Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 62

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62. Travel 2

On the way, we were taking a break at the service area along the highway And, after a few hours, we finally arrived at the destination.

For the time being, we decided to go sightseeing before going to the inn, so we headed to a famous place in the area that was mentioned in a magazine that I had checked in advance.

On this trip, the percentage of people wearing trousers is unusually high, Maria is wearing a pantsuit, Kikusui-san is wearing jeans and a long T-shirt, and I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. Yeah! I bought trousers for traveling. Finally!

Anyway, I don’t know whether our appearance is unusual, or whether one man and three women in a group is unusual, somehow we attract attention from the surrounding.

…… More than the place itself which is the real tourist attraction.

I mean, all of you, you’re also coming for the sights, right? If so, look at the sights!

Why do I, who have come to see the sights, must become the sights!!…..I’m sad…

“Hey, Kohaku-kun, you don’t need to care about it too much, more than that, see that famous ball-shape konjac over there, it’s on sale.”

“Alright, Let’s try it!”

“Then, I will go and buy it. Besides konjac, I will also buy something else that is easy to eat.”

“I-I-I-I’ll help you …”

When Maria and Kikusui-san went to buy a light meal, my mother started to move too.

“I’ll go and buy drinks… mainly alcohol!”

She said so and ran.

………… Can’t you move a little more calm… that’s more appropriate with your age?… Well, I guess it’s impossible.

But, her appearance still look young, so I guess it’s okay?… but still… hmm…

While I was thinking about such a silly thing, Maria and Kikusui-san came back with some local food.

I had the ball-shape konjac, minced meat cutlets, and fried chicken wings with noodles. I thought they bought quite a lot, but each one is quite small in portion, so I still feel slightly hungry. My mother, who had come back with a drink before I knew it, had already eaten and had a drink… Hey! You! I want that too!!…

By the way, in the novel I got from Kikusui-san before, I remembered that there was a scene where a man trying to feed the girl while saying ‘Aahー’… So, I planned to prank Kikusui-san by doing it to her.


“Kya-! Hmm, w-what is it?”

Kikusui-san’s body s shook for a bit before she turned to me. And then, I presented the ball-shape konjac on a skewer to Kikusui-san’s mouth.


And, I said that.

Kikusui-san was stuck in my sudden behavior, but she immediately regained her mind and made a firm expression that I saw for the first time.


She said so.

…… She’s not backing down? 

While I was surprised by the unexpected reaction, Kikusui-san opened her mouth a little and approached to eat the konjac. From the open mouth, she put out a red and well-shaped tongue, put the ball-shape konjac at the tip of the skewer on the tongue, and then bite about half of it.

“U…, hmm, mmmphh …”

She made a seductive voice and ate the other half.

CHEW, CHEW… hmm….. aaahhh〜”

……that’s strange? She’s just eating a konjac, somehow the voice that she leaked sounds so lewd.

Then, when Kikusui-san finished eating the konjac, usually Kikusui-san, who is never turned her eyes to me, this time she turned her somehow drowsy eyes to me. However, her body looks so weak like she can collapse at any moment.

“Thank you~, it was bery delicious~” [TN: well, since Japanese pronounce ‘V’ and ‘B’ almost same, I think this is what will happen if they bite their tongue when saying it]

She bit her tongue…

……Strange, right?…Yeah, she is indeed strange. She just ate konjac. Anyway, I didn’t know if that simple action was so powerful in this world, after all I did it for the first time… even in Kikusui-san’s novel, it didn’t end like this.

Well, when I thought I should continue eating, suddenly my shoulder was poked. Of course, it was an expressionless Maria and my mother, they gave me another local gourmet with an expression hoping for what I just did. Naturally, I did it to both of them. And they were very pleased.

After having a good time, we resumed sightseeing and went to see trees with flowers that change into seven colors that only bloom in this region. In the magazine, it was written that the situation where such flowers are in full bloom is like a ‘masterpiece’ art, and I confirmed there was no lie in that word. The scene was really beautiful.

But, even with this fantastic sight, there were quite a few people looking at us rather than the flowers……. Wait, in my previous life, when I went to see the cherry blossoms, I was eating and drinking rather than seeing the flowers…..

…And well, it’s not something that happened for the first time.

After finishing such sightseeing, I headed to the inn where I will stay today.

The ryokan we arrived at was beautiful and big as it was newly opened. [TN: ‘ryokan’ is a Japanese style inn]

“Oooh, it looks like a good ryokan.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to the hot springs.”

When I entered while evaluating the inn with my mother, Nakai-san welcomed us. After checking in at the reception, I was guided to the room and explained about the inn and the hot springs.

The hot springs are separated by gender, and there are indoor baths and open-air baths.

Then Nakai-san adds, ‘Oh, theirs is another open-air bath with the best view, but that one is a mixed bath, so please be careful’.

By the way, I met another guest on the way to the room …

It’s a pre-opening, so it’s probably also an invited guest. One of the customers who I passed was a tall woman who is about 190 cm, so she left a deep impression to me.

After receiving the explanation, Nakai-san brought us tea and sweets, so we all took a break and relaxed for a while.

Alright! Hot spring… Here I come!!

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