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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 51

Seems we’re gonna have some action ch soon…

51. Rooting for you

“Root for you?”

“Yes! Could you?”

It’s lunch break. 

As I was wondering what to eat in the cafeteria today, suddenly Minori-san approached me. Apparently, She had a request, and after I heard the story, she asked me to come to support her when she does club activities.

“But, why suddenly?”

“Hmm, the club activities I’m in… the Super Arts club, because of the large number of people, they put rank to members. But, we regularly play a qualification match between the upper rank and the lower rank.”

“Oh! That means …”

“Yes, as you might think, I, Minori Saegusa, will play at the qualification match… I’m still not that good, but I’m lucky enough to win in every sparring match within the lower ranks …”

Minori is smiling like ‘Ehehe’ in front of me.

…… But, yeah, I know. That the girl in front of me is called ‘demon’ by them.

“Oh, oohhh, I see.”

“Yes! And since it’s a great opportunity for me, I can’t afford to lose…… But this time, the opponent is also strong.”

Minori said so while grabbing my hands and staring at my eyes.

The appeal from Minori-san, a beautiful girl who looks like ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’, goes straight to my heart….. Well, here is not ‘Yamato’…..
[TN: ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ is a personification of an idealized Japanese woman, that is beautiful. ‘Nadeshiko’ came from a flower name and ‘Yamato’ came from an old term for ‘Japan’, that’s why the MC that here’s not Yamato, because he is in alternate world]

“Are your opponent that strong?”

“Yes…..Well, I’m not that sure, but it’s decided that no matter who my opponent is, that person must be strong. After all, those who are in the upper ranks in this club…  they are allowed to use the arena. And those people also called, ‘Professional Reserve Force’. “

“Professional Reserve Force…..”

“And on the day of the match, we’re using official equipment at the arena, so I’m sure it’s worth seeing.”

“Huh? Wasn’t the arena closed to the general student?”

“Normally yeah, but when we’re doing qualification matches and practice matches, you could come and see.”

“I see… then you’re gonna to use weapons?”

“Yes, of course.”

Minori-san responded with a smile.

But I remembered that when I visited her before, she was bare-handed. 

….I wonder what would happen if she’s using weapon….

Minori-san released my hand then entwining her fingers and squirming.

“So… how?”

“Oh, Yeah. I’ll go.”

“Really?! Thank you very much!”

“Yeah, I hope that Minori-san will win.”

“Yes! I will definitely win.”

Minori said that and smiled.

I saw that smile and wondered if her face will change into a ‘demon face’ on the day.

And on the day of the match, I head to the arena where the match is held. 

…Apparently, the other students know that they can go to see the match? They’re heading to the same place as me, so probably they’ll go to the arena too.

When I arrived at the arena, thinking that many people would go to see the Super Arts game, there were considerably more people than I thought. Perhaps the people who have gathered were looking for it.

I could even see people selling something nearby.

“How about a special super meat bun from the Cooking Research Club?”

“Or a special fruit drink that we proud of?”

…… It seems that there are club related to cooking.…… But, meat buns in spring? To be honest, I think the sales period for that is already over.

I stepped into the arena while looking at them from the sideline.

The arena I entered for the first time was surprisingly well equipped.

There was a central field in which obstacles of various shapes were placed…. I guess they may use this obstacle to fight. 

And the audience seats were set up so as to surround the field. Huge monitors extending from the ceiling were installed on all sides so that the game can be seen well from any seat.

…..Still, isn’t it too luxurious? It’s on the level that can be used for official games…. Minori-san, are you going to play in this place? …..aren’t you nervous?

Currently, the battle table is displayed on the huge monitor.

It seems that there will be ten matches in total, and today there are five matches. It looks like we will have five battles tomorrow. Minori-san’s match is the first match of today’s match.

I thought it would be better to go to see her before it started, but, I might get in the way… I mean, can we even meet?

When I was thinking about that, Minori-san, who was the person in question, called me out as if she had seen me.


“Ah! Minori-san, I’m here to support you.”

Minori-san’s cheeks became red at my words Then, she smiled happily.

“Thank you! Because Kohaku-san came, I feel like I’m in the perfect shape today!”

“Haha, I’m glad. Well, good luck, but don’t get any injuries.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best! About Injuries… well, I’ll try my best.”

I guess, even if they use formal equipment, they’ll still get injured because they’re using weapons and the floor of the field is not a soft mat…. Somehow, I’m worried.

“It’s okay.”

Perhaps Minori-san noticed that I had a worried look, she said that.

“I will definitely win.”

Minori-san promised victory with an innocent laugh. 

Well, from her facial expression, it seems that she is so enthusiastic today….. I’m not worried about that though. But, if she is so enthusiastic like that, all I have to do now is to give a supportive push on her back.

“Then, I’m looking forward it.”

“Yes! Please look forward to it.”

After exchanging the words, I headed to the audience seats.


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