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Another Project (Still in consideration)

So these are the series I have in mind right now… (It might change).. I’m open to some recommendation too…

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi

Premise : This is a full fantasy story, so it’s not an ‘Isekai’, that I think it’s quite fresh when I tried to read it. and it’s decided to be adapted to manga too.


“If I put my life in a notebook, it would end in one page.”

Seal, a young man in prison, had spare time.
Closed space, unchanging scenery. Every day he read books in such a prison cell.

A boring life that made he felt like he was going insane.
Then, a newcomer came to his prison cell.

His name was Barha Zetta. 79 years old, male. Occupation-Sealer.
Seal was interested in the job of Barha-Zetta and became his disciple to kill time.

Without knowing that it would bear the fate of the world.

Result : I decided to take this one, you could check here

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau

No picture yet for this

Premise : Another Isekai stories, It’s a rather new, it’s a dark fantasy, gore, bloody, not a harem (Until the point I read right now, even the review from Japanese reader also said so.). Also, it has been decided to be adapted to manga and LN


Raizou ​​Takakura, who died of Heart Attack when he went to work, got a second life in a different world as the third son of a farmer.

He was given the name, Walm, and had a peaceful life, but his homeland, which continued to clash with neighboring countries, the leaders of the nation continued to drafting for war, and Walm was no exception.

The life was bought up by the nation with the priced that could be said only enough to cover the cost for preparation… the drafted Walm was put on the front line.

Unreasonable deaths that came equally, looting and insults mixed with joy and screams, eyes that were muddy by the odor of death and the madness of the battlefield, Walm had a talent for struggle that could not be awakened in peacetime. It bloomed at that moment.

The battered and exhausted spirit… the morality and conscience that was degrading with a slight hypocrisy… only wine and cigarette could deceive all of that.

The war that was happening in Walm’s homeland, Heiselk Empire, it was in the final stages. But Walm was about to do something that would make a turmoil throughout the empire.

Teaser ch : Prologue | Chapter 1

Result : I’ll do it in the future if no one other group take it. when one of the series I’m doing now near the latest ch or end.

And I plan to do another rom-com (I plan to do only 1)…. But I’m sure yet (at all)… and the series I’ve in my mind are.. well, It’s both LN…
To be honest I prefer a WN, but, I haven’t found any rom-com WN that suit my taste yet, that haven’t been Tl-ed….

Danjo no Yuujou wa Seiritsusuru? (Iya, Shinai!!)

Premise : Well, from the title if it’s tl-ed to English it’ll be, ‘Do you think friendship between boys and girls is possible? (No, it’s not!!)’… Oh, and this’ll be adapted to manga this year.

Teaser ch : I just finished reading the vol 2, and well, to be honest vol 2 did not meet my expectation so… yeah, I’m not going to do this

Kanojo ni Uwaki Sareteita Ore ga, Komajou na Kouhai ni Natsukareteimasu

Premise : Another Love-Com story

Teaser ch : ??? I:m not sure yet about this one, this is the LN ver, cause the WN ver not that updated…

Result : For now, maybe no…. Maybe in the future if no one pick this up

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