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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 52

So from here, the LN go into different direction from the WN… and mostly the other illustration from Vol.2 that you might found on the internet, the event will not appear in the WN version.
The picture that I insert in this ch will be the last… from here on there’ll be no more Illustration until Vol.3 is out (Don’t know when)….
anyway Here it is…

Minori in her battle outfit (She’s cute in this picture)

So the text in the picture will not be appear anywhere in the WN version, so just see the picture and don’t care too much about the text

52. Audience seat

After separating from Minori-san, I head to the audience seats. Even though where was still time until the start of the game, but the audience seats were quite full. 

I managed to secure a seat where I could easily see the field and monitor. Then I took a break and wondered what to do until the start time. At the same time, I heard the cheerful voice of the seller in my ears. 

It seems that they are sold not only outside but also inside the venue.

When I was wondering if they sell something good or not while listening to the seller’s voice,  I suddenly got hungry. So, I tried to listen to the seller’s voice carefully.

“Specially made by the secret cooking club, it’s a rice liqu…… how about rice juice?! It has a fruit scentー with a mellow textureー! I’m sure you’ll like itー!! It’s deliciousー!!”


“Excuse me, One cup please!”

I raised my hand and called the seller.

Rice juice is rare, so I want to drink it. I thought so.

Other than that, there is no particular reason.

“Okayー!! Please wait a momentー.”

A schoolgirl who was the seller, she listened to my voice and came towards me.

“300 Jennieー for one cupー.”

“Alright, it just right.”

I dropped three coins into the hands of the seller.

“Thank youー!! You’re so cuteー, so I’ll pour as much as I canー.”

“Wow! Thank you”

“This is a self-madeー, it’s deliciousー.”

“I see, I’m looking forward it.”

That said, the schoolgirl poured the rice juice into a paper cup.

The juice that was poured has an elegant scent of fruit, and when I took a sip, I can feel the sweetness of rice and it had a strong flavor. For a self-made product, it was delicious. 

Yeah… it’s a very delicious rice liqu… I mean rice juice. When I drink something like this, it makes me want to eat some snacks too.

“We have edamameー, Japanese picklesー, roasted cornー, and butter potatoー! All of them are fresh vegetables from the First Agricultural Clubー!” [TN: ‘Edamame’ is a soybean that is young and green when picked. Usually, it used as snack when Japanese drink alcohol]


“Excuse me! Give me some, please!”

“Thank you very muchー!”

By the time I finished drinking the second cup of rice juice while eating fresh vegetables, it was time for the match to start.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting! From now on, the Super Arts Club will start the annual qualification match! The main commentary will be running by me! Hifumi Kanehira, from the Broadcasting Club! With Takeda-sensei, the Super Arts Club adviser, as the analyst!!”

“I’m Takeda, the analyst for today’s match…”

“Now, Professor Takeda, what is the highlight of this time annual qualification match?”

“Hmm, this time, the highlight is the first match.”

“Hoho, so it’s the first match?!”

“The challenger of the first match is Saegusa, a first-year student, who can be said the fastest person to be a challenger in the history of the Kenran High’ Super Arts club. Will the first graders beat Arino, the 2nd year member who participated in last year Inter-high competition and went into best 16 in the individual game? Will the senior crush the junior? Or will the strongest junior overwhelm the senior who is also the regular member in the inter-high team?…… “

“That’s very interesting! But, isn’t it the first time a regular member joined a qualification match?”

“Well, the number of people from A-Rank who join in a qualification match is always low, And it seems Arino want to participate in this time. Saegusa, the opponent, already knew about this matter and agreed.” [TN: I used the term class A before, but after some thought I guess, A-Rank is better]

“Ooooo! That’s amazing! The reason of Arino-san’s participation is a mystery, but Saegusa-san, who is okay with today’s match, is so brave! Such a match will start soon! Everyone, Let’s take a look at the match! “

……What? Minori-san, why did you agree? Why not just aim for a weak guy…

With that in mind, Minori-san’s came in to the field.

The commentator started announcing at the time she came in.

“No one is stronger than me! Whether it’s Rank-A or a regular, kneel in front of me! Minori Saegusa enter!”

Cheers from the audience could be heard when the announcement was made.

…..I’m sure this is definitely not what Minori-san would say.

Minori-san, who came in with the announcement, walked proudly with a sword in her hand.

But, because she’s wearing gym clothes, it is quite a sight when combined with a sword.

After Minori-san’s came in, it’s time for the opponent to enter.

“I will crush the cheeky junior. The opponents you have won so far were weak! I will tell you what a real strong player is! Azu Arino enter!”

When the opponent’s announcement was made, a louder cheer than Minori-san could be heard.

Well, she’s strong, so of course she has fans. I see the opponents coming in.

The player who entered was small, about one head shorter than Minori-san, and she also wearing gym clothes. However, a rod was held in each of her hands.

The tip of the rod was bent at a right angle, and the bent tip was divided into two parts, and both parts were sharply pointed.

…… At first glance, it looks like a crowbar. Or rather, it’s a real crowbar. Well, apparently, she is using a crowbar as a weapon… Should I teach that person? The fact that crowbar is a tool, and not a weapon… No, I think she knew it…

Both of them were facing each other with an estimated 20 meters open.

Watching them, the audience gradually became tense.

Finally, a buzzer sounded at the venue to signal the start of the match.

At the same moment, the distance between the two disappeared in an instant.

Minori-san set up a slash as soon as she won the first move.

The other party caught it with a crowbar without being flustered.

A dull sound echoed throughout the venue, and together with that sound, the shock from the attack hit my body like, BAM!.

The shock suddenly awakened me, which was a little tipsy.


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