Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 65

65. Her Parent (Mother)

I opened the door, and I saw a woman is knelling down on the ground… this… it’s the second time…


And, to the woman, there is only one word I can say to her.

“No, thank you.”

I said so and closed the door.

At the moment I was closing the door, I felt like I heard words like, ‘Hey, Wai-!’, But maybe it was just my hallucination.. In the first place, an adult who suddenly kneeling on the ground before saying anything, must be a troublesome person. We had enough troublesome adults in this room, so please go away.

However, the person outside the room did not give up, she was slamming the closed door and desperately screaming…

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorーryー!!”

TCH, why she doesn’t give up… I guess this will become something troublesome.

“……what is it?”


Perhaps my feeling came out in my face, when the person outside looked at my face, she stepped back a little, before she opened her mouth.

…… I guess even though she is tall, she is a sensitive person.

“I, I heard that my daughter caused some trouble… I just came to apologize for that …”

“Daughter…. um, are you perhaps, Maizumi-san’s mother?”

“Yes, I’m Serina Maizumi’s mother. I’m sorry that my daughter did something stupid this time.”

With that said, Maizumi-san’s mother bowed deeply.

“Ah, no, it’s okay, I think she made a mistake by chance, and I don’t plan to make this a big deal. So please, don’t worry too much.”

“Thank you very much.”

She said so and bowed again.

“Hmm, you see… I heard that my daughter is here…”


…… Well, what to do? Normally, I should bring her daughter out of the room … but now, her daughter is in a state of being rolled.

Really, what should I do?… I have not been in this kind of situation in my previous life, but…… Rather, people who have such experience are not normal.


I didn’t reply, so she called out mysteriously.

“Ah, yes, she’s here. She’s okay with no physical defects….She is perfectly fine!”

“hmm…what’s going on inside?”

After all, she asks with anxious face whether her daughter is worried.




“!? Have you done something to her!?”

“She’s just being rolled up in a blanket.”

“I’m really sorry!… if it’s just something like that… well, it’s okay I guess?”

Really? You’re okay with it?… Somehow, I feel like this person might also be a little strange adult…

Maybe I should bring her inside?… I mean, if Maizumi-san’s parent is there, maybe my guardians will also calm down… right?…. Well, what they’re doing right now is a kind of sexual harassment to me!

I brought Maizumi-san’s mother inside. 

Well, what was being done in the room was an interview with Maizumi-san, who was rolled up in a blanket…

I saw that she’s still being questioned about her impression of my naked body.

……even Kikusui-san also participating in their talk, huh. 

Maizumi-san, who was asked about her impressions… her face turned so red that I started to worry about her. She answered the question with teary eyes.

…Why though? It supposed to be me, right? Why my guardians have to dig up the information about my body… somehow it makes me sad…. Could you stop?… Do you plan to give a big trauma to an adolescent boy?!

“Oh, Kohaku-kun! As expected, this girl saw ‘it’ even though she kept saying that it was just a mistake!”

“Yes, we have confirmed it. We can guarantee that she’s guilty. Let’s just throw her somewhere in the mountains.”

“S-she saw ‘it’ raw …”

Don’t say it raw!.. use a better word please.

“Hmm? who is that?”

“Oh, she is …”

“I’m really sorry!”       

Before I could finish answering my mother’s question, Maizumi-san’s mother kneel down on spot.

All of my guardians looked surprised at the action and sent me a gaze asking for an explanation.

“She is Maizumi-san’s mother.”

The three nodded as if they were convinced by my explanation.

“I see… She came to settle this huh…”

“How courageous.”

‘fufufu…..’, My mother and Maria made a fearless smile

Both of you… I think you’ve enjoyed it enough already…

They were full of intentions to continue the matter, so I planned to stop them.

“She came to apologize properly, so let’s say this matter is over and unwrap Maizumi-san now.”

But, Maria opposed my words.

“No way! It’s not enough to finish this just by bowing! After all, she saw a man’s naked boy!”

“It’s not intentional, so it doesn’t matter to be a little lenient, right?”

“Still, It doesn’t change the fact that ‘it’ was seen!”

“If you say it like that, since the person who was seen is saying that it’s over. Isn’t it okay to over this?”

My mother, who was listening to the exchange, clapped and declared.

“Alright, it’s over. It doesn’t seem to be intentional, and Kohaku-kun say that it’s over! So, it’s over! Maria, please understand.”

“Yoko-sama….. I understand.”

“And, you should also raise your head too.”

“……Yes, thank you very much.”

Oooo! It’s rare that my mother did something like this!

“Then, let’s unwarp her.”

When I said so, Maria released Maizumi-san. 

Maizumi-san, who was released, muttered “I’m glad~, I’m really glad~”. 

Then, I approached Maizumi-san.

“Are you all right?”

“Uuuuu, Kohaku-san!”

Felling relieved, Maizumi-san tried to hug me as I was nearby…

“Hoho… you think you could do such an insolent act in front of me?”

In an instant, Maria grabbed her neck and stopped her.

“I’m Zo ry, I m orry…”

Maizumi who was stopped desperately apologizes.

…… Ah, so… she’s fine after all!

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