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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 56

My comment for this ch is… MC need to get drunk more often.

56. When I was drunk

The light hit my face.

“… ugh, so dazzling.”

I woke up because of it.

Yeah, apparently, the morning has come.

I can hear the chirping of a sparrow in my head.

It seems that the curtains were not closed, and the morning sunshine illuminates the room brightly.

With my brain that’s not working properly yet, I thought if this is what they called ‘Asa-chun’?…. But, there is no naked woman beside me in bed…
[TN: ‘Asa-chun’, Or if I translate it literally to English will be ‘Morning -Chirp’. It’s a word mainly seen in anime, manga, light novel, when the writer wants to omit the ‘R-18’ scene, cause the writer doesn’t want to write or doesn’t know how to write it in words. Whether it’s really R-18 or not, they want to leave it to the reader’s imagination]

When I looked at my watch while rubbing my drowsy eyes, it was much later than the time I was always awake for my jogging. Rather, I’m going to be late for school …

When I realized that, my sleepy eyes become clear.

“F**k …!”

I jumped out of bed and hurried to get ready.…… But, when I tried to think about this situation, I stopped moving.

…Either way, I’m late… well, I’ll prepare slowly then.

Yeah, I realized that it’s already confirmed I’m going to be late.

“Hmm, I slept well yesterdayー.”

I muttered so while stretching.

…But it’s strange, Maria should wake me up if I overslept… Well she’s a human too.

Then, when I looked at my smartphone, I found out why…. It was a holiday today.

‘Oh, that’s why’, When I stood up and opened the window thinking so, I stretched out again, and finally I noticed it.

“Why am I in uniform …?”

Somehow, I was sleeping in my uniform.

In addition to that, I should always close the curtain when I go to bed, but for some reason I slept while leaving it open.

‘Hmm …’, I tried to remember what happened yesterday.

―――― and I went down on my knees.

Oh my…!! At least keep it as a kiss! Licking someone face is too maniac!

I felt crushed when I remember what I did to Minori-san yesterday.

…..It’s good to gently stroke her injured face!! but..

Well, I don’t intend to sell my lips at a cheap price, but! I could have kissed Minori-san, who worked hard at that time, as a reward for her victory….. Still! Despite of that! Why did I lick her face?

….. Is it because I drank another cup of rice juice when Minori’s victory was decided? But, it was only about three cups though…

Hmmm, when I got drunk in my previous life, I’d never did something like this… No, wait, it’s a juice so I can’t be drunk, right?

Well, it can’t be helped that I’ve done it. As far as I can remember, Minori’s reaction wasn’t that bad, so it’s okay……. It should be okay, right?

However, although I drank quite a lot, I did not puke. It seems that this body has good liver function. If so, I am very pleased.

Then, I changed my clothes and went down to the living room.

“Maria, good morning”

I said hello to Maria, who was washing in the kitchen.

At that moment, CLATTER! , Maria dropped the dishes she was washing.

“Are you okay?!”

“Yes … it’s okay. It’s not cracked. Anyway, Good morning, Kohaku-sama …”


…Something is wrong with Maria. She usually moves sharply and works in a calm and cool atmosphere, but now I feel that she’s somehow scared or restless.

“Hmmm, what’s wrong?”

I asked Maria a strange question. 

Maria, who turned a little red, asks me back.

“Ko,Kohaku-sama, don’t you remember what happened yesterday …?”


I tried to remember what happened when I got home yesterday.

―――― and I went down on my knees again.

“Yesterday, Kohaku-sama, y-you….. my…”

“You don’t have to say it, I remembered it.”

“You started rubbing my butt.”

“I told you not to say it!”

That’s right, when I returned from school yesterday in a good mood, I was greeted by Maria as usual.

Normally, I would just say ‘I am back’ and head to my room with my bag, but yesterday, because I felt very good! I wanted to thank Maria for greeting me at the front door when she knew I was back.

And so, I hugged Maria to show my gratitude.

Naturally, Maria who was suddenly embraced, she stunned on the spot.

When I realized that Maria wasn’t resisting it, maybe because she was stunned by my sudden act, I gradually lowered my hand around her back and rubbed her butt.

Maria shook her body but said nothing. Seeing that she said nothing, I kept doing it for a few minutes.

And after a few minutes of enjoying Maria’s butt, I released Maria and headed to my room to sleep.

…But, now! Let me say it about what I did! That was not an act of gratitude!! It was just a sexual harassment!!!


I don’t know what to say now… should I apologize?

When I was wondering what to do, Maria opened her mouth…

“We-well… Hmm… how was that?”

“How was that?.. What do you mean by it?”

“M-my butt… I mean, based on what I used to be,,, It must be hard…right?”

What!? Did she just ask me about my impressions? 

When I see Maria, I feel like she’s expecting it…. Do I really need to say it?

…A ‘shame play’ (Erotic humiliation) from the morning, huh… what a very difficult she asked from me.

However, since I was the one being invited, I must be the one who end this.



“Good! I think… it was just perfect.”

When Maria heard my impression, Maria’s face was instantly dyed red and turned down.

…… Oh, her reaction is so cute, but aren’t you the one who asked for it?!

However, the rice jui… aaahh, f**k it. I mean liquor, yeah, when I drank liquor and I got drunk, it seems that I might do some sexual harassment to others….I have to be careful.

“Hmm? Ah, Kohaku-kun, good morning. You woke up late today.”

When Maria and I have such an exchange, my mother appeared.

“Yeah. I overslept a litt …”

“Hmm? What happened? Are you okay?”

My mother asked me strangely when I suddenly stop talking.

“Nothing, I just finally be able to clarify about what I was wondering…”

“Hmm? What? What is it?”

“That I’m really your son.”

When my mother heard my words, she tilted her head a little,

Anyway, finally I understood….

…That the way you act when you got drunk is something heredity…


5 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 56”

    1. Ehmm, it’s not morning kiss…

      Asa-chun is a way to skip a sex scene in TV drama series, manga, anime or some media like that in japan. Because any obscene images should not be shown in Japan unless it’s rated R-18. So for example, in a ‘shounen’ or ‘shoujo’ manga, when a man and a woman are having a nice dinner in a room, they feel like having some ‘fun’ in bed. they can’t draw what’s really happening, so instead the the next panel is blank, and after that it’s morning, and the couple sleeping on the bed so peacefully. And some sparrows are chirming…

      ‘Asa’ – > Morning,
      ‘Chun’ ->which is from the word ‘Chunchun’ an onomatopedia in japan for how sparrow are chrimming….

      This word is born from a long time ago…
      So mostly, you could found this term being used in quite an old manga or anime, etc and not the recent one….

      I hope my explanation is good enough (><)

      1. For reference for other folks who might think of it, a morning kiss is “asa-chu” without the “n”. Again, the “chu” is an onomaopoeia for a kiss.

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