Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 18

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18. Chapter 18

Hero Summoning….

It was the one that brought me and her into this world.

While listening quietly to Berce-san’s words about it, I had a feeling that my situation would change.

“Philgen Kingdom summoned not the people who lived in the kingdom, but the people who came from another world. Naturally, there was a fuss … but there was another fuss.”

“…and that is?”

“There is another hero who came from another world. It seems that he was transferred to another place because he was separated during the summoning. So the hero and the Philgen Kingdom are looking for that person.”

A Hero is looking for me.

Recognizing that fact, I decided to ask Berce-san once.

“The Hero’s name, is it Shishihara-san… I mean Chisato Shishihara?”

In my words, Berce-san folded his arms and put his back on the wall.

“Well, the Hero’s name has not been announced yet…. yeah, I’m sure of it. But, who ever thought that the destination that the Hero that summoned was The Ruins of Orochi… As far as what I know about you, you must be came from a world unrelated to magic and sword, right? “


“It must be hard for you. Even though the number of people that you can rely on is limited, You’ve been doing your best to this day.”

Hearing the gentle voice of Berce-san, my tears is overflowing.

It was painful, but I can’t cry here.

Because I have to listen to the rest of the story.

“Please continue.”

“Okay…. The Hero that came from another world had a tremendous amount of magical talent. That’s unparalleled in history.”

“Shishihara-san is…?”

I can’t imagine the figure of that Shishihara-san casting some Magic.

No, it’s no wonder that Schiff said that as long as you were selected as the Hero, you must had considerable talent.

“The people of the Philgen Kingdom who saw it wondered if the one summoned together would have at least equal or greater power.”


What? Somehow something went wrong with the flow of the story?

“Because different worlds are unknown to us. It’s not strange to think so.”

“Maybe, is that the reason why my name spread from a neighboring country to a guild?”

“Yeah. The people of the Philgen Kingdom set out to search for a boy named “Kaito Arihara” who was separated during the summoning, and they also announced the look of the person.”

“I see…”

Without knowing anything about it, now, I’m in a situation where my name is known in the neighboring country.

To me, who is trying my best to smile, Berce-san says, “It’s not over yet.”

“Well, as long as you are here, they couldn’t find you in the Philgen Kingdom. So, those who were dazzled by the huge rewards and those who aimed to be in the party with the Hero called, they started to called them self “Kaito Arihara”.”

“… Ah, that’s why she confirmed my name…”

And now, I knew why Leafa called me “real.”

Never did I thought that some people impersonated as me…..

“Well, fortunately you were found in this guild, so I’ll tell about you to the Philgen Kingdom later.”

“Aa! Thank you! Even though I’ve been lying to you up until now…”

“It’s too early to rejoice. They’ll be wondering if you’re the real one or not, so you might need to write words or something that the Hero in Philgen Kingdom can understand.”

“Do I need to do it now?”

“If possible, yes.”

Berce-san showed a blank sheet of paper on the table.

Hmm.. Is it okay if the content is something like the fact that I came to this world or should it about school?

I picked up the paper and pen that was presented in front of me and wrote the letters in Japanese.

Then, Berce-san looked into my hand. Maybe he was interested.

“Is that the character of your world?”


“Hmm, it’s a character that doesn’t apply to any region in here. The character seems hard to understand. The lines are messed up.”

Is he talking about ‘Kanji’?

However, I had been really indebted to Berce-san.

If I tell Shishihara-san that now in Philgen Kingdom about my safety…. Could I continue to work as an adventurer in here and repay Berce-sam?

With that in mind, when I hand over the completed letter to Berce-san, an idea comes to my mind.

“Perhaps, will I need to fight as a Hero in Philgen Kingdom from now on?”

“No, I know you don’t have the strength of a Hero, so I guess they won’t force you. Unless, you choose to fight for your friends.”

To fight, huh?

Well, I had the option of working in this guild instead of going to Philgen Kingdom.

Sure, I want to confirm Shishihara-san’s safety in Philgen Kingdomn, but to be honest, if you ask me whether I want to go to a place where there are more of my fake… that’s a bit…

“Well, there was a fuss that the other Heroes from the other countries who thought you might be not in Philgen Kingdom searched around to make you a servant, but that’ll finally over.”

“What? The other heroes plan do that?… What if I were found?”

“If they decided that you had the power to fight, they would make you as their companion.”

Never did I thought that even the other Heroes also searched for me.

Perhaps trying to reassure me that had a subtle expression, Berce-san laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry anymore, because even in here, only a handful people in the guilds know you. And, Your story hasn’t been passed on to the people of the Hendil Kingdom either.”

If so, it would be safe right?…. but suddenly I remembered the first time I came to the guild.

Then, isn’t it strange that Leafa knew my name at that point? At that time, it must have been only about three days since I was summoned.

…… Is she know about it by chance?

“Let’s end the story here. I also have to work as an interviewer, so I can’t keep the next one waiting too long.”

“Oh, right. I understand …. Thank you very much for this.”

I bowed deeply to Berce-san and left as it was.

The female staff member who was waiting near the door guided me again, and when I returned to the waiting room, Schiff and Lime greeted me.

“Kaito, How was it?”

“It’s fine. Even though my whereabout in this guild got known, but everything might be okay.”

“What?! I’m curious about the details of the story, but let’s continue it slowly later!”

Then, Schiff swayed his tail happily and Lime climbed up my shoulder.

When I smiled at them, I noticed that Leafa, who was called by a female employee, was approaching me.

“Oh, Leafa. I’m the real deal, finally could yo—“

“Ehmm, can you listen to me… please?”

“Hm? Okay, no problem.”

I wonder what happened….

Even though she was the one who said that, she made a confused face. Then, she touched her hood.

“First of all, I’m sorry. I heard your conversation with the Guild Master.” [TN: I think I translated it as Guild Chief before, if so… well, I think this one is more fit, so yeah..]

“You heard? Ehh?? You heard it?”

It was more than three rooms away from this room.

Definitely, an ordinary person can’t hear it.

“My ears are better than humans”

I think of her apologetic face is like that of a little dog. And from her words, it seems that she’s not a normal human being.

Wait, why did she tell me that story in the first place?

It’s not really a problem for me, if she want to apologize, it should be to the Guild Master.

“You, who are you?”

Schiff was a little cautious.

On the contrary, I saw Leafa’s reaction while being afraid of the sharp voice from Schiff that even I have never heard.

“… Mysteriously, I feel calm beside you.”


She suddenly said something unrelated, but nevertheless continue to speaks.

“Anger, sadness, impatience… It was gone. I can return to myself before I was trapped in anger.”


“I can’t stay calm when fighting, so… just maybe…. if it’s with you… I could be myself.”

With that said, she took off the hood she had been wearing.

What was exposed was the ruby-like red eyes that were visible from inside the hood, and the slightly quirky black hair that stretched to the shoulders…… And, the dog-like ears that grew on the head.

With that neat face, I was stared by her. At the same time I was fascinated and… upset.

“I am a Hero.”


Not only me and Schiff, but also the female staff member who was near the door leaked a stunned voice.

“A Hero chosen by Hendil Kingdom. Leafa Urgal” [TN: So in the raw it is ‘リーファ・ウルガル’, it can also be translated as Leafa Wulgaru, but I think Urgal is better]

“….!? …..!?”

Leafa turned her begging eyes toward me, who keep quiet because it was too much shock for me.

“Kaito, Please help me”

……..She said so.

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