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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 67

Well, since I dropped the series I planned to release the next ch of it (not this one, it’s one of the others series)..
so yeah, here it is, maybe I’ll more of this for a few week? (I plan to release this as regularly as I can until end of march then I’ll slow it down)…
Anyway, I made some announcement on my homepage.. Basically I plan to started a new series….
Since by how my (RL) right now, it seem plausible…
And I plan to try to improve the way I translate before I started the new series, And I plan to use this series for my attempt… So, from this ch, the way I TL might changed a lot…
Anyway here it is….

67. The Banquet

While putting Kikusui-san’s singing voice as the BGM, my eyes were over the various delicious dishes that were lined up on the table. I decided to get the edible wild plants tempura,

Then sprinkled some salt on it… Itadakimasuー…

I putted the tempura on chopsticks in my mouth and chewed a bite. The tempura made a nice light sound, and as it went into my mouth, I can feel the flavor and unique bitterness that made me feel the spring… And also, made me wanted alcohol… very much…

When I looked toward my mother, I can see her holding the prepared sake and drinking it while eating food.

At home, I tried to say that I wanted to drink, but I was told by my mom, ‘You are still underage! So, no!’ …

Well, what my mom said was not wrong, but!… it was my mom who said it, I feel like there’s another reason beside that. But today is a banquet and there will be a chance for me to get it soon. Until then, let’s enjoy this delicious dish.

While sitting in front of me, Maizumi-san was eating the delicious food like she was really hungry.

I could smell a nice scent of the bath is transmitted to me… Maybe she also took a hot spring before this…

Anyway, I asked what I wanted to hear from the time I met Maizumi-san.


Maizumi-san, who was called, shook her body and her face once, she looked around, then she exhaled as if she was relieved and turned to this side again.

This girl… I’m sure she just confirmed Maria’s position…

Maria was drinking alcohol while eating food with my mother and Maizumi-san’s mother.

“Uhumm, what is it, Kohaku-san?”

Oooo, the way she talks just changed to the usual… isn’t it too late?!

“Hmm, your hairstyle…, did you stop doing that roll?”

“No, it just annoyi… I mean, it’s just a change of pace.”

“I see”

Maybe it’s a hassle, after all that it seems to be difficult to set… But, Maizumi-san, your character changed, are you okay?

“I was surprised when she suddenly changed to that hairstyle after she got accepted into high school.”

Maizumi-san’s mother suddenly interrupted our conversation as if she was listening it from the start.

…… I see, so it was your high school debut? 

Maizumi-san fluttered to the sudden appearance of her mother.

“The way she talks too, she started practicing how to speak like a noble lady and laugh like ‘OHOHO’… I wonder what kind of manga influenced her…”

“Why do you say it! Why! Why~!”

Maizumi-san’s eyes got teary as she complained to her mother.

Well, when my secret got busted, I was like her too… So, I know what you feel right now.

“But why did Maizumi-san practice such a thing?”

I asked Maizumi-san, who was still complaining to her mother.

I was really interested in why Maizumi-san wanted to become a noble-like lady.

“Uhh, Uhmm…”

After groaning a little, Maizumi-san started talking to me.

“Until a while ago, my house was a normal house with no iron, and I lived a normal life …”

“… I see.”

Maizumi-san looked like she has nostalgia, perhaps because she remembered the past.

“But when my mom’s work went well, we were started getting called to the party… there were a lot of people in beautiful clothes, some of whom were the same age as me, but … “

“… but?”

“I was told by that girl, ‘As what you could expect form the girl who just start rising, she is vulgar’… so I thought that I can’t be shackle to my mother, who worked so hard for us to be there, and so…”

‘And so I practiced that way of talks’, Maizumi-san concluded the words.

“Serina …”

Maizumi-san’s mother spilled her daughter’s name and hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t realize that, but I wish that you consulted to me about it …”

“You were busy with work, and above all I wanted to help you too, mom.”

What a moving story, I think that Maizumi-san’s way of thinking to her parents, is very wonderful.…. I thought so, but I can’t say it out lot.

Still, isn’t her way of direction her effort wrong? After all, aren’t you a nouveau riche?

…No, I can’t think like this! The bond between parents and children is deepening right now! I’m not a man who can’t read the air! 

I decided to eat food so that my mouth wouldn’t start spouting nonsense.

“Hey, Kohaku-san.”

Maizumi-san talked to me… I guess, the moving time for parents and children was over.


“Should I change the way I talk at school like this from now on?” [TN: Noooo, don’t stop laughing ‘OHOHO’ ,please]


…… Honestly either one is fine. After all, it’s both cute and have a unique flavor on its own…

But, the words that she want to hear right now may not be those words… 

I thought a little and then gave the answer.

“I think anything is good as long as Maizumi-san could have a good time at school …. and, I think…”

“… what?”

“I think Maizumi-san is cute no matter of the way you talk.”


I gave a wink to Maizumi-san


In response to my wink, Maizumi-san and her mother, both of their faces turned red. 

…..Why you too? Oh, did you feel like you were the one I told because I said Maizumi-san?


Maybe Maizumi-san was so happy to hear the words, she tried to hold my hand.

When Maizumi-san’s hand almost touched my hand, a fork came flying to stab her hand. Maizumi-san, who pulled her hand just before being stabbed, looked in the direction in which it came from while trembling, and there she saw…

…Maria who was standing menacingly with her eyes saying, ‘Don’t get carried away.’.

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