Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 37 Part 2

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37-2. In the meantime, it’s wide (Part 2)

“Sorry to suddenly changing the topic, but for someone with your age, it’s not strange to already have your own family. So, what about matchmaking?”

“Why you suddenly bringing this topic? But well, that’s also applied for you too, Marito.”

Hmm… Considering the necessity of succession, he’s in a position that he must be hurried more than anyone else.

“Yeah, people around me always tell me that, but I don’t have a woman who I like right now.”

“What about matchmaking? Are you doing it?”

“Occasionally I go out to dinner and talk to some aristocratic daughters. Well, I haven’t even encountered ‘the one’ for me.”

“By the way, polygamy was allowed on the Earth when the background was about the same within here, but in modern times, polygamy is illegal in almost all countries. What about here?”

“Polygamy is not illegal in here. It is necessary for the king to marry multiple wives in order to secure his bloodline. I am also told by the people around me to prepare at least three wives. Some people with high aristocratic status, they have multiple wives. But most people, they only married to one person.”

Even one person is hard enough, but he need to get at least three, that’s just too much for him. Even for me, I only know a few of women in here, it can be counted with both hands.

“By the way, does Marito have a half-brother or sister?”

“Yeah, my dad had three wives and I was the first prince. The other two wives of him have only daughter. So, I have about four sisters.”

“If that’s the case, I don’t think there’s gonna be a dispute as to who will be the successor.”

“That’s right. Believing that I’m the only son he had, my dad simply gave up the throne and retired. Even though I think everyone could succeed him regardless of gender. So yeah, there was almost no problem.”

The first prince is excellent, and the other successors are women. Of course, he could have become a king with little opposition from the people around him.

“I haven’t seen one yet, but have they married yet?”

“Yeah, my father and his queens all live far away on the castle grounds. My sisters left the country to marry their favorite partner or become an adventurer.”

“Oi oi, so they chose to become an adventurer?”

“Even though there was a time when they think about political marriage, but there was no good choice, most of the kingdom, either the king is already too old or the prince is too young, so it was not the right time. So the result is like what I said.”

Considering the general customs of the royal family, his family is exceptionally forgiving. Maybe that’s also the reason why there is little trouble in his family. However, that means, there is not enough insurance in case something happens to Marito. It is understandable that the people around him are in hurry for a princess.

“Anyway, let’s get back to my question. Why don’t you join the dinner party too? You see, I’m almost at my limit for going to the dinner party alone.”

“Aristocratic daughters, huh? There must be a lot of polite girls among them.”

“If you see only their appearance, well that might be true. But most of them, either they have something bad in their mind or they’re too naive. Honestly when asked whether I can love them or not, it’s…..”

Well, probably the woman that gathered in such place, either they’re the girl who only want to make some connection with Marito, or the girl who is made to participate by the will of her parents.

And some who are like Lacra, that may appear for the meals or alcohol. So, no count for that type of girl.

“Well, if that’s true, I don’t think it’s a good way to search for a partner.”

“There are many beautiful girls, so I think your eyes will like the sight there.”

“I see.”

In that case, it may be okay if I go just to get some acquaintances. And some more, if I only look on their appearance, they might have a potential to heal my heart.

“But Your Majesty, he prefers older people to younger ones, so it might be difficult.”

“What? Is that so?”

Suddenly Illias interrupted our conversation. I was stunned for a moment, but I returned to myself.

“Illias, you scared me. Anyway, don’t instill a misunderstanding in Marito.”

“…Did I said something wrong? It’s the conclusion I came to after I saw you up until now.”

“Tell me about how you came into that conclusion.”

“Well, When I saw your attitude toward woman, I thought that older woman like Maya is your preference?”

“You see, she is older which mean my senior, so of course I will treat her properly. And if you asked me whether she’s in the range of my preference, well, she is… but, it doesn’t mean that I like older woman. After all, my range is wide.”

“What….did you… say…”

Illias made a surprised face.

Did she really think so?… And Marito, don’t you just laughing there with no sound like that.

“Well, the way you deal with the woman you are in contact with is just…”

“Wolfe is in a position where I decided to take care of her, so I’m not looking her that way. Lacra is beautiful, but her inside are terrible, so I treat her like that.”

“Me, what about me?”

“Because you are a brain-muscle, it’s close to how I treat Lacra… Ah! I like how you looks though.”

“Is, is that so?”

“In the first place, when I first took care of Wolfe, I talked about the fact that I couldn’t control myself if she happened to sneak in to my bed, right?”

The same was true when Syrah tailored Wolfe’s clothes.

After all, clothes with a lot of exposure makes me excited. Especially it’s me, who is used to seeing Illias in her armor. In that sense, it’s safe to be with Illias.

“… Ah, That’s right.”

“Well, don’t worry because I don’t look at you with dirty mind. And, I thought that you don’t want to be treated as a woman, right? I was even a little careful about that…. Only at the beginning though.”

“Only at the beginning, huh… what about now?”

“I think you’re a person who can do everything with brute force. But, I guess there is still recognition that you’re a woman in one corner of my consciousness.”


At the beginning, I heard about Illias’s circumstances and tried to avoid treating her as a woman.

This is true.

