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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 60

Maybe another 1 or 2 more ch of this and I’ll update the other series…

60. The Result

The people behind me keep cheering me, and the pressure from it is killing me…

And If I don’t get one of the grand prizes, it’ll become even more troublesome…. After all, I could hear the voice in my back.

「If you don’t get the grand prize, I’ll give you my lottery ticket!!」

That’s the voice. 

Even more, it’s not just one person, but many people, and it’s increasing, just like a cheering….

It keeps infecting the surrounding, huh… so scary!!

However, to be honest…

I don’t really care about winning the lottery!!

Why it became like this… 

Will they keep giving their tickets to me until I get the first prize?…

Is it okay to stop in the middle?… I feel like they’ll say ‘No!’.

Could I pulled out myself from this situation? It’s just a lottery you know! Dam!

………… Well, should I pull it now?

I spun the lottery machine, and the ball came out. 

The color was … gold!

I, the auntie at the reception, and the people around me became quiet. Then, a few seconds later, the auntie smiled and rang the bell. At the same time, a resonating cheer of congratulations could be heard… and they suddenly said, ‘let lift him high!!’.

…Wait a minute! These guys just want to touch me, aren’t they?!

“Hey! Wait …”


A loud voice could be heard when they almost touched me. The people who were approaching me stopped.

That voice came from the receptionist’s auntie… She looked at the people who have stopped moving and….

“You guys, do you know what you were trying to do? You were trying to touch the boy without permission!”

“We-Well, that is …”

The people around me were made aware that they were trying to do something terrible to me, and they stunned on the spot.

But, the auntie keeps talking regardless of those people.

“It’s certainly a thing to be congratulated, and I know you all want to celebrate it.”

“That’s right! I just want to celebrate!”

“And so?!… just because of that reason, all of you want to be a pervert who like to touch a boy without permission?!”

“I, I don’t have any ulterior moti…”

“It doesn’t matter! What if you touch him and the boy becomes gynophobic?!”

“Ugghhhh …”

The people were scolded by the auntie.

Surprisingly, there the auntie hadn’t said anything to me who is the winner so far.

…..could I go home now?

When I started thinking so, the auntie turned to me.

“Sorry, these people weren’t particularly have any bad intention, so please don’t make a big deal of this, okay?…”

“Hmm, Okay… Well, nothing has been done to me …”

“Thank, thank you. Then I’ll bring you the prize.”

The auntie said so and went somewhere. And left behind the people with me.

…… Should I just leave them alone? 

I decided so, but then, the depressed people apologized to me one after another. 

When I forgave them, one of them asked for a handshake.

“A handshake?”

“Y-Yes!…No! I don’t have any ulterior motive! I just wanted to congratulate the one who is lucky enough to win the first prize! So, it’s not like wanted to touch it! Really! It’s not like that!”

No matter how, it looks like you have an ulterior motive. After all, somehow there is an atmosphere of wanting to touch me, coming out from them.

Is that what they call a lewd aura…?

When I tried to look around, I can see that the people around her are also expecting it. So, I decided to reply…

“I refuse.”

“God is deadー!!”

The people, who heard my reply, collapsed after saying so.

…Well, there are quite a few people, and it’s not like I’m aiming for an idol either.

When we have such an exchange, the auntie came back and gave me the prize. At that time, she tilted her neck a little when she saw the people who were crying and collapsed, but she seemed not to care.

“Then, this is the first prize. It’s a special pre-opening ticket, so be careful because the deadline is fixed.”

“Thank you very much.”

When I received the prize, the auntie smiled and asking me to continue to visit the shopping district from now on too. 

I thanked her and went home.…… But I’m strangely tired even though I just came for a lottery.

By the way, I bought and ate chicken skewers on my way home. It was delicious.

When I got home, I reported that I had won the first prize in a lottery, and soon we made plan for the travel and decided to go on next week, when there is a three consecutive holidays. I made a reservation at the ryokan as soon as possible, and after that I just waited for the day to come, but since the invitation ticket I got was for four people, I could invite one person other than my family, but my mother asked me to invite my neighbor. So, it was decided if Kikusui-san will participate if she is not busy on that days.

…… Is that person’s work going to be okay? Well, she is a novel writer, so maybe she can keep writing it at the travel destination.

Well, I don’t know whether she want to work even though it’s a travel.

I tried to search about our travel destinations, it seems that there are many places that we can go, there are famous places and foods, and from information that I got, there are many delicious local sakes with delicious fish and meat. Also, they said that it is a place with beautiful scenery, it can relax your mind.

I just hope that at there, my mother will not drunk……. and me too.

But! it’s not uncommon for people to lose tire restraint when traveling, so it should be allowed! That’s why, it’s okay to drink and get drunk, right? Well, I think so! Rather, the purpose of traveling is to enjoy the day to the fullest, right?

With full of excitement, I’m looking forward to the day of my trip.


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  1. Drinking too much is not healthy but… That boy is way too fun when he’s drunk! I kinda want him to make a move on his neighbour too!
    Thanks for the hard work!

    1. ………………He might get drunk again and this time:
      a) make a move on his neighbour
      b) make a move on his maid’s butt(again……or maybe to her breasts this time?)
      c) make a move on his mother
      ……..either way, his neighbour will have a lot of “inspiration” to write in any case……as long she doesn’t get wasted too……

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