Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 24

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From this ch the way I’m TL-ing this series will change…
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24. The approaching discipline committee chairman

When the school end, I suddenly want to search a ‘New Land Development’ (light novel). After all, I hadn’t read the recent works because I couldn’t think of anything other than Natsukawa for a long time…

Alright, Let’s go home and read a new series while eating the meat bun that my sister bought… Yeah, Self-indulgence is ‘God’ (the best).

“H-Hey …”

“Hmm? … what?”

The moment I was about to go home, I thought, ‘No way… Natsukawa want to stop me from going back?’, so I looked back. 

Well, she didn’t call my name too much and so when I heard her voice, I thought she called me. 

‘Oh Sh*t! I misunderstood her!’, when I thought so, I saw that Natsukawa looking here.

It seemed that the one she really tried to stop was me. 

I’m glad I didn’t make an embarrassing mistake…

“Um, Natsukawa? What’s wrong? Why are you in a hurry?”

“N-no, I’m not in a hurry!”

“I see…”

Natsukawa stopped me who was trying to get home quickly and approached me. 

I think the distance between us was far, but… am I wrong? Did she just shorten the distance between us? If so, isn’t it too fast?

Does she miss me that much? If so, I’m sorry for what I just said, please don’t be angry.

“Y, you… are you really not going to come?”

“Come…? Hmm? What Are you tal───”

“Oh, so your class was over too?”


A low voice that suddenly echoed. But, even if it was low, it was not a man’s voice, it was a dignified woman’s voice. That was why it was easier to hear than anyone else’s voice.

“Kya-, Rin-sama …!?”

Ashida screamed at the sudden appearance of a big shot.

Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Rin Shinomiya-senpai was looking into my face right after she entered the classroom. Her line of sight focused on me, and when our eyes met, she smiled…. She smiled?! Stop it please, I almost thought that you’re my sister for a moment there…

But, seriously, what happened? The moment the class end, two beautiful women come to me… maybe, I’m a light novel main character?!!

….Whi-which one should I choose!?? Oi, Ashida, what do you think??

“… I don’t know what it is, but I know you’re thinking something stupid.”

“Can you stop analyzing me so calm like that?”

This damn girl…! It’s not good to see through the hearts of boys who want to enjoy his youth, you know!! Yeah, sure, I’m only thinking about really stupid things, so please, could you stop that making that face?!

“Hello, everyone. I know the long day just over, but can I rent Sajou for a while?”

“S-s-s-su-sure! You could boil him, or fried him, or even post his picture on SNS!”

“Oi, oi, Ashida!!”

The third sounds crueler than the previous two, isn’t it? Post my picture on SNS..? You see, I’ve never even once posted my picture on Instagram. What? How about tweet? What would you do if no one retweeted it?! Oh my, this b**ch! Anyway, I have to get my hair done first before that…!

I tried not to make eye contact with Shinomiya-senpai, and once again turned to Natsukawa, who I had talked to until earlier.

“Oh, my bad Natsukawa. What was it again?”

“N-no, nothing! It’s nothing, so just go already!”

“Huh? Okay, I understand!”

“You guys have a strange relationship, huh…”

‘Right?’, I said so and turned to Shinomiya-senpai, but she looked back with a troubled face. 

Well, Today, I’m in a good mood, so I’m sorry if I got so excited… yeah, please forgive me if I was rude…

Anyway, can I─── Can I go home because I don’t want to go? Suddenly, I only have a bad feeling that this might become something troublesome.

In the first place, why are you searching for me, Shinomiya-senpai? Inatomi-senpai’s case should have been done, right? I don’t think I have anything more to do with you…

“Let’s change the place.”



As I was being taken out of the classroom, Natsukawa and Ashida looked at my back with a sad face (delusion).

“───So, is it going to be here again?”

“Yeah, here.”

The student guidance room. It was a cell-like place where students who disturb the school’s ethos preached and scolded. It was also a place that opened to students with certain authority.

“But, I don’t like being seen by other students and teachers when I go out from this room…”

“Huh? The ‘chirping’ from surroundings? Don’t worry too much about it. “

” ’Chirping’…”

The choice of words is too cool… I think it’s going to be hard for her to get a man who is cooler than herself. 

Anyway, I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a close relationship with the teachers… I thought that as the member of the disciplinary committee, she might be more pros to the school side.

“So, what do you want from me?”

“First of all, let me say thank you. Thanks to your advice, I was able to handle Yuyu better. I realized that it was not all about being close to me as much as possible.”

“I see. I didn’t know if it would work because it was only a subjective word, but I’m glad that it could encouraged her well.”

“Yeah, really, thank you. You’ve the ability to support others.”

“Nah, that’s not the case.”

I was highly evaluated.

I didn’t give her a well thought advice… so, I never thought that my words could be help too.

I wonder if something happened to Inatomi-senpai again… Well, she is a weak-willed person so….

But, I don’t want to see a sweet girl like her depressed… should I give some sweets to her? A Japanese sweet? Yeah, maybe a Japanese sweets…

“─── That’s why, I don’t understand you anymore.”


As the name suggests, with dignified eyes she approached me while looking into my eyes. Involuntarily to the sudden development, I moved my line of sight, up and down… I’d no choice but to do it. 

