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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 64

64. Rolled up

Maizumi-san, who is rolled up in a blanket, is rolling in front of me… I mean, she’s being rolled…

Let’s go back a few minutes before the situation became like this.

So, after Maria seized Maizumi-san, the employees of the inn who heard the noise gathered. 

The employees came, then they saw me and Maizumi-san, who was being seized by Maria, but when they realized where we are, their face turned pale.

…… Yeah, that’s right. A problem happened even before the inn opened to public… well, I’m feel sorry for them but….

“Let’s call Poli…”

“Oh, I’m sorry for making a noise. It seems that she entered the men’s bath by mistake.”

When Maria noticed that the employees came and tried to say something, I intervened.

As one would expect, I didn’t want to make this become a big problem. After all, she might really just came in by mistake…

I’m sure if this happened to other men, they wouldn’t just let this matter go away easily… well, I’m a kind-hearted man. By the way, Maizumi-san, don’t forget to thank me later okay?

Well, my sense of values ​​and other men in this world are a little different.


“Nah, it’s okay. I’m fine after all.”

Soothing the angry Maria, I told the employees that I don’t intend to make this a big deal.

A little later, my mother also rushed in. She doesn’t know what happened, but when she saw Maria suddenly jumped out, she tried to chase after her.

Anyway, unlike Maria, my mother was properly wearing her clothes, so I think she was late because of that. Maria told my mother about the situation and went back to the dressing room to take her clothes.

After that, Maria who returned took Maizumi-san to our room, and as soon as she entered the room, she rolled up her in a blanket.

That’s how the situation became like this.

By the way, Maizumi-san is crying, while saying “It’s not like what you think~”!”.

…… She really looks so pitiful. I tried to stop this to happen, but Maria said, ‘Kohaku-sama’s chastity is on the line, if I don’t do this much, I can’t stay calm!’… I’m sorry Maizumi-san, I tried, but it seems like you have to bear with it for a while. Perhaps, they’ll release you soon…


“Now … do you know what you just did?”

“It’s not like what you think! I just entered there by mistake! It’s an accident!”

Maria asked while looking down at Maizumi-san, who was being rolled up and rolled. Maizumi-san explained desperately that it was not intentional and just an accident……. she kept saying that, but it’s true that she saw ‘it’. If it wasn’t me, but other men, they would have called a police officer immediately, and the punishment for a woman who did a sexual harassment to men in this world is quite harsh …

If that happens, this ryokan will be known as a ryokan with a peep, and its reputation will be ruined.

“… You say it was not intentional… but, did you see ‘it’?”


“I’m asking you whether you saw ‘it’ or not!”

“That’s… I …”

“… Hoho, so you did saw our Kohaku-kun’s ‘it’…. I see.”

Looking at Maizumi-san, who is listening to Maria’s words and mumbles, my mother also changed the way she saw her and questioned her.

I only told my mother and Kikusui-san that Maizumi-san had accidentally entered the men’s bath… And, I was dressed when they came … So, they probably just knew that Maizumi-san saw me naked.

And, they became very angry at Maizumi-san…

If I were to compare this with something similar in my previous life… Maybe it’s like a daughter who was carefully raised by their parents, but until recently they were hated by her, and after finally, the relationship between parent-child became good, their beautiful daughter naked body seen by a stranger guy, and so the father…

Yeah, he’ll be very angry! If that happen to my daughter, Of course I’ll be very angry!!

“I.. I…”

“So, you really saw ‘it’, right?”

Being questioned relentlessly by Maria, Maizumi-san face turned red, perhaps because she remembered what she saw.

When my mother saw Maizumi-san whose face turned red and still being rolled, she changed the question.

“… So, how was ‘it’…?”

“? How was ‘it’??”

“I mean, how about the color, or… or the size?”


……Oi! Mom, what are you doing! And why is Maria silent when she says this! You guys are supposed to be angry!…

The moment I felt that the conversation went to a strange direction and I was about to enter into their conversation, Kikusui-san, who had been quiet until now, suddenly spoke to me.


“What? I have to stop the conversation between them in a hurry right now!”

“C-c-could you please tell me how you felt when the girl saw you naked?! A-a-and what kind of feelings do you have when you’re listening to the conversation that is going on now!”

“Seriously?! You’re asking me about this now?!”

“I-I-I-I’m sorry! I can’t control my curiosity …”

Oh my, this f**king shut-in, How could she aggressively asking about that! Although she apologized, she already prepared her smartphone in her hand… and looking here full of hope.

Damn! All of them, what troublesome adults!

And all of this happened while they’re still in their normal state! What would happen if they drank alcohol beforehand!

As my blood ran cold seeing the disaster in front of my eyes, I heard a knock.

Oi, who are you to come at this timing?!

Since Maria and my mother still so focused on Maizumi-san, I decided to check it out.

Oh, what about Kikusui-san? Weill, she’s not an option.

“Yes, coming… who’re you?”

When I opened the door while saying so, there was a tall woman, who I passed by when I came, kneeling on the ground and prostrating… Yeah, she is in a ‘dogeza’ position.

……But, why though?


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  2. Apparently in this weird world a teenage girl accidently walking in on a guy is a serious crime, but his mother asking about the size of this dick isn’t a red flag.

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