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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 23

23. The benefit of being ‘Normal’

“See you again tomorrow.”

“I know!”

I had no choice but to reply so. It was not like I was persuaded by the ‘big one’ or anything. It was because, there are people who need my power…! That’s why, I will work! (Cold Gaze)

Parting in front of the Student Council Room and returning to our own classroom. Coincidentally, I went to the same direction with Kai-senpai, a second year who is also Handsome and smart.

…To be honest, all the members of the Student Council are relatively tall, so I don’t want to walk beside him…

“Wataru-san, you see… Kaede-san was worried about you.”


Hearing him suddenly speak, I was shaken for a moment. That’s why I asked him once more time, and I listened back to his crazy words. 

Maybe this is just a hallucination, I’m sure I’m tired from overworking (30 minutes).

“I was in trouble when I was asked a strange question like, ‘Is there anything peculiar to boys that makes them worried so much when they are in the first grade?'”

“I’m sure you think that it’s about something like puberty problem?”

“I wondered who she was talking about. At that time, I wondered if she like someone from the first grade. I didn’t think it was about her younger brother.”

Ah, so is that the reason they were all gathering in the morning? If so, I can understand the menacing gaze of Todoroki-senpai. And, also the reason Kai-senpai asked me in detail about the relationship between me and my sister. Did they think I was a new love rival?

“And then she said, ‘Maybe I wasn’t in time, maybe it was my fault.'”

“Oi, oi, don’t said like I was already dead. And there nothing that’s too late.”

“But Kaede-san feels that way.”

“Huh? What’s wrong with her …”

Something about puberty…? In fact, that may be the case. From an objective point of view, high school students are still children, but when they look back on them self, thinking about various things, they might start to be satisfied with themselves, and start to think that they’re adult already.

But, if you don’t think about it that way, you will be suddenly hit by the difference between the ideal world that you envisioned and the reality in front of your eyes at a certain moment, and you will not be able to move forward.

In my case, I was overwhelmed by it. I wasn’t in despair. I just became embarrassed about what I had done. Maybe, even thinking about this could be called puberty too.

But, is this happened because of my sister? ….Why she thinks like that? I have no idea at all.

“But Kaede-san doesn’t seem to be all wrong. Certainly, you look like you’ve given up somewhere.”

“Please stop preaching like an actor who has passed his 60th birthday.”

[TN: The reason its 60th birthday, because it’s the year of reflection in Japan which is also called as ‘Kanreki’. It’s an old custom so in modern society, some time they are not celebrating it.]

“Kaede says, ‘We should have similar eyes,’ but when I actually look at them, they don’t even look similar. So, I doubt whether you really are really her younger brother or not.”

“I thought from the beginning that nothing was similar between us.”

When I was in elementary school, I saw my sister’s behavior up close and thought, ‘how could she make so many friends?’. I thought she might be tired interacting with so many people. But, she used to say that it became like that even though she didn’t do anything special… when I heard that, I thought that, ’even though we’re not look alike, without a doubt we were siblings’.

Then I spent time without thinking about deep things and fell in love with Natsukawa for years…. If adolescence is a time when you’re worried about various things, I think that when I was in junior high school, my head was full about Natsukawa and there was no such other thing than her. Before I knew it, I was too obsessed with dreams and ideals, so I didn’t think deeply about anything other than her. So, my puberty time may have arrived late…

When I think about it again, I think I had a cheeky personality when I was in elementary school. Perhaps I was looking at reality much more at that time than when I was in junior high school to recent years.

“If my sister says something about me again, please say, ‘He just got a manly look, that’s all.’.”

“That might be true. But well, then there’s not even one thing left that’s similar between you and your sister.”

“Well, the DNA we have is similar.”

“What a way of saying it huh…”

What if the DNA isn’t similar? If that’s the case, our parents will be different … If so, it can be said that I’m also my sister’s follower, and I absolutely hate it. No way, I’m sure the direction of whorls we have is same …

“Well, it’s probably an important period for me. It’s about the time when I start questioning about various thing. To be honest, I’d like her to leave me alone…”

“Fufu, but your sister wants to keep you close to her. She doesn’t want to overlook her brother’s changes in sight.”

“Kai-senpai, don’t you think that it’s better if she turns that consciousness toward you? As her younger brother, from my point of view, she’s neglecting a handsome man like you too much.”

“Oh, I’m happy to hear that. I need to change my perception about you.”

Rather, how was it has been until now? Also, can you stop making shadows on your face every time you said my sister’s name? Contrary to his gentle tone, I can fell there was a scary force following it.

Maybe Kai-senpai is the type who will speak in a very violent tone when he is mad and exploded into a fight in a matter of minute….. Let’s stop saying absolutely bad things that can makes him mad.

“Then, I’m going this way.”

“Okay, see you again.”

We separated in the front of the stair. The air that’s drifting after seeing off the back of a smart handsome man made me had an illusion that I was having a very smart conversation until a while ago. In addition, the mysterious superiority complex that I felt after I had a friendly conversation with a handsome guy. I didn’t know why I feel like that.

