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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 69

Next 2 ch will be the climax? of this arc…

And, This ch is from Serina Maizumi POV

69. Serina Maizumi, to the hot spring!

“Hmm …, hmmー”

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP… It was not a very loud beeping sound, but it was loud enough to prevent anyone from sleeping.

There was something that moving in the futon in response to the sound. It was not a thing, but it was a human being.

That human…, Serina Maizumi rubbed her sleepy eyes, picked up a smartphone that was placed nearby, and cut off the alarm that keeps ringing within her head that has not been awakened yet. Then, she checked the time displayed on the smartphone with a drowsy eye.

“It’s still 6 A.M. … I’m going to sleep a little longer…”

It should have been an alarm that Serina should have set herself, but she refused to wake up and sneaked into the futon to try to sleep again. Wrapped in a warm futon, while entrusting herself to the comfort of it, she started to get sleepy again, but suddenly a question came to her mind vaguely.

Why did I set it at this time …?

Normally, Serina should have set an alarm at around 7 o’clock, because she needed time to set her hair, so even if she was still sleepy, she forced herself to wake up. She always wanted to sleep to the last minute if the situation allowed.

The reason why the alarm is set at 6 o’clock……. Serina tried to remember the reason, but she gave up thinking, ‘Aaa, who cares’, because of the comfort she felt.

And anyway, I was tired from all sorts of things that happened yesterday…

Serina remembered what happened yesterday, and in conjunction with that memory, Serina finally remembered that she was on a trip. She also remembered why she set the alarm at 6 A.M.

“Oh, I plan to have a morning bath …”

Since Serina decided to go to the hot springs in the morning, Serina thought, ‘Since I decided to go, I must go’, and remembered that she set the alarm for that reason before going to sleep yesterday. However, although she moved inside the futon, she didn’t get out of the futon, and it was 10 minutes later when she was finally able to get out of the futon.

Then, Serina prepared for taking a bath slowly because she still sleepy. Perhaps it was good to preparing slowly since she could warm up her brain, and finally when she was wide awake, she realized that her mother was not in the room.

“Hmmm …? Momー?”

Where did she go?… while tilting her head, Serina tried to remember last night. The last memory she had about last night was, she saw her mother having a good time drinking with Kohaku’s mother. And since there was no sign that the party was over even if it became late, Serina decided to go back first and sleep… Maybe she is sleeping at the place where the banquet was…

“… Kohaku-san”

Serina muttered the name of the boy who had dinner with her yesterday.

Of course, the first thing that Serina remembered was the appearance of Kohaku with no clothes that she accidentally saw when she went to the bath. When that figure came into her mind, her body temperature rose throughout the body. When she put her hands on her face, she can feel how high the temperature was and unknowingly checked for nosebleeds. 

After all, it was such a shocking experience for Serina.

“I must take responsibility and make into the son-in-law of our family!”

Serina made up her mind, but when she remembered the ‘accessories’ that seemed to come with Kohaku, the temperature of the whole body was going down back to normal.

It’s understandable….. that I was questioned so many times even after being rolled up like that…

Serina remembered the woman called Maria. She felt that Maria seemed to have seen her as a target to be eliminated, so she can’t help but to trembles as she remembered Maria’s gaze.

In the first place, who is she?… Serina thought that Maria might be a part of Kohaku’s family member… but she keeps watching over Kohaku… in the end, Maria’s behavior confused Serina. But, since Serina felt scared, she decided in her heart to stay away from Maria.

“But if I get married to him, I wonder if I’ll live together with her too…?… Married?… married…”

When Serina said the word ‘married’, her face got hot again. However, the delusion cannot be stopped.


“Serina… You’re so beautiful …”

“Really?… Ahh, Darling…”

“Today, I will hold you for a whole day and will not let go.”

“Aaah, Really?! You’re too passionate!”

“Fufufu, my love is more than you think!”



Then Kohaku and Sreina start to hugging each other and Kohaku prepared to give her a deep kiss.

But, The moment Serina almost got kissed…


Finally, Serina returned from her delusion while covering her face with both hands and writhing like ‘Aahhh, Ahhh’.

Fortunately, Maria never appeared in her delusion.

“And then! Like that! And that too!”

A smile spilled over the happy delusion.

However, soon Serina was brought back to reality again.

“Ex-excuse me, Serina-sama …?”

Because She was doing all of that while she was not in her own room, but the corridor of the inn… There were people who already working no matter how early in the morning.


When Serina turned to the voice, there was Nakai-san looking at her with a strange look.

“Are …are you okay?”

“…okay! I’m okay!”

Serina gave her greeting properly on the first day of her stay by saying that she was the daughter of the owner of the inn, but it would be bad if, the staff started to see her in a strange way.

Coupled with embarrassment, Serina escaped in a hurry from the scene where her strange behavior was exposed in order to escape from Nakai-san.

Finally, Serina arrived at the baths entrance. Today, I will go into the hot springs that was said to have a good view…  Serina decided to enter the mixed baths… And her heart started to throbbing.

Maybe I’ll see Kohaku-san inside here…

“T-that can’t be true, right?!”

However, the other day, something that normally couldn’t happen has just happened, so Serina took off her yukata with a little expectation. And when she saw it in the mirror, she thought, ‘Maybe Kohaku-san likes his own body so much?’. As for Serina, since the moment she saw Kohaku’s body, she liked it… she liked it very much.

“Alright! I’m going!”

Serina went to the mixed bath with a lot of expectations.

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