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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 49

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49. My answer to the student council

There is a heavy wooden door in front of me. And the letters of the Student Council on the door.

Yes, I’m standing in front of the Student Council Room now. Well, there’s no particular reason, I just came to reply.

But this door is you know…. somehow it looks heavy! I’m sure, there is people who also got nervous just to knock it, right? But, nothing will start unless I knock.

knock,knock,knock …… I knocked three times and waited for the reply.

Immediately, I got a reply saying “please”.

I heard the reply and opened the door. The door of the Student Council Room opened so smoothly that didn’t look like its heavy appearance.

Once inside, The President seemed to be working alone, and the laptop on her desk was open. She looked at me as I entered the room, opened her eyes a little and smiled gently.

“Hi, welcome”

“Hello, President.”

“It looks like you came to give your reply, so let’s talk in the next room.”

The President said so and stood up from her seat and guided me to the next room.

The room I was guided to was the one we used before. When I was guided to the room, the President asked me to sit and wait, so I decided to sit in the same seat as before and wait.

…… After a few minutes, the President came back. I can see that she brought a tray with two cups, a spoon, and perhaps a sugar pot on it. She put one of the cups and a spoon in front of me while saying, ‘I hope you’re okay with black tea’.

“How much sugar do you need?”

“Then…can you give me one?”

The President dropped a sugar cube into the cup of tea.

I said thank you and stirred with a spoon.

“The way I make it might be not special, but the leaves itself said to be a good one, so I think it’s delicious.”

While seeing the President, who sat in the same place as when we talked before, put in her own sugar into her cup, I took a sip.

“It smells good.”

I said so to the scent that came from the black tea. And told her that the tea was delicious.

When the President heard the words, she smiles and said, ‘I’m happy that you like it’.

“Well, let’s get into the main subject.”

“Yeah, you are right”

“Then, can you tell me the answer?”

“Yes, since you invited me personally, I would like to accept your invitation.”

After thinking about various things, I decided to accept the invitation.

Since it’s an apprentice, my main job is probably a chore. Still, I think that joining the Student Council at this big school might be worthwhile.

….they’ll not make me work overtime, right…?

“Oh? I’m glad…”


“Yeah, even though there are problems, I ended up stopping you from joining a club. I thought I did something bad. Although Student Council is not a club, there are students from various grades in here. And, We’re going to work together for a year, so I hope that at least you would be able to experience the atmosphere of club activities in here even a little. After all, you brought into this school by fate, so I hope you’ll like this school.”

…..This Student Council President is a wonderful person!

As expected, when it comes to the school that’s this big, the person that’ll be selected as the Student Council President must be not that simple?

When I was a high school student in my previous life, I was only thinking about playing around….

But this Student Council President, even from the perspective of me, who has experience as a member of society, I am impressed.

……I haven’t lost to her yet, right?

I did my job properly as a member of society, but why?… Somehow, I feel like losing to a high school student who is in front of me right now…

No… No way, it’s not true right? It’s just my imagination right?…

“What’s wrong?”

The President asked why I was silent.

“N-No, nothing …”

I mean, I can’t say I’m losing to high school students as a person, right?…. And, I’m also just a high school student in here!

The President, who heard my words, continues to say, “I see…”, while still wondering.

“Even though you just came, there’s nothing left to do today.”


“Yeah, the entrance ceremony, which is a big event of this month, is over. So for a while, it’ll be not to busy in here. You see, even the other members went back home already.”

“But, it seems that the President had been working for something?”

“It’s not really much work, but well, do you see what I was doing?”

“If there is no problem, yeah.”

Then I was taken to the desk where the laptop is.

“If you enter your school ID from here on this school’s homepage and log in, you will be taken to a dedicated page for school calendar and contact information. Do you know about this?”

“Yes, I heard how to use it at the first orientation.”

“Yes, that’s why the activity report is posted here under the title, ‘The Day of Student Council’.”

‘See this…’, she said that while moving the arrow on the screen to where ‘The Day of Student Council’ is written. When the President clicked on it to open the page, there was certainly content that seems to be more correct to say it as the Student Council’s diary than the Student Council’s activities.

“Well, it’s not really decided when to update it, but it’s supposed to be updated once a week. And, I was updating this today.”

“… So, the content is not something so serious?”

The content on the screen was, “Today’s lunch set meal was delicious!”

The President giggled and answered my question.

“Of course, I’ll also post things that’s serious, but the student would not interested in it if you keep writing about something so serious right? That’s why I’m also posting something like this.”

The President smiled and said that the page has a good reputation.

I see… So first, you want to get the interest of the other students…

Well, I’ve decided that I’ll try this set meal next time.


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