Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 55

This is the last ch from Minori POV.
And also could be said this is the end of vol.2…
If you think, ‘so vol.2 is short?’… well, no….

Anyway, Next ch will be back to Kohaku POV….

55. Minori will try her best! 3 (After the match)

After the match was over, Minori returned to the waiting room after finishing treatment in the medical office. Originally, this waiting room was shared by lower-ranked players who participated in a qualification match, and the players who were waiting for their match. 

Currently there is only Minori inside the room.

Perhaps they’re either preparing for their own match, or they’re seeing someone else’s match. But, I’m grateful that no one is here now. 

Minori sit down on the bench inside the room while thinking so, and slowly remembering what happened in her match with Arino.

It was a match where Minori just barely won. If it was only about strength, she probably lost.

“… but I won.”

Minori exhaled heavily. 

Right now, Minori’s body is unusually tired, but her mind is filled with relief.

…Now I don’t have to leave from Kohaku’s side….

Sure, I just decided this myself… and even if I lost this time, I’m sure Kohkau must have comforted me with gentle words. And perhaps I was indulged in that kindness by now.

But, such a woman is not worth of him…. That’s what I think.

After all, I’ve never heard of a story about a woman who keeps on being spoiled by a man.

I’m sure, such a woman will be abandoned by a man fast.

That’s why I’m glad I won. Well, Kohaku would be watching another person’s match right now. So, the words of congratulations from him should be tomorrow, at that time, let’s get spoiled a lot by him.

When Minori thought like that, the door of the waiting room was knocked.

Knock, knock, knock

Oh, the other members are back… or maybe not. After all, if it’s a member, they should open the door suddenly without politely knocking.

“Yes? come in please.”

Perhaps the person heard Minori’s reply, the door slowly opened. Entering through the vacant door was the boy who had occupied her head. Minori stood up from the bench and welcomed the boy, thinking that he may have come to congratulate her. The boy, Kohaku Hatano, entered the waiting room while looking around for some reason.


Minori called out to Kohaku, whose behavior is a little suspicious, while tilting her neck.

Kohaku who was called out stopped wandering and turned to the voice… he turned to Minori.

And, approached Minori quickly.

At the same time, Minori clearly felt that her heart was throbbing at Kohaku, who was approaching her.

The reason of that is simple, the distance between them is not the usual distance Minori usually have when talking to Kohaku…Yes, the distance between them is so close! It’s a distance where you can hear the other person’s breathing and heartbeat. Besides, it isn’t just the distance that is different from usual. Somehow Kohaku’s face also different.

Of course, it’s not about the shape of the face, but the atmosphere… Kohaku have a slightly redder face than usual.

With that face and somehow drowsy eyes, Kohaku looked at Minori. 

Minori is thrilled by the somewhat sexy atmosphere she felt from Kohaku.

….I-I-If you look at me with that kind of eyes, my heart will explode!

When Minori was screaming like that in her heart. Kohaku came even closer and stuck his body to her.


Minori was surprised at Kohaku’s behavior.

“Hmm~, what is it~?”

“No, nothing, it’s just that, if you stick your body so close like this……”

“Well~, aren’t you happy?”

Kohaku stuck his body to Minori even tightly and poked her chest with his fingertips while staring at her with his drowsy eyes. 

If you asked me whether I’m happy or not, of course I’m definitely happy. However, it is an unthinkable behavior coming from the usual Kohaku… 

Minori really can’t think of Kohaku would do something like this to her, but she told herself that this situation was a reward for winning the match and decided to accept it. And, in order not to waste even a minute or a second, she concentrated all her nerves and enjoyed the situation.

“I, I’m very happy.”

“Good then.”

Kohaku said so and smiled. 

But, soon the face changed… He seems to be dissatisfied.


“Wha,what happened?”

“There are small scratches on your face…”

“Oh, really? it’s okay! I’ve been given medicine, so the scratches won’t be left behind.”

“It looks so painful……”

Kohaku gently stroked Minori face with his finger, and while enjoying the ticklish sensation on her face, once again she applauded in her heart that she was really happy to win the match.

Kohaku was stroking with his finger for a while, but when he stopped the act, he looked like he is thinking about something.

Minori felt lonely because his fingers are no longer touching her face, but she was fascinated by the fact that Kohaku’s pondering face was also good. 

While Minori was fascinated by Kohaku, suddenly, Kohaku puts his face on Minori’s face, perhaps his thoughts have come together.

..No way!!! Will he kiss me?!

Thinking so, Minori looked forward to future developments while making her face bright red as she approached Kohaku’s face. Minori’s eyes were nailed to the fresh, well-shaped lips of Kohaku. 

But, his lips did not touch Minori’s face.

Kohaku opened his well-shaped lips a little, and in the meantime, he put out his red tongue and licked Minori’s face!


“It’s okay, it’s okay. They said it’ll heal faster if you licked it …”

While saying that, Kohaku used his tongue to carefully lick Minori’s wounds.

Every time Minori was licked, a numbing stimulus ran through her whole body and she shook her body.

“Hmmpphhh~! Yeeaaahh~! Aah~ …”

“Just a little more …”

After a while, Kohaku moved away from her face, and Minori sat down on the Bench.

Then, Kohaku says…

“Well then, I’m going home, congratulations for your win.”

“Ye,Yes … Ah, ehm… well, thank you… very much….”

Minori, who ran out of breath, replied weakly to Kohaku while still gasping.


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  1. If you didn’t get it yet – he is totally drunk on rice juice (sake). He won’t even remember this.

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