out, then Maizumi-san came out of the hot water.

“……ou saw it?”



“Well, I don’t know what you mean unless you tell me exactly what it is….”

“What is it, huh…, that’s … M-my nak…GLUB, GLUB, GLUB…

Maizumi sank into the hot water again. Apparently, she couldn’t say it.

…… No, no, I’m not teasing you, okay? 
I didn’t say that I want to see you get embarrassed either, okay?…

I just thought that, if you didn’t tell me what it is, maybe we think something different, and I don’t want a misunderstanding to happen. I’ve no other intention than that, okay?…

After a while, Maizumi-san’s face came up.

If you keep doing that, you might get dizzy you know?

Maizumi looked at me like she was holding a grudge.

“Why didn’t you greet me when I just entered…”

Why? …… Well, it’s hard to explain…

“Ah, I didn’t notice it.”

“Don’t lieー, since you could speak so calmly like this, you definitely noticed me, rightー?”

“Haha, no way…”


“Well… anyway, I think right at this moment, Maizumi-san, you’re having a great time, so you better enjoy it while you can.”


“Hmm… I feel weird saying this but, to have a bath in a hot spring with a man is something rare, right?”

“Speaking of which, I-I’m taking a bath with a man!”

Maizumi finally calmed down and grasped the situation, but after hearing my words, she flustered again like, ‘Ahm, eh, ah..’

Then Maizumi-san started to move strangely. It was honestly annoying because She was moving in hot water and splashed it everywhere, but… When Maizumi-san got flustered, she was so cute. Moreover, when she moved, I could glance various parts… It was a little erotic…

Probably the that movement that she do right now is the thing, called ‘Chirarism’ (The art of giving a brief glimpse)… In my opinion. I think the person who named it is amazing.

But unfortunately, we are in a hot spring. And hot springs is a place to relax your mind, that you want to enter quietly…

“Maizumi-san, you shouldn’t go wild too much.”

“Huh? Ah! I’m sorry…”

“Well, come here and enjoy the hot spring.”

I asked Maizumi-san to come next to me and enjoy the hot spring slowly.

I didn’t want to let a young girl to get faint in the hot springs.

“Ah, that’s…, but …, uum …”

A few words of hesitation came out of Maizumi-san’s mouth. Really only a few words… after all, before she finished saying those few words, her body took action and was slowly approaching me.

I knew it! after all, If I were to compare this situation to the one in my previous life, it’s like a boy were invited by a beautiful girl to immerse himself next to her, so of course, the boy can’t refuse it! right?!

Wait… if at this moment, I say, ‘Even if your mouth refused, your body is honest, huh’… will it count as a sexual harassment?

Well, I’m a gentleman so I won’t say something like that!

Even though Maizumi-san hesitantly came next to me, her eyes were kept glancing at my body.

She might think that I don’t realize it, but she’s wrong, I know what she feels right now! But, of course, I’ll never tell her that I noticed her glance!

“Maizumi-san, where are you looking?”

“Ah! Ehmm… What are you talking about?”

“I mean, you keep glancing here, so I wonder where you are looking at.”

“No, no, I didn’t look at Kohaku-san’s body! I was looking at the scenery! I don’t think that you have beautiful skin either! It’s not like that, not at all, okay?!”

…… If you didn’t look at my body, how could you think that I’ve a beautiful skin? 

When I was trying to say something to Maizumi-san, suddenly, I heard a voice from the vicinity of the entrance up. Apparently, another customer came in. Maizumi-san seemed to notice the voice too as she moved to check the entrance.

“Wowー, what a great viewー.”

“Yes, the view from yesterday’s bath was wonderful, but the view from here is exceptional.”


“Fufu, it’s like what I said, right? After all, the view from here is the highlight of this inn.”

…… I think I knew all of them. 

When I was wondering what to do, I noticed that ripples were spreading from the side. When I looked at Maizumi-san, who was next to me, her face turned pale. She was quivered and muttered something in a low voice. When I tried to listen to that mutter…

“Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad”

…… Well, I know this is ‘Bad’.

“Ma,Maizumi-san calm down…”

When I called out, Maizumi-san had a pale face and tears in her eyes.

….. I think she really got trauma from that.

“To-today, it may be my death anniversary…”

“Calm… Calm down first!”

“B-but if she found me here, I’m sure she won’t let me live!”

“For the time being, this area here is a blind spot from the entrance, so she wouldn’t notice you if you didn’t show your face.”

I told Maizumi-san while tapping the rock.

“Maizumi-san, you didn’t even notice me who was behind on this rock.”

“That’s …, that’s true, but…”

“For the time being, Maizumi-san, let’s go over there, and please hide behind me so as not to be exposed to Maria.”

“Ye,yeah. Thank you.”

When I said that, Maizumi-san moved to hide behind me.

Then, I tried to listen to the conversation behind the entrance.

“There is no one here…”

“Well, it’s vacant because it still pre-opening.”

It was a conversation between my mother and Maizumi-san’s mother.

from what I heard, it looked we’ll be fine.

I was a little relieved, but that reassurance was only last until I heard Maria’s words.

“Yoko-sama, it seems that there are about two people behind that rock. I could feel a presence coming from there.”

…… As expected, she is a not normal.


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