However, while I was watching the bandits and the forests being knocked down, I only got the impression that she was a gorilla.

Well, I can recognized her as a beautiful woman if I see her after completely erasing these memories.

By the way, how long has Marito been laughing like that?

“I see, I see… So, that’s why that even though Lady Ratzel is a woman, she doesn’t complain about her current position. That’s interesting.”

“You keep laughing like that, but I know you had some some motives behind that laugh. Let me guess, I think you want me to have a family here and keep me tied to Tiez, right?”

“Of course. Now that I know what the book is about, you have no reason to stay in here. But I personally want you to stay here. I’ll try to grant the wish of those who I want to stay in this kingdom.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave right away.”

“For now… but what happens after the conversation with Pope Euparo? Don’t you want to go to Mejis to find a way back to your original world?”

Well, I might go. There is a possibility that other books left by the earthlings are sleeping in Mejis. If that’s the case, there may be a way for me to return to my original world.

“I’m willing to help you find a way to return to your original world, but it’s you we’re talking about. If I don’t make some connection with you to some extent, you’re likely to disappear somewhere. But, The fact that I feel lonely when I’m at the dinner party is true. And, you don’t hate the thought of having a new encounters, right? So, isn’t it okay if you to go with me? “

“That’s right, that alone is not enough to make me go.”

“Seriously, what kind of woman that you might like if you don’t like aristocratic daughters? If you’re okay with Lady Ratzel, I would give you my blessing right now…”

“Your Majesty!?”

“Well, that’s not bad. But, let Illias continue as a knight.”

“Ah, That’s right, well well, I’m sorry.”

Illias’s goal is to become a knight like his father, and forcing her to leave from the top knights of the kingdom at this time is a terrible idea.

But Marito is unabashedly saying he wants me to stay. With his persistence, I don’t know what kind of woman he will try to force into me to keep me in check. However, there are also surrounding eyes, I can’t try to take a radical countermeasures too. That means, I have to think about a plan now.

“Yeah Marito, let’s set fair conditions on this matter.”

“Hmm? Let’s hear the story.”

“If you want me to have a family here, I’ll find you a candidate for your princess. That’s fair.”

“So, every time I recommend a woman to you, you recommend a woman to me?”

“Yeah, if I don’t set the rule like that, with the King’s financial power, there might be no end for me. You could just keep keep attacking me with random girls.”

If you want to be Marito’s wife, it means you want to become the queen. However, I’m just a normal person from different world. I’m sure it’s hard to gather a large number of women who want to be used to keep such a man like me in check.

Still, It’s not that I am not completely uninterested or not expecting it at all. If the number of candidates are limited, he have to identify the right woman for me. And I’m sure, Marito will do his best to analyze my tastes too.

“If I want to attack with numbers, you can attack back with numbers. In order to keep you in check, I have to find a woman who is suitable for you. And, you can meet the woman I really recommend. It’s also a game of which one has the better selection eye… I see, it’s a good idea.”

Given Marito’s personality, I’m sure he would like a change of pace in everyday life. By the way, he can use this game as an excuse to escape from the dinner party. “He promised me to find the right woman for me, I wait for it!”, or something like that.

In this way, a strange rule was created with Marito. We vowed to set detailed rules and not rely on tricks.

On the way home after leaving the castle, somehow Illias was in bad mood, she complained a lot.

“You… you get Your Majesty involved in a weird game.”

“This is for each other, also for the women involved in it.”

“No girls will be happy when they know that they just get involved in the game.”

“Don’t say that. If you keep like this, It might strange if in the future you were married to someone because of the royal order from Marito.”

“That… I can’t deny it… but….”

“It’s the same with the other women. They can’t stand being pushed by the pressure of a man like Martio, after all he is the king. If I want to introduce a girl to him, I should think about the his position. Anyway, I’m planning to find a person that Marito can agree with. So, I’m sure everything will be okay.”

Illias is not the only one. Even me, the way I want to walk get twisted by Marito’s wild action, which is convincing and deceptive at the same time. I’m sure I’ll regrets this in the future.

Marito is a wise king, but not a saint. For the sake of the country, he will do anything by all means.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“If Marito going to introduce a woman to me after considering my preference, I would love to meet her.”

“Considering your… I see… I’ve a simple question, but what kind of woman do you like?”

“Well, I usually like cute girls and beautiful girls, but I don’t really have a biased taste. There are various girls I’ve liked in the past, so I can’t say for sure.”

“It looks like your range is really wide.”

“Of course, after all, you only know that you like the person after you met directly. So, yeah, I don’t want to forget about that encounter I had in the past with my own ideals.”

“I see, the answer is so you.”

Illias laughed as if she was amazed.

It’s easy to be conscious of her being a woman if she relax a little more like that, but let’s say that is also her personality.

“What about Illias? Is it someone who is a knight like your father?”

“It’s preferable if he is a knight. But, my feeling towards such person might be that of an aspiration. So, I don’t know if I can have a romance feeling if I meet such a person.”

“Rather, I’m sure you’ll point the sword to him.”

“What are you say….. wait, I might really do that.”

Regardless of gender, I want to continue to have this kind of relationship with Illias.

However, please no violence.


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