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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 66

Next ch will be after I update the other series…

66. Dinner

The turmoil has subsided, and now Maizumi-san and her mother joining us in drinking tea.

Apparently, my mother and Maizumi’s mother are talking with each other and it seems that they get along well.

As for Maizumi-san… she is drinking tea as far away as possible from Maria.

Anyway, the situation is better than before … Just a moment ago, they looked like a ‘Djungarian Hamster’ that was glared at by a ‘Dragon’… Well, I’ve never seen such a scene…

“That’s why, as an apologize, I’d like to make your stay this time free of charge. Is that okay?”

My mother and I tilted our heads at the words.

“Hmm, so you will pay for us?”

“Yes, this inn is affiliated with my company, so it’s more like you all will become an invited guest…”

“Your… company?”

“Yes, I mainly run business hotels, but now I am also start managing ryokan too.”

Oh, right, I heard that Maizumi family was famous for their business hotels… So now they’re trying to manage inns too, huh?

My mother was surprised to hear Maizumi-san’s mother story, but she declined the proposed proposal.

“Thank you, but I refuse.”

“… I see. As I thought, it’s not enough as an apologize, huh.”

“Ah! No, that’s not what I mean…”

Maizumi-san’s mother… her expression darkened when she heard the words of refusal. My mother who saw it hurriedly put in a follow-up.

“Our visit this time is because we got an invitation ticket, so there is no charge.”

“Oh, so that’s what you mean… Then…”

“You had apologized to us properly, and my son, who is the victim, says that he doesn’t care, so you don’t need to worry too much.”

“I’m really grateful that you said it like that, but….. As expected, I don’t think it’s appropriate to not giving you anything as an apology, after all, his naked body was….”

Maizumi-san’s mother, who had a dark expression, seemed relieved to hear the words. However, it seemed that there was no change in the idea that a proper apology is necessary, so she made a new proposal.

“Then what about I make your dinner more luxurious than usual? It’s still not opened to public, so since the hall is open, why not use it for a banquet?”

“… Hoho, a banquet”

“Yes, we will serve you with regular foods, but we will put more quantity and quality in each food.”

“Speaking of banquets, that … there are also ‘that’, right?”

“We will prepare delicious local sake until you satisfied!”

“That’s great…”

…… Ummm, Mom, I can see that you already ready to have a banquet. To be honest Maizumi-san’ mother doesn’t need to do all of this…

But, well, if you say that you will provide the service, I will receive it! Gladly!

My mother turned to me and spoke with a smile.

“Let’s accept their kindness.”

“Yeah, since she keep saying it, it’s rude to refuse it.”

Listening to us, Maizumi-san’ mother breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then, I’ll contact them to prepare it…. Well, is it okay if the time is around 7 P.M.?”

“Yes, it’s okay.”

“Well, it was such an encounter, but the fact that our children are in the same school maybe this is also fate, so I hope that we will continue to get along with each other.”

“Yes, let’s get along well from now on. So, let’s forget about what just happened and have a drink together at the banquet.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

With that said, Maizumi-san and her mother left the room. 

Maizumi-san turned around when she left the room,

“I’m really sorry for today.”

She said so and bowed deeply.

Yeah, a girl who can apologize properly is great. But your character… it has changed, right? Right?

By the way, with this, the cleanup after the trouble is finally over… so, let’s re-enter the hot springs!

Perhaps everyone thought about the same thing as me, naturally we all went to the hot springs.

The second time we went, I was able to take a bath without any problems. I don’t think peeping will happen again, but Maria kept telling me to be careful. 

…Well, if my voyeur video suddenly pops out, there is no doubt that it will get a fairly high price ….

The view from the men’s bath was pretty good, so I was curious about how good the view from the mixed bath would look like, so I decided to definitely enter it once. By the way, the hot spring here is not a turbid hot spring. So, I think ‘it’ can be seen quite clearly.

What do I mean by ‘it’?!…Well, various things …

After slowly soaking in the hot spring, I put on a yukata and went out to take a walk around the area while relaxing at souvenir shop.

There were various strange sweets at the shop, I wanted to buy some, but I canceled in consideration of the banquet after this.

…… Let’s buy it before we go back home. 

And finally, the long-awaited dinner time has come.

Nakai-san came to the room and guided us to the hall. The hall was large as it was made with consideration to be used for banquets, etc., even karaoke machines were also available.

Also, they prepared a lot of foods, from something made from ingredients you can found in mountain to seafood, all of which looked delicious.

Well, the ryokan itself is located in the mountains, but there is also a sea nearby, and the marine products that can be harvested there also famous. There is also a famous brand for beef, so I am excited to try it all.

And above all, there prepared many bottles of local sake and wine.

…… Even my mother wouldn’t be able to drink everything, right? It can’t be helped then… I have to help her… Yeah, I’ve no choice but to help her finish it…

“I know various things were happened today, but let’s forget them all and have fun! Cheers!”

And the banquet started with my mother’s toast.

“I, Kikusui, will sing first.”

Oi, oi, you’re going to sing?!


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  1. Thanks for the extra chapter, I’m excited to see our mc drunk again. You’d think that after last time he would have learnt!

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