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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 19

19. Chapter 19

Leafa, She’s the “Hero” of Hendil Kingdom, where I am now.


I was surprised and convinced by the shocking fact that Leafa said.

She knew my name faster than anyone else because she was chosen as a hero and was listening to the story about me from the Hero of the neighboring country directly from the kingdom….. Shishihara-san and her were looking for me.

However, I was still upset.

Well, it would be impossible for anyone to stay calm here. Even Schiff is stuck in the unexpected words.

“Wait here. I’ll be back soon after finishing the second exam.”

‘I also have something to talk with the Guild Master’, added Leafa, who left the room with a female guild employee whose behavior was suspicious.

I, who was still dumbfounded, sit back in the seat where I used to be and held my head.

I was in daze for a while. Then, I let Schiff know about the conversation I had with Berce-san.

“What the hell is that…”

“Kyu …”

“Haha, Lime, it’s okay. I’m just a little confused now.”

As if to comfort me, who is still holding my head, Lime rubs my body. And, I give a weak smile to Lime.

“But in a way, it’s a good news.”

“Which one?”

“The true identity of Leafa.”

“Her true identity? You mean the fact that she is a ‘Hero’?”

Schiff shakes his head to my question.

“From the beginning, I felt that she was different. Maybe, it’s mixed?”

“Mixed? What do you mean?”

“A human who is mixed with the power of monster. I don’t know if she was born with it or not… The violent side that she showed during the test was that the urge as a monster during the battle.”

“….. I thought she was a Beastman.”

“Well, it’s easy to be misunderstood, because she looks completely like a Beastman.”

So, Leafa is a human with the power of a monster rather than a beast?

It’s not that weird because this is a different world, but it’s still strange.

“Is it rare for people in this world to have the power of monster mixed in them?”

“I don’t know, but I think it’s rare. After all, the body has the power of monster that conflict with humans nature. So, I don’t think it’s a normal thing in here.”

If so, is that the reason why she was hiding her face?

She’s not a beast, but a human with the power of the monster…. she can easily be misunderstood as a ‘Beastman?’ or a ‘Demon?’ by other people.

“——— As expected, the familiar found out about it?”


Hearing her voice, my body and Shifu’s body trembled.

After the interview, somehow Leafa had come close to us before we knew it. She stood in front of the table and looked down at us.

“Is it over?”

“Yeah. I also revealed to the Guild Master that I was a hero.”

“… How was his reaction?”

“He was surprised. He was even more surprised when I talked about other things too.”

…What on earth did you talk about?

It.. it’s not related to me, right? 

But, from the flow up until now, it feels like she talked about me.

“So, can you tell me the story properly?”

“Before that, tell me how much you know about me.”

Leafa sits facing me. And, I honestly tell her what I know.

“I think you’re not a Beastman, but a human with the power of a monster. Other than that, I only know that you are a Hero.”

“… As you say, I am a human being with the power of the monster by nature.”

“By nature… Was one of your parents some kind of monster?”

Leafa reacts to Schiff’s words.

“My parents are ordinary people. Maybe because there was a monster in the bloodline of my ancestor, somehow I inherited a characteristic of a monster.”

“Hmm, does it mean that blood of a monster has been inherited across generations? In other words, it’s a half-human half-monster?”

“Call me as you like”

Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to be very interested in herself.

“Did you know my name because you were chosen as a Hero?”

“Yeah. When I was summoned to the castle and told that I had the potential to become a Hero, I heard that a Hero summoned in a neighboring country came from another world. At the same time, I heard that there is someone who got involved in the summoning and summoned too.”

Did the kingdom where Shishihara-san is right now also put effort into finding me?

Then, Schiff asked Leafa about something he was wondering since a while ago.

“Why are you looking for Kaito?”

“…I heard that a hero from another world is growing abnormally in less than three days after being summoned. And I just guessed that the other person from another world might be blown here, since this is a neighboring kingdom of Philgen Kingdom… So, I thought I’d look for that person too while I try to reach my goal.”

‘Well, I didn’t expect to find that person in here’, added Leafa while looking at me.

Ah, so she wasn’t looking for me from the beginning?…So, searching for me was just a bonus for her?

If so, why was she taking the guild exam? If she’s a hero of the kingdom, and I think she can join anytime without taking the exam.

When asked so, she distorts her mouth as if it’s something a little hard to say.

“I’m immature as a warrior… I told the Queen to keep secret about me until I gained a certain amount of experience and ability. And I thought that, in a guild with a lot of talented people, I could learn how to handle my power…”

“To fix the violent and wild fighting style that you used on today’s fight with Rick-san?”

Leafa nods a little.

From my point of view, The fight with Rick was a wild fight with some rational decision she made during the battle.

However, once she went on the offensive, she kept attacking him as if something that’s holding her came off.

“I don’t know if it’s because I still lack of experience, but during a battle… I can’t control the power of the monster inside me. My body moves on it’s own… And I can’t think other than defeating my opponent.”

She can’t control her power.

This girl has the qualities of a Hero, but she’s not fully understand how to handle it?

…… So I guess, the people from the castle are just gonna watch over her growth?

“But when you were nearby, the power of the monster inside me became surprisingly quiet.”



Is it because of the Pure Mana inside my body?

Although it is a Mana that is disliked by animals but preferred by monster, does it also work on Leafa?

“With you near me, I can fight without being controlled by my instincts.”

“Well, uh, ummm”

“And, you can do your mission as a Hero too..”

“…..Wait a minute.”

When she tries to throw words to me who is in trouble because I don’t know how to answer, Schiff cut in between our conversation.

Schiff, The black cat, is glaring at Leafa, with vigilance.

“It’s true that the high-purity Mana inside Kaito feel comfortable for us as a Monster. So I guess it’s also possible to calm the power of the monster inside you…. But that alone is not enough to ask Kaito for help.”


Leafa is upset by Schiff, who speaks in a harsh tone.

“You heard the conversation between the Guild Master and Kaito, right? I heard from the Kaito later that it should have been about moving Kaito to the neighboring kingdom where the other hero is now. Immediately after the exchange, for you to ask Kaito for help regardless of his will…… It means that you had a reason if you insist on getting Kaito’ help.”


“Don’t think that you can use my Lord as you like without saying anything. If you want to gain our trust, tell us everything. Otherwise, we will consider you an enemy.”


When I noticed, even Lime slipped in between me and Leafa, swaying and threatening her using his body.

From my point of view, the intimidating appearance of both Schiff and Lime with their small bodies was cute rather than scary, but it seemed that Leafa who is facing this way think different.

“… It’s true that I want to learn how to handle my strength… but, the fact about me being a Hero… it doesn’t really matter for me.”

Leafa muttered so.

What does she mean by ‘it doesn’t matter to her’?

Isn’t the fact that she’s a ‘Hero’ so important to her?

“I’m looking for my twin sister… My older sister, who disappeared two years ago.”

Leafa hesitated but she said so.

I wondered how much that words means to her, her expression looked like she’s desperately suppressing the emotions that spring from within.


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