Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 53

Next ch will be long… almost 2.5 times longer from the usual ch….
And, for a few ch from this ch, it’s gonna be from
Minori Saegusa POV

53. Minori will try her best! (Before the match)

Minori kept looking at the boy’s back as he left.

“He’s gone……”

As soon as that back gone from her sight, she felt lonely.

However, when Minori thought that she could meet him again after the match, she managed to put up with the feeling of loneliness that came to her. Thinking about what happened after the match, the thought of, ‘if I won the match, I would be greeted with a smile’, came to her mind, and her face naturally relaxed.

When Minori realized that, she tapped my cheeks with both hands.

Should I lose the game that is about to begin… the boy’s smile might disappear, and he will have a disappointing face… Such a thing is unacceptable….. I want person who I like to always smile. That’s why, I can’t afford to lose.

When I thought about it that much, I noticed that I was clenching my hands tightly without knowing it. When I opened my clasped hands, I was sweating a little on my palm.

….. It’s not good to be too relaxed, but it’s also not good to be too nervous…..

I can’t seem to concentrate….

Minori thinks so and turns her consciousness to the game to refocus.

“I know that boy…..”

When I tried to concentrate, I was called from behind. And when I turn my body toward that voice…

There was a girl who was about one head shorter than her height.


“That boy, he was the one who was listed in the Student Council.”

“Oh right, he was introduced.”

Minori talked naturally, but the girl in front of her is the one she’s going to fight against.

Minori observed the girl who suddenly talked to her. 

She is one of the most talented people in the club where there are many strong people……. To be honest, I never thought that this person would be the person I’m going to fight.


“……what do you want?”

Minori talked to her, but she tilted her head to the girl who was silently looking at her after the words.

By the way, she is a senior who has a reputation for her hard to grasp way of thought… Seriously what is she really thinking? I also don’t know why she decided to participate in a qualification match.

…… But even if I say that…, Minori thinks that she was not that much different from her. 

When Minori was asked whether it was okay if her opponent going to be Arino-senpai. Of course, she could refuse, but after giving it a little thought, she returned, ‘okay’, as the answer. Naturally, the people around her told her to reconsider, but she replied that it was good.

The soon match with Arino, it gave Minori a resolution. She decided that if she lose the game, she going to give up from chasing after Kohaku.

Kohaku Hatano… He is exceptional as a man. It can be seen that his beauty and personality are superior to those of other men…. That’s why the women who will be around him should not be half-hearted. 

In order for me, Minori Saegusa, to stay close to Kohaku in the future, I need to be that kind of person. I need to be a professional athlete, and a top-notch one… And, the first step for that is this game. No matter how strong the opponent is, if I lose in such a match, I will never reach my goal! 

With that in mind, Minori was ready for the match.

Maybe for the others, it’s just a practice game for club activities, but for Minori, today’s game is a big decisive battle that decides the future.

Minori was a little grateful that she was able to concentrate because the opponent appeared in front of her. But, when Minori was so unilaterally grateful, the silent girl finally opened her mouth.

“I want you to introduce me …”

“No way”

After Minori answered immediately, she saw the girl in front of her again, while thinking, ‘What did this girl just said, huh???’.

Well, it is true that Kohaku will make many women serve him in the future… but there is no way I’m going to do something stupid as to increase the number of women. After all… I always want him for myself!!


“No way”

“You’re so mean …”

“I’m not”

Arino was disappointed with her eyebrows drawn together. However, the next expression she made was a ‘I would not give up’ smile.

“But he’s going to watch today’s game, right?”

“Yes, he is going to root for me.”


“He’s mine…”

“It’s okay… after he watch the game, he’ll surely be my fan…”

The meaning of the words was that Arino already sure for her win.

When Minori heard the words, she noticed that her face naturally smiled.

Perhaps Minori has the same ‘I would not give up’ smile as the girl in front of her.

“Arino-senpai… I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.”


“The smile of the god of victory is always directed at the winner …”


Arino’ eyes become sharp.

“I’m looking forward it.”

Arino said that and left.

Minori casts a voice on the back of the leaving girl.

“I can’t afford to lose …, absolutely …”

And when Minori checked the clock, it was about time.

It seemed that she was absorbed into the conversation. 

‘Alright!’, Minori headed for the entrance.

Finally, the time for the match came and the announcement flowed in.

…… But who thought of that introduction? Isn’t too rude? I hope I won’t be avoided in club from tomorrow…

When thinking about such things, Minori saw the other party also entered from the opposite side. Two crowbars were held in her hand, giving off a dull light. From where Minori stood, she could see that the other party looked so enthusiastic.

“Bring it on…”

Minori pulled out the sword from the scabbard.

And the match started.

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