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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 20

20. Chapter 20

“Your…Older Sister?”


“… But, why you need to fight?”

After a brief silence, Leafa hesitated but opened her mouth.

“My sister is in the Demon King’s army.”


“What the…!”

“She’s using her power of the monster to make a lot of people suffer……. I want to stop her. If I do my job as a Hero, I’ll have more opportunities to get involved with the Demon King’s army, and I’m sure I can meet my sister that way.”

So, she’s trying to handle her power to stop her sister, huh?

I understand her reason now, but I’ve never thought that the Demon King’s army is involved to this….

But well, I can understand why she is trying to take advantage of her position as a Hero.

“Your sister also has the power of the monster?”

“….. Yeah, and she’s handling it much better than I am. I’m sure that by now, she’s strong enough to be an executive in the Demon King’s army.”

“Executive !?”

Wait a minute… Orochi must have been a monster that was an executive in the Demon King’s army, right?

If so, does it mean that Leafa’s sister is as strong as Orochi?

“I want to stop my sister. I need to master the power of the monsters and get stronger. But….. I can’t do it alone. I know, I’m so hopeless. I can’t be stronger just by myself like my sister. I’m sorry.”

“To do it alone is just……”

She muttered so and became silent while standing down.

When I heard her story and was wondering what to do, Schiff turned around.

“Kaito, this is just my personal opinion but, I’m against it.”


“……Tell me your thought in detail.”

“First of all, we have no advantage in competing with the Demon King’s army. And, your Pure Mana may be targeted too. Moreover, the Demon King’s army is consisted of a powerful monster or demon. I’m sure of it. So, it’s too dangerous ….. but―――”

Schiff stopped his word and was swinging his tail from side to side while looking up at me.

“I’ll leave it to your decision.”


“Are you sure it’s okay for me to decide?”

“Well, I’ve given you a lot of advice, but even so, if you choose to fight, I and Lime will do our best to support you. To be honest, no matter what your decision is, as long as I’m together with you, I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.”

——— Should I help Leafa?

Maybe if I choose to help her, I might have to stay in this kingdom as a companion to the Hero of this Kingdom.

However, if I decline her request…… she may be heading to where Shishihara-san is right now.

If that happens, a new road may be become available to me… but it may also be a fighting road.

Well, if either way I need to fight in the end, I guess accepting her request for help right now is better.

And anyway, at present, only I can suppress the power of the monster within her. If no one, but me can help her….

“Leafa, what should I do?”

I should help her.

This may be the “mission” given to me in this world.

She raised her face and turned her wide-eyed eyes toward me.

“… Really? is it okay? What about the Hero in the neighboring kingdom? Isn’t she your friend?”

“She’s probably… okay.”

Shishihara-san, I’m sorry.

From what I heard, she has a wonderful magical talent, and she seems to be fine for some reason, so I will help her, if she’s in trouble.

“Anyway, you’re trying this hard for your family, right? If so, I’ll help you.”

“Yeah… really, thank you.”

Leafa, who looked down again and wiped her eyes with her sleeves, smiled for the first time here.

“Then, we’re a combi from now on.”


“Adventurers often form teams. Heroes also often asks the people they trust to be their companions. That’s why, we’re a combi.”

Hmm, what is this… somehow, I can’t really put this feeling in words.

When I thought so, Schiff jumped on my shoulder.

“Then, does this mean that Kaito will remain in this guild?”

“Yeah, I guess so?”

“Then, you need to talk to Berce-san now. After all this is a matter that’s involving a Hero. You should first talk to him who can make the right decisions so that this would not lead to another problem.”

“Okay, then let’s go right away.”

“I will go too.”

I went to the room where I had an interview with Berce-san once again, but this time with Leafa.

I was wondering if he wasn’t there anymore, but I can see a female employee who guided us before, standing tiredly in front of the door…… I guess he’s still in the room.

I talked to her and she guided us to the room where Berce-san is.

“——— So, you come, huh?”

In the room, Berce-san, who was closing his eyes with his arms folded, was sitting in a chair.

He slowly opened his eyes when he noticed us.

“I just confirmed at the castle that you were a real hero. I didn’t think you were taking the exam with your identity hidden. Moreover, I was surprised that you were already had your eyes… on Kaito.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want any special treatment so…..”

“Well, I guess so. You probably wanted to practice and learn how to handle your power through requests that’s available in this guild.”

Leafa apologized apologetically.

She probably couldn’t stand being passed only because she’s a Hero.

“I will stay here to help her.”

“Are you sure? You won’t be able to go to where the hero, who came from the same world as you, is right now though… And, helping Leafa doing her job as a hero can put you in a dangerous situation.”

“That’s fine now. I mean … she seemed to need my help more than anyone else.”

“This is what you decided yourself, right?”

I nodded to Berce-san’s words.

From the beginning, I’m just a person who has no purpose in this world.

And to now, someone said that there is something only I can do.

If there is a good reason for me to stay here, there is no choice but to do it.

“And, I’m finally getting used to living here, so I’m reluctant to leave right away.”

“… Hahaha, I guess so.”

Berce-san, who had a stern look, relaxed his shoulders and laughed.

“I’ll tell them that you’re going to stay here and work with the Hero of Hendil Kingdom. There may be some trouble that might happen because of this, but you can’t complain about that either.”

“I’m sorry for the trouble…”

“No, don’t worry. After all, you’re in a position where you choose to cooperate with the Hero who represent this Kingdom. As a resident of this Kingdom, I should welcome you with a warm smile.”

Now, when I heard it again, it sound amazing, but… I still can’t get the feeling.

“Well, well, I should tell you about this later, but I’ll say it now.”

“What is it?”

He turned over the documents at hand, took out a document with two letters and handed it to me and Leafa.

I studied the letters of this Kingdom, so when I saw sentences that I could barely read…

“Pass, Notification?”

“Adventurer, Pass Notification? This… Maybe this is…”

“Kaito Arihara, and Leafa Urgal. I accept both of you to work as this guild adventurers start from today. I and the members of the guild, welcome you two.”

It was a proof of me passing the exam.

It took me about 10 seconds to finally realized that I have become an adventurer.

Schiff called out to me, who was so stunned by joy and surprise, with more joy than I did.

There were many things happened today.

I just came to take the exam to become an adventurer, but I got the information about the whereabouts of Shishihara-san, and I had decided to cooperate with the Hero of this kingdom to find out her sister.

The next thing I need to do is to help Leafa who is trying to be stronger for her sister.

And the first step for that is, to become stronger while working as an adventurer.


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