Wait, my back just hit the wall… isn’t this room too small? As expected maybe it is a prison cell.

“I mean, you see. Yuyu, she… she was depressed that she couldn’t get you to understand her.”

“What?… What are you talking about? It was about ‘dispelling the weakness towards boys’, isn’t it? I think it’s a good goal…”

“I think so too, but the focus of the story is not that.”

“No, Wai…”

Shinomiya-senpai approached me as if looking into the back of my eyes again. Her face was getting so close that what I could do to get away from that was just by moving my eyes, up and down.

What’s wrong with the air? Somehow, the atmosphere I feel right now is like when you’re waiting for an injection at the hospital… Isn’t it over yet?

“Hmm….. Sajou”

“Wha-What is it?”

“I’m interested to know your true intentions.”

“But, I never lied to you…”

“I didn’t notice it because at that time I’m too focused on Yuyu’s problem, but now I realized it, your eyes right now are different from what I saw when you gave me advice.”

“……… different?”

……What? Why do you care so much about my eyes? No matter how you look at it, it’s just normal eyes. For my peaceful school life, I’m just trying to keep the corners of my eyes straight. Why do I have to be pursued and blamed for it?

… Wait, do you mean, at that time, I didn’t read the air? But, normally, you’ll be happy if you get a reply like that right? That’s how I always run from troublesome things. Even so, my surroundings, they’re kind of noisy these days.

Perhaps because she kept pressuring me, I became a little emotional and really wanted spill out my feeling.

“─── Inatomi-senpai is just scared out of common sense, so she was stunned by my words.”

“… Don’t you think Yuyu has a past that caused it?”

“I think so, but if she combines that with trying to get rid of her weaknesses towards boys, she can’t move forward.”

“……… Keep going”

Well, that’s what I plan to do…

But, every time, I said something about Inatomi-senpai, Shinomiya-senpai’s eyebrows was aching, as if there was a thorn in my words…

Still, I seemed that she was not going to say anything about my words.

“I don’t think Inatomi-senpai apologized to me just for me. ‘Because I was disgusted by myself, who showed a weakness even to the kindness of other people.’. I’m sure that’s what she thought at that time, that’s why she wanted to settle everything by apologizing with me.”

“Are you dissatisfied?”

“No. I really praise her action from the bottom of my heart. The problem was after that. Inatomi-senpai said that she was making an effort to get rid her weakness, using the event as a stepping stone….. that’s how I saw the way she said it.”


I could see shinomiya-senpai attitude becoming cold. The chairman of the discipline committee looked down at me, but I kept talking even in a shrunken manner. Well, it could be said that I was bad mouthing her best friend. But, perhaps because I was on the middle of my explanation, I didn’t care about the way Shinomiya-senpai looked at me.

“─── But if that’s the case, Inatomi-senpai shouldn’t have brought Shinomiya-senpai.”


Inatomi-senpai’s weakness towards men. By running away from me, she had taken a step away from her goal, and by apologizing to me, she had returned to the original position. However, bringing in an ally called Shinomiya-senpai, the balance between her fear of men and the courage to move forward couldn’t be reached. And so, instead of moving forward to her goal, she was still half a step away from her original position.

“At that time, I was thinking, ‘What this person really wants, huh?’. That’s it.”

“……… I see.”

In theory, I think what I thought is correct. However, it changes when I put a normal person in her position.

… or maybe I’m wrong. After all, high school students can’t always think so deeply, and act accordingly. However, maybe because she is a member of the disciplinary committee that other students looked up to, I put the bar higher than usual. That’s why I feel disappointed by what she did.

“You’re so harsh.”

“That’s not the case. I respect Inatomi-senpai as a mascot.”

“I agree. Even me, I almost always see her that way.”

Wait a minute? Aren’t you worse than me then? At least, since you’ve a little longer history with her than me. I think it’s okay to treat her as a disciplinary committee member… She’s your best friend, right? Right?

“But yeah… maybe for me, I’m okay with her being just like a cute junior, but for you, you hope her to be reliable as a senior …”

“I guess, that might be the case. If she’s in the same grade as me or bellow me, I might not have been concerned about such details.”

“I see …”

After I expressed my opinion, Shinomiya-senpai laughed with her eyebrows drawn together as if she was in trouble. 

Indeed, Inatomi-senpai is cute, though not as much as Natsukawa. 

Perhaps, because the words from the junior (me) of her junior (Inatomi) was an eye-opener to her.

“Inatomi-senpai is very important to you, right?”

“That’s right, but she’s not the only one. For example, you. Sajou, you’re a junior I’m marking right now.”

“Huh? Am I being marked by the disciplinary committee chairman?”

“Hey, can’t you say it in a better way?”

But, that’s not normal, right? I mean, a freshman whose face and name remembered by the Student Council and the Disciplinary Committee? It’s not normal, okay? Someone, please help!

In the end, Shinomiya-senpai didn’t scolded me for my bad manner. However, when I left the student guidance room and looked back at it, I could see the figure of her who slowly locked the room with a thoughtful expression.

I, I’ve decided… I’ll pretend that I didn’t see it.


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