Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 48

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48. The book

It happened in the middle of spring, when everyone in the class was able to get along with each other using ‘it’…

It was cloudy and dim even though it was morning, and I got a bad omen for that day.

That said, the weather was not unusual, and when I checked the weather forecast to see if it would rain, as expected, it was said that it would rain. After seeing the weather forecast, I was ready to leave the house, and as usual, I was sent off by Maria and left the house.

After that, as usual. I had a little chat with the clerk in front of the bakery and headed to the station to get on the train. I walked along the way to school while enjoying the spring scenery. And, I arrived at the station.

It wasn’t until near the classroom that I felt something was wrong. As the saying goes, ‘Three women make a market’, and of course, the school in this world which have too many girls, it’s gonna be lively. [TN: ‘Three women make a market’, means, it’s noisy when three or more women gather in one place]

Even in the class I am enrolled in, it becomes lively as soon as everyone gathers in the morning.

But that wasn’t the case on that day. It was not too noisy even when I reached the classroom door.

Then, I opened the door thinking it was unpleasantly quiet today and entered as usual, saying good morning.

Usually, the people in the classroom would return the morning greetings, but that day no one replied it at all.


The question was immediately answered.

The students in the classroom were completely unaware that I had come. So, it’s not like I was bullied.

All the students in the classroom were gathered in one place.

Looking over the classroom, no boys have come yet.

I wondered what the girls were doing together. Well, going with flow, it’s strange not to wonder.

All the girls in the classroom gathered in one place, and the girls were looking at something with a serious expression.

I approached the group of girls slowly and quietly.

Well, there was no particular reason for that. But, if I force me to gave one, I thought that I should not disturb the girls who are looking at something with a serious look… right?

The place where they were gathering was around a student’s seat.

When I recalled whose seat it was, the one that came to my mind was a girl who’s always quiet in class. And after I remembered that, I felt that the situation was really strange. Looking back on her actions so far, she wasn’t the type that stands out, so I couldn’t think of any reason for so many people to gather around her. Among the people gathered, there were also some familiar face such as Maisumi-san, Yachigusa-san, and Mishima-san.

I saw that Shino-san and Yuzuka-san, haven’t come yet.

And Minori-san was having a club activity in the morning… is it a morning training?

Anyway, She wasn’t in the classroom yet too.

As I approached them, I heard a rustling sound. It sounded like rolling paper. At that point, I wondered if everyone gathered and fortune-telling…. Well, of course I would think so, after all, Women like fortune-telling., right?

I smiled when I thought that the serious expressions of the people who were gathering and concerned about the result of fortune-telling.

If it’s a fortune-telling that hits well, I would also like to try it too… While thinking like that, I gently peeked through the gaps of the people who were gathering.

But, apparently, they were not looking at a fortune-telling book or actually doing it. Still, they were staring at the book with all their might.

I couldn’t see it well because it was through a gap, so I searched for a position where I could see it. I moved a little by little and took a peek from there.

The shock when I saw the contents of the book clearly was immeasurable to me.

Unknowingly backtracking and hitting the desks lined up, I made a sound. The sound can’t be heard if it’s in the usual busy classroom, but that day, it was so quiet that it sounded loud.

The girls, who were looking at the book all at once, turned to my direction all at once, and all of them opened their eyes wide and then left the place where they were gathering.

Then, they started chatting with the classmate who was near them like usual……. It was as if nothing had happened.

What was left behind was probably the girl who owned the book, whose face became pale. And, the book that was opened at hand.

At the page that was opened, there was a picture of a nude male. It was not a nude picture of a normal male either. It was a nude of a middle-aged male with beautiful muscular that pose brilliantly. By the way, the pose that the male doing on that page was a pose called “Abdominal and thigh”…. No, I don’t care about the pose.

But the book that she had …

Yeah… It was a book that commonly called as an ‘Erotic book’…

Well, I understand…. You bring a book like that when you want to know more about your friends. You get excited together with stupid stories while seeing the content. it can be said that an erotic book can be used as a kind of communication tool…… But, seeing this, I can really understand how valuable erotic books are in this world.

Her face became pale because if this is known to boys, she will be detested.

It can be said that the current situation where there are no other boys around and the one who known it was only me is relatively good. Because I have a better understanding of this than other boys in here.

….I know her feeling, but still, that book, it’s just….

The girl who was looking at me with her snarling eyes turned away and headed for her seat. At that moment the girl sank to the desk.

….I’m sorry, I really want to comfort you, but the book was a little beyond my tolerance. If possible, I want you to incinerate it immediately….

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  1. It could have been worse. It could have been BL thin book about MC x whomever. Or maybe even whomever x MC *shivers

  2. Not really sure why he cares. Doesn’t make sense at all, & it isn’t really explaining any of the logic behind this – like the author usually does. “I know about this stuff & it’s better that it was me, but still…”, where did your enlightenment go? A world of reversed gender norms & our dude can’t understand why the equivalent of a bunch of dