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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 50

Next will be another ch for this series… then after that will be the other series that I’d not updated yet (The main project)….

50. The work at student council

When I went to say hello to the President, there were no other members already, so she decided to introduce them at a later date.

I heard that even if there’s nothing to do, I would need to visit the Student Council Room on my free time after school at least once, so I decided to visit again.

Then, when I visited at a later date, all the members of the Student Council were there and greeted me.

The Student Council had about 20 members in total. I was slightly surprised by the large number of people, but I remembered that this is a big school, so it may be something like this. Many of the introduced members seemed to be the serious type.

There was a rare position like the one in charge of events and ceremonies. She said that people in this position will play an active role in School Festivals and Sports Festivals.

…By the way, my job as an apprentice is to help the one in need and do some chores.

A few days after my introduction, when I went to the Student Council Room after school.


I opened the door of the Student Council Room and went inside while greeting the other members. People who were listening to my greetings, returned my greetings and went back doing their own work one after another.

….Wasn’t she said that the Student Council at this period is not that busy?

When I came before, there was only the President, but there were many people in the Student Council Room for the past few days.

……There are almost all of them present every time. To be honest, I don’t remember everyone’s faces yet, but maybe soon. Is my work getting busy, or they somehow marked me?… But, if any of these people have the potential to become big in the future, I definitely want to get along with them!… Well, I’ll get embarrassed if they’re not really marked me…. Yeah, I must never let this thought out from my mouth.

For now, let’s ask the President what I need to do today.

The President was relaxing with a cup of tea at her seat.

“President, Thank you for your hard work.”

“Oh, Hi, you too.”

“Have it been busy lately? There are many people that present this past few day.”

“No, not really”



“Not really?”

“Yeah, we haven’t entered the busy time yet.”

I heard the words and looked at the members of the Student Council. On my sight, there were people who seem to be working seriously…… Then, What the hell are they doing?

Perhaps The President saw my doubtful face, she began to talk.

“They are writing articles now.”


“Yeah, it’s the article I showed you at that time, ‘The Day of The Student Council’.”

“I see… Everyone is writing hard, huh. What are they writing about?”

“It’s about you.”


“I had to post the fact that I had an apprenticeship, But I don’t know who should I ask to write the article. So, I said that who want to write the article, they could try to write one, and then I’ll pick one from it.”

Hearing that, I looked around again.

…What kind of article that will be created by this enthusiasm and seriousness? Perhaps the students in the Student Council are actually ‘crazy’?

“I, I see… What should I do today?”

“Hmmm… Alright, I’d like you to bring the papers from two years ago to the warehouse.”

“Yes, I understand. Can you tell me the location of the warehouse?”

“Well, let’s go toge…”

“Then, I will guide you.”

It was a calm schoolgirl who had spoken before the President could finished her words.

“Ashiya?…Then, can I rely on you to guide him?”

This schoolgirl is one of the two vice presidents in the Student Council. It seems that the other Vice President, Katsurakawa-san, who I met at the time they invite me, had not come yet. Ashiya-san is a gentle and motherly girl. The richness of her motherhood is also reflected in the body….

Yeah… to put it simply, she has big breasts.

“Then, carry it with a dolly. Oh, please leave the last year’s ones.”


When I reply to the President, Ashiya-san calls out.

“Then, Let’s go~”

Ashiya-san took my arm while saying so. And, her plump breasts hit my arm.

……Outrageous! Really outrageous! But thank you very much!

In this world, it’s easy to touch men if the girl want to, and other people might think that the girl is your girlfriend, if so you’re gonna be the one in trouble. But, since these girls basically try to avoid physical contact so that they are not disliked by men, this kind of thing is very rare.

That’s why I can’t help but feel some spark in my heart!

I enjoyed the feel and walked to the shelves with the materials.

When I got to the shelf, Ashiya-san was so enthusiastic.

“Then, I’ll put out the papers, so please take a look ~”

“… What?”

“What’s wrong~?”

“No! I’ll do it!”

“But, it’s heavy~”

“It’s the job I was assigned to.”

“But~, How could I let a man do this kind of work~?”

“Then let’s do it together.”

I suggested that and decided to work together, but I don’t want her to be so concerned about me. I mean, I want to properly helping the Student Council and not just being a burden. So, Let’s say it properly here.

“Hmm, You don’t need to be so concerned about me, I’ll work properly, so don’t worry.”

Ashiya-san made a blank look, but immediately answered, “I understand.”

“Hatano-kun is really different from other boys~”

“Am I that different?”

Well, I know, but I’ll ask you here.

“Yeah~. When summer came, the Boys in my class will say, ‘It is so hot’, and they will start using a paper fan to fan them self.”

…… But I thought that this school is fully equipped with air conditioning and heating, which makes the summer and winter not that bad?

I worked while chatting like that.

However, enjoying doing activities while chatting with a beautiful girl like this…. It feels nice!


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  1. I was worried since the student council prez didn’t seem very intrested in him but thankfully it looks like our mc has found a cute mommy gf for himself. Thanks for the tl.

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