As expected of being handsome, it has the power to save someone from something somewhere in the world. (obscure)

“……… Oh?”

I found that the classroom was crowded around the time I came to the front of my class, class C. Looking inside from the open entrance, somehow I smiled at a scene that is not unusual these days.


Multiple men and women surrounding Natsukawa’s desk, behind the center of the classroom. The proportion of boys increased a little than last time… Well, I am convinced that this is the original idol quality of Aika Natsukawa. But if they ever want to touch her directly, be prepared for it!!! Oi, Yamazaki…!

“Wowー, is this Natsukawa’s sister?”

“So cute!”

Apparently, the topic seems to be about Natsukawa’s younger sister. Natsukawa shows everyone the photos stored on her smartphone and smiles with a shy smile… Yeah, she is the goddess.

‘Speaking of which, yeah, she has a sister.’, suddenly I think so politely like Kai-senpai. 

Her sister was 3 years old when I was in middle school, so now she must be 5 years old. She’s going to be an elementary school student soon. Well, I’d never seen or met her. Because when I tried to ask about her, Natsukawa-san had a scary face.

“Your sister is cute… I’m so jealous…. Natsukawa-san, can’t I go to visit her?”

“Eh, Eeeeeehh !? You-you want to…. my home…!?”

Oh …! ?? That is Shirai-san, a gentle girl! She’s trying to get closer to Natsukawa than I expected. The flustered Natsukawa is also good. Nice, please press her more, Shirai-san!.. Yeah, excellent!

When I was pleased with such look of Natsukawa, I entered through the door on the back side of the classroom with the same feeling as when the seat had not been changed yet. I think it was conspicuous because there were quite a few people near Natsukawa, so a few students noticed me, and in addition, Ashida and Natsukawa, our eyes met.

“Ah! Sajo-chi! Look at Ai-chi’ beloved sister! She’s so cute!”

“Yeah, I know, She’s so cute that I want her for myself.”

“Sajo-chi, I think something is wrong with your brain…”

Ashida took the trouble to bring Natsukawa’s smartphone to me, just to show the picture. Yeah, without a doubt, she is an angel. In the future, she is likely to become a beautiful girl comparable to Natsukawa. If I have such a younger sister, just holding her up will blow away the tiredness of the day.

Hmmm, By the way, is she okay with this…? Natsukawa won’t angry, right?

“You see.. just now, We were all talking about going to Ai-chi’ house in the near future!”

“Seriously? My level is not enough to go there yet.”

“Oi, Natsukawa-san’ house is not a dungeon…”

Sasaki of the soccer club put in a ‘tsukkomi’ as if he was amazed… Not bad, huh… But, did the member of soccer club often playing such a game? I only have the image of them playing game like ‘Winning Eleven’…

Still, all of them plan to go to Natsukawa house, huh?…

“Is it okay for a large number of people like this to go?”

“Hmm…! I can’t let my sister get close to someone like ‘you’! I can’t let bad influence come near to Airi !!”

“Ha ha, as expected…”


If I had such a cute little sister, I would never let a man approach her. Especially someone like Yamazaki, Sasaki and others like them, I won’t even show them the pictures.

But well, The only one I have is elder sister… A ‘luxury’ like a little sister is too much for me, even a younger brother is fine (luxury?)

…..I heard that if you train your ‘Elder Brother’ stats, you’ll be popular with ‘Younger Sister’ girls. But in that case, I had to overcome the wall called ‘The Real Brother’ … Well, there’s no easy way, and I’m not so courageous either.

When I thought about stupid things, I remembered that I had to go to the Student Council Room for days to come. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired… Let’s be quiet and rest for a while, or else, let alone level it seems that my HP is not enough.

“Oi. It’s already over the lunch break, go back to your own seat.”

“Ugh, the teacher has come.”

” ’ugh’ you said? What do you mean by ‘ugh’, huh?”

Hasebe, who is in charge of mathematics, is looking at Ashida and Yamazaki, who are stuck in the center of the classroom. I can feel that I’m actually in a peaceful place just because I’m outside the area. After all, it’s better to be quiet in the corner to avoid trouble.

“Sajou-chi, it’s all because of you! I got yelled because of you!”

“Oi, oi, it’s not my fault, don’t blame me”

“……… Ah, That ’s right, Sajo-chi”


“… Hmmm, nothing”


I’m not sure, but I’m glad that I didn’t get into troublesome entanglement. Ashida, you can finally read the air huh?… Good, just stay like this from now on, and leave alone the boy who like to sit in the corner like me. If you do so, I will also be ‘Shun Oguri’. (desire)
[TN: ‘Shun Oguri’ is a Japanese male actor. In here the MC though that Ashida can’t be like this forever, so he said something that’s impossible for him too, I guess]

As for Natsukawa, things are going as expected and I feel good about it. The fact that the change around her could be seen means that she is behaving according to what I expected. If something uncontrollable happen, I could just leave it to ‘someone’ to handle it, like when the suspicious person stood in front of the Student Council Room. 

As for my sister, she seems to be worried about me, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me.

After all, the fact that I like to live peacefully like this, means that I’m just a normal guy who doesn’t like to stand out.

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