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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 70

For my other series… I’m still trying to get used to this style of TLing…
So it may take a bit longer than what I planned…

70. Mixed bath

When I was taking a bath in the morning, a girl came in.

Well, it’s not something strange. I’m in a mixed bathing after all. Something like is not strange.

But, The girl who came in, I know her… she had seen me naked once, so with this we’re even!

The girl…, Serina Maizumi, apparently didn’t notice me, she was fascinated by the view.

“Wow! Wowー!”

There was no mistake in the words, from the hot spring in the mixed bath you can enjoy the view of the valley surrounded by the nature of the mountains, as if this hot spring was floating in the mountains.

Maizumi-san tried to enter the hot spring while she kept seeing the scenery.

Oi, First, you need to clean your body with the shower there!… I was angry in my heart.

Maizumi-san stopped as if she could hear what I screamed in my heart.

“Ah, no, no, no, I have to wash my body first…”

Oh, good. I’m glad that you realized it yourself.

I shook my head vertically and was impressed.

Then, I looked at Maizumi-san again.

Beautiful white skin, slender limbs, and an amazing chest like that despite her slender body……

Marvelous!… should I revaluate it?… Nah, there’s no need for that!

I’m not looking into it on purpose, it’s a hot spring, so what I’m seeing just a sight. There was nothing wrong with it at all… after all I was in a mixed bath!

While I tried to convince myself with the excuse I had in mind, I could hear Maizumi-san’s humming in my ears. She seemed to be in a good mood.

“Hmm♪ hmm♪ hmmー♪”

Maizumi-san washed her body while humming, first her left arm, then her right arm… but when she washed her abdomen, her hands stopped.

“Hmm… maybe I’m a little fat…”

While saying such a thing, Maizumi-san touch the area around her stomach.

No, you’re not fat at all… Rather, if you lose weight, you’ll look unhealthy, do you understand?

Then, while Maizumi-san touching her own chest, she muttered…

“Does Kohaku-san like it big? Or he prefers it small? Hmm…”

Apparently, Maizumi-san was concerned about my taste.

Hmmm…I don’t really care about the size… Whether it’s big, or small, anything is fine. Well, this is just my personal opinion.

But, somehow if I saw Maizumi-san so defenseless like this, I feel like I’m peeking on her… Ughh, my sense of morality… but somehow.. I’m thrilled even though I’m not peeking her… after all, I’m just soaking in a hot spring!

So, it can’t be helped if it comes into view, right?… yeah, it can’t be helped.

While I lost in my own thoughts, Maizumi-san had finished washing her body and head and was about to soak into the hot spring.

I thought Maizumi-san might noticed me, but she went to a place where she could see the scenery without noticing me at all.

“Wowー! So highー!”

Maizumi-san was enjoying the hot spring while seeing the scenery, then she started humming again, In the end she didn’t notice my presence at all.

When I started wondering if I should talk to her, I heard a voice.

“Oh, I didn’t expect to see you in a place like this.”

Oh, maybe it’s me, Well, I never thought I’d meet you too …

“Maybe, this is fate一, we ate together一, we met each other parents一, and we just got married一.”

Oi, isn’t that too fast?! What’s happening in her head? 

…… Alright! Let’s wait a little longer before I call her.

“The food was delicious, the bath was pleasant, and more I met Kohaku-san. In conclusion, this trip was all good.”

……Hmm? Did she forget where she got rolled up and questioned? 

I think it was a pretty shocking experience for her, am I wrong?…

No, maybe it’s ‘that’ ? where you erased a memory because it was too scary too remember… Either way, if Maria appeared here, I’m sure that Maizumi’s fun trip will turn really turn into a tragedy … after all, it’ll be second time.

…But maybe, it’ll be okay? I saw the banquet hall when I came here, but all the adults were still sleeping… Seriously, they can’t even come back to their own room and drink alcohol all night at the banquet hall… what a really bad adult! I need to remind them! 

…… Wait, could she still drive us back home?

As I was worried about it, Maizumi-san got out of the hot spring, lay down on a chair set up for a break, hung a towel on her body, and began to wake up.

A wet towel stuck to Maizumi-san’s body, and it was somewhat made her look sexier.

And, I was very happy with that.

But I’m amazed at how she didn’t notice me so far… and I think she shouldn’t notice me until the end … after all It’s hard for me to talk to her by now …

After a while, Maizumi-san got up and headed for the hot spring again.

“Which side should I go next?”

Maizumi-san shook her face.

And… our eyes met.

“Good morning”


Maizumi-san stuck and didn’t move…

Maybe she finally realized the situation, and Maizumi-san opened her eyes and mouth wide and took a position to put her hand on her mouth and close it.

What’s wrong with you? I wondered, but that question was solved the next moment.


Maizumi-san screamed and muffled herself by closing her mouth with her own hands.

Ah, I see, if she screams loudly, Maria come…

Maizumi-san was terrified to get caught by Maria again. 

Well, it seems you’ve learned a lot from the first time, I’ll give you a full mark for your effort.


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  1. “Beautiful white skin, slender limbs, and an amazing chest like that despite her slender body……”

    Damn… I don’t think that means she’s amazingly flat…..
    How disappointing.

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