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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 21

21. Chapter 21

It will take a few days before I can officially accept the request that’s available in the guild.

I thanked Berce-san once again, then we left and went down to the first floor of the guild.

On the first floor, Laila, who was waiting for us, rushed to us.

“Kaito-kun, how was it? I mean the result of the secondary exam!”

“It went well. And yeah, I got the member card, the proof of being an adventurer.”

“Oooh, so fast! Hmm? And You….??”

Laila’s gaze is directed at Leafa.

Leafa has removed the hood she was wearing, so Laila can see the animal ears on her head.

“I’m Leafa Urgal. I was taking the exam with him …”

“Oh, that hooded kid! I’m Laila, nice to meet you!”

“Ni-nice to meet you too.”

Laila stared at Leafa, who replied slowly.

“Hmm, so cute!!”

“Ah, Hmm?….Thank, thank you?”

Leafa was taken aback by the energetic Laila.

Then, Leafa turned to me as if she’s asking for help, so I decided to explain about her to Laila.

“There were a few things that happened between us, And now, I team up with Leafa.”

“I see. Well, it’s quite common to work in a team,,, and I think it’s a good thing, because you could help each other.”

Laila, who said so, was seeing me and Leafa happily.

…Is she happy to have more friends in the guild?

“Then, today’s dinner at the inn is a treat from me.”

“Eh? Really? A treat?? …”

“I asked Merck-san to make a big feast for today. If you didn’t pass the exam, I planned to use it to cheer you up.”

I, I’m glad that I passed the exam and be an adventurer.

After all, I didn’t have to eat Merck-san’s delicious rice while feeling down and sinking.

Maybe Leafa can’t understand what we’re talking about, she suddenly says….

“What is this ‘dinner at the inn’?”

“Well, I’m having dinner cooked at the inn where I and Laila are staying. If it’s not a nuisance, would you like come too? I think it’s okay to add one more person.”

“… If that’s the case, Okay.”

Leafa nodded enthusiastically.

Then, Schiff, who had been silent on my feet until now, suddenly spoke.



“As an adventurer, why don’t you equip yourself better? You can’t look good with the shabby clothes you have now. At least, let’s find clothes that will look good when I transformed as a hat.”

Ah, that’s right, we talked about that at the ruins of Orochi.

Well, it’s true that my appearance right now is not suitable as an adventurer.

None of the guild members are dressed like me, no one wearing a leather belt with knives while wearing a robe or coat.

Sure, it’ll costs a little money, but since I become an adventurer and I can earn money from now on, I wonder if it’s okay to spend a little.

“Then, let’s find a good one?”


Schiff nodded happily. Then, he turned his gaze back to Laila.

“I’ll look around at the weapon shop with Schiff, so you can go to the inn first.”

“Alright. What about Leafa?”


Leafa glanced at me.

“I also want to have a spare knife, so I’ll go with the Kaito.”

“I see.. then, I’ll go back first and tell Merck-san about this.”

After being separated from Laila in the guild, we move to a store that sells weapons and armor that Laila had previously told us… according to my memories.

The location was not far from the guild, it was a five-minute walk, a large brick building.

It’s a shop that sells dangerous goods such as sword. I step inside with Leafa while being a little nervous.


“What a spectacular sight”

“Kyu …!”

Looking inside the store, I, Schiff, and Lime let out a voice of admiration.

There are many weapons and armor, from swords, spears, clubs, knives, shields, body armor. From heavy-looking stuff to light-looking stuff. There are also battle clothes in it. It looks like there is a wide selection of items.

I saw a man in his fifties with a sleepy face sit at the counter.

When the man noticed Lime on my shoulder and Schiff on my feet, he made an annoying look on his face.

“A tamer, huh? Don’t let your familiar do whatever it wants.”

“O, okay.”

Well, I know they won’t make a fuss, but I still nods at the man’s word.

Then, when I tried to look at the weapons lined up in the store with Leafa,, suddenly, Lime slid down from my shoulder toward my right arm.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Lime?”

“Kyu, Kyu —!”

“It seems Lime want to say something?”

When I shook my body and tilted my head to Lime who was trying to convey something, Schiff jumped from my feet onto my shoulder.

“Kaito. take the weapon near your hand.”

“Hmm? I, I understand.”

After getting permission from a man who seems to be the owner, I hold the sword with my left hand.

Then, Lime started to stare at the sword.

After about ten seconds, Lime looked up to me.

“It seems that Lime want to use your Mana.”

“Well, it will not make any noise, right?”


“Lime said, ‘don’t worry’.”

Well, I’m interested in what Lime going to do, so I allow Lime to suck up my Mana.

At the moment when Mana flowed from my body to Lime’s body, Lime’s silver body transformed into the same sword that I hold with my left hand and fit in my right hand.

“Did you just copy the weapon?!”

“Oh, so Lime can imitate the shape of the weapon that Lime has seen once? Doesn’t this widen the range of strategy you could have in a combat?”

In Schiff’s words, Lime transformed into a familiar spear.

A spear with a sharp blade attached to the tip of a long handle…. When I was surprised while comparing the spear in front of me with the spear that Lime was transformed into, Leafa with round eyes like me pointed to Lime.

“Kaito. Is that really a slime? I thought about this in when you had a battle, but your familiars so strange.”

“I’m aware that we might be strange, but it’s because of the power that Kaito have?”


“Then, the one who’s strange … is Kaito?”

Wait, why she came into that conclusion?

Even if you tilt your head so cute like that….. but, it’s not like what you think!!


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Lime, who has returned from the spear to its original form, was turning in one direction and pointing to something.

Looking in that direction, there was an iron water bottle.

…Perhaps it is for adventurers, it also comes with a belt so that it can be hung from the waist.

Anyway, I pick it up.

“Kyu! Kyu-!”

“Kaito, Lime apparently wants you to open the bottle.”

“Hmm? I understand.”

When I opened it, Lime jumped into the water bottle.

Lime, who let its whole body enter the water bottle, pulled out its head and screamed happily.

“Kyu ♪”

“Lime looks so happy….. so cute.”

“Slime tends to prefer dark, narrow spaces. If Lime is in it, it may not gather much attention.”

I was surprised at first, but as Schiff said, if I put lime in a water bottle, it may not be noticed by others.

Fortunately, the price for it is not so high so I decided to buy it.

“Now, what’s left is just my clothes, huh?”

While holding a water bottle, I continued to look for clothes that’s suitable for me as an adventurer.

Leafa, who came to look for a knife, said, “Knives are disposable, I can buy them right away.”, and she somehow help me searching for clothes.

“Kaito, what about this?”

“What!?…. That is!?”

Perhaps Leafa found something good, suddenly she made a quick noise and showed me a large size clothes.

I wondered what it was, but when I looked at it — I stopped breathing for a moment.

It is… It’s a black coat.

What’s more, there are a lot of straps and buttons that I don’t know what it’s use for, on it.

It’s a really cool coat that tickles the man’s heart.

I’m sure it would match the hat (Transformed Schiff), but I don’t have the courage to wear it.

“That, I’ll buy it next time.”

“I see… I thought it was cool though…”

For now, let’s prioritize functional aspect of the clothes over its appearance, okay?

Oh, right….

I remember the movie I watched a long time ago.

It is a movie where the protagonist who skillfully manipulates the whip and overcomes the approaching danger with his knowledge and wit.

The protagonist wears a shirt, a navy-blue jacket, and trousers that emphasize ease of movement.

I decided! I’ll go with that…! After all, it looks so cool!!

Then, I proceed to take the clothes I have in mind side by side and show them to Schiff.

“I’m going with this…! Schiff, what do you think?!”

“Kaito, isn’t it okay with the one chosen by Leafa?”


“Ah, no, no! I mean, your choice isn’t bad at all! It’s not bad, but…”

Seeing the black coat chosen by Leafa, and Schiff who keep muttering something regretfully, I wanted to cry so bad.

In the end, what I bought at the store today was a self-defense knife, a water bottle, and a set of adventurer’s clothes and… a black coat.

The price was high, but I don’t regret it.

…I don’t regret it, but I haven’t put on the black coat yet.

Rather, I might not wear it at all because I’m too embarrassed to wear it.

Author’s note : This is a ch about Lime in the water bottle… Well, in a sense, Lime’s ability is kind of overpowered/broken.


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