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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 63

63. Hot spring

After taking a rest in the room, we left the room while bringing a ‘yukata’ for clothes change. After all, all of us wanted to enjoy the hot springs as soon as possible. [TN: ‘Yukata’ is a simple version of Japan Traditional Clothes ‘Kimono’, it mostly worn in casual settings such as summer festivals and to nearby sometime they use it as a ‘bathrobe’.]

What I’m about to enter is not a mixed bath, but a hot spring for men who are separated from the one for woman. 

My mothers and the women in our group have been told that the benefits of hot springs are for beauty and rejuvenation, but from my point of view, they are amazingly young, so what should I do if they look even younger than now? Well, I’m not that surprised, whether in this world or my previous life’s world, I deeply realized that women seek beauty.

However, it’s true that hot springs usually have beauty and rejuvenation benefits……. What happens if my skin becomes even more beautiful after the hot springs here? That’s of course! I will be even more pampered! It’s a very good thing.

That’s why all the members came to the baths. There, I was warned in front of the entrance when we were almost separated.


“Hmm? What?”

“Be careful not to be peeped.”

“Ah, yeah, but I don’t think there is such a person here?”

Well, there are certainly quite a few customers, but since it’s a pre-opening, most of them are invited guests, so I think they won’t do something that might bother the inn, right?

“Maybe, but! just maybe, there is!”

“Yeah, Kohaku-kun. Any good person can have a demon in their heart, so it’s best to be careful.”

“Please, be careful.”

Following Maria, my mother and Kikusui-san told me to be careful.

“Ah, hmm… Okay, I’ll be careful.”

…… I wonder what should I do? Maybe I just need to be careful to not go to a point where I’m likely to be peeped? Or should I pay attention to the surrounding while searching if there is a peep camera installed or not?

While worrying about such a thing in my head, I went into the men’s bath alone.

The dressing room was new, so it was very beautiful, and it was also big. I didn’t even realize it, but I just said “Oh! It’s big” out loud. 

……But, in terms of the proportion of men in this world, is there a time when a dressing room of this size will be full? 

Hmmm… maybe this place spreads as a good inn, people from all over the country will come here? After all, it’s a tourist spot …

…But, for now, I can’t see anyone other than myself. 

Anyway, I went to the appropriate shelf and took off my clothes.

I took off my clothes and looked at my body again……If I put in word, my body is delicate, it looks thin overall and does not appear to have muscles.

Even though I’m running and doing muscle training every day… I feel a little depressed…….

But! Even if I don’t seem to have muscles, I can feel that I have more strength than before based on my recent daily life. That’s why it’s good! Still… I personally want to have a little more muscle.

After taking off all the things I’m wearing, I walked toward the washroom while rubbing around my upper arm. 

There was a large mirror in the washroom, so I tried to pose there.


I changed the pose.


Hmmm… How should I say it? It looks like a girl who is posing rather than a man…

…… Where did my masculinity go?! It’s fine even if it’s just a little bit, I just want ‘you’ to come back…

After that, I tried various poses, but I realized that the pose taken by the gravure idol was more suitable for me than the muscular man’ pose, so I decided to stop. It’s a mystery why I suddenly made a pose, but maybe it’s also the magical power of hot springs….. how scary…

It was when I regained my mind and tried to walk into the hot springs. The entrance door opened.

‘Ah!’, I thought there were other male customers, and when I turned to the entrance, I saw a customer just entering the dressing room.

And, our eyes met…

…The person who suddenly entered the dressing room has twin-tail hair style, usually it was a curly hair or loosely-rolled hair, and the hair color was golden.

In addition, that person seems to laugh like ‘OHOHO’. 

Furthermore, rather than a young man, that person looks like a young lady.

………… Well, yeah. It’s her. It’s Maizumi-san.

Maizumi-san seemed to have no idea what’s going on when she saw me.

And when Maizumi-san’eyes moved down, her face turned bright red for a moment, and she opened and closed her mouth like she has some oxygen deficiency.

Yeah, that’s right. I just posed naked a while ago, so it’s only natural for Maizumi-san to look down….Anyway, what should I do? she just pulled a ‘Lucky Sukebe’ to me… [TN: ‘ Lucky sukebe’ is a type of fan service in anime where there might be accidental nudity, groping, etc]

But… since I’m the one being peeped, should I scream like ‘Kya–!’ here?


When I thought about it, Maizumi-san shouted first.

……why?! It’s supposed to be me, right?!

“What’s wrong?!”

Maria, who wrapped a bath towel around her body, rushed in, probably because she heard the scream from the men’s bath.

Then, when Maria saw me and Maizumi-san, maybe she understood the situation, she said to Maizumi-san…

“This peeping demon …!”

I can feel her angriness from that words, but she said that while being expressionless as usual.


And in an instant, Maria overwhelmed Maizumi-san.

Well, after hearing the story, it seems that Maizumi-san came in by mistake rather than on purpose, and I don’t think this will become a big deal… right?

With that in mind, I quickly put on my clothes.

Well”, what will Maria do to her… what will happen to her…. to be continued in the next ch…

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