Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 68

68. Let me fill your cup

The emotional drama of Maizumi-san and her mother was over, and the banquet kept going lively.

I was wondering how to get a drink while eating the gorgeous meals that were prepared.

Ahhh, F**k! I drank a little the other day, and it makes me want more!!

I should have been able to put up with it, but since I drank a little of it the other day, I felt nostalgia and my brain remembered the taste.

Especially when I see it right in front of my eyes, I want to get one of it so bad… maybe this is the nature of the real me?

…But even if I said I want to drink it, they will say, ‘No! you’re still underage!’, I can’t get their permission… but, when in a party like this, there is a thing called ‘the flow’.

I took action based on that idea.


I called out my mother, who was getting along well with Maria and Maizumi-san’s mother.

“Ara~ Kohaku-kun~? What are you doing~? Do you want~ to sleep with me~ today~?”

Finally, the preparation is completed …. But, now is not the time yet!

“Wellー, I think your proposal isー very attractive, but nowー, I’m thinking to fill your cup and let you drinkー as much as you want, after allー you’ve been always working so hard for me every day.”

I talked to my mother with a sweet tone and looked her.

“Oh! Please!  I’ve never been given a drink by a man! It’s so moving to have my son to be first man who pour a drink for me! Now, now, come to my lap!”

On my lap?… Oh my… she’s getting carried away… But, but! I’ll put up with it for now, after all This is for the treasure!

“Excuse me then”

I was about to get on my mother’s lap.

“Wow~! What’s this~! This is amazing~! I could feel my~ son’s temperature directly~!”

I’m sorry… but please, could you please not say it out lout?

“Then, I’ll pour the drink and fill your cup….. h,h,here you goー.”

Ughh, I can’t speak well because my face got drawn…

I picked up a sake bottle and pour it into my mother’s inoguchi. [TN: A cup for sake is called inoguchi in Japanese]

The mother drank it and muttered.

“Delicious! It’s amazing! The taste is multiplied just by because it poured by my son!”

‘I seeー’, I said so and poured the sake again into the empty inoguchi. My mother drank it right after it was poured.

“Uhmm~ De・li・ci・ous~”

And, while fluttering, my mother hugged me on who was on her lap and rubbed my cheeks softly.

“More~ more~”

When I saw my mother, who was crouching… Now! this is the time

“Hmmmー, is alcohol that deliciousー?”

The moment I said that I felt disgusted to myself…  I’ve gone this far! I can’t pull back now!… With a sad determination in my heart, I aimed for the treasure!

“If it’s so delicious, I want to drink it tooー…”

Finally, I released the words! When you got drunk and your son that you loved so much begging you for something… You can’t reject it right?!

“No, you can’t. Kohaku-kun is still underage. So, no.”


“Please give me another drink”

“Ah, okay, here you go …”

Poured the liquor again.

Hmm? Something is strange, if it goes like what I planned…

『”I want to try it tooー”』

『”Hmmmppー I can’t be helped then, just a little, okayー?…” 』

『”Thank youー”』

It should have been like that…

D*mn! this is not good. If it comes to this, then……

“Ummー, where are you goingー, Kohaku-kunー?”

I got up from my mother’s lap and moved to the side of Maria.

“Ma, Maria, thank you for always taking care of me.”

“Oh, Kohaku-sama. Please go here instead.”

Maria hit her lap with her hand.

…… This girl, she was aiming for me from the start. However, I need to put up with this… for the greater purpose!

I got on Maria’s lap …Then I was hugged tightly before I can pour the sake.

“Hmm, sorry, but I can’t pour it…”

“It’s okay. Please, just for a moment…”

I have no idea what’s going on her mind… but, one thing for sure, if this happened to me in my previous life, I’ll very happy.

Maizumi-san, who has just moved into the field of view, was looking at me with an enviable look.

Do you want me on your lap too…? But, I don’t think I’ll get the treasure, so I’m not going to do this to you… will you not look over here like that? To be honest, I’m embarrassed …

“Ma, Maria?”

“Yes, what?”

“I’d like to drink a little alcohol that everyone has been drinking since a while ago…”

“No, you can’t.”


It’s okay, it’s not over yet!

“Ju-just a little bit…”

“It’s no good even just a little. Please wait until you become an adult, okay?”

…..I was told so.

but I don’t want to wait until I become an adult! I want to drink it now!

“Hmm …, Kohaku-sama …”

F**k!… I got off from Maria’s lap and headed for the last resort.

“Maizumi-san (mother), here you go …”

“Hmm? oh, thank you very much.”

I sat next to Maizumi-san’s mother, the last resort, and offered to pour the drink. But, I wasn’t told to ride on her lap. Can this be done with a little approach like this?

I leaned toward Maizumi-san’s mother who drank beside me. Then, her face turned red…I’m sure it’s not due to alcohol.


I loosened my yukata a little, held the collar on my chest and shook it a little

“What’s wrong? I, I think it’s a little improper…”

“Ah, ehmm, suddenly I feel that it’s getting a little hot, so…”

Maizumi-san’s mother slightly scolded me, but her eyes were glancing at my chest.

And, Maizumi-san was looking at me while fluttering like ‘Ah, ehmm, ah, ah.’

“Do-do you feel that hot?”

“Yeah~, I feel like my body is burning~, maybe it will go away if I drink it~?”

I looked at the sake bottle while saying so to Maizumi-san’ mother, and I went near her ears.

“Maybe… If it’s getting even hotter, I might take it off…”

I whispered so. 

Upon hearing that, Maizumi-san’s mother got stiff and picked up the sake bottle on the table.

“I-if, you will be healed by drinking it… it can’t be helped then… yeah …”

Then I poured it into the inoguchi that I picked up.

Got it!… I shouted within my heart at that very moment.



My mother and Maria called Maizumi-san’s mother with cold voices. 

Did they sober up and regained their sanity?

I hurriedly put the sake bottle on the pullback table just before pouring it. and after clearing my throat, ‘Uhumm!’, I said..

“Right, alcohol is only after I grow up.”

In this way, I was defeated.

The other adult was still singing when it happened, so I excluded her from the beginning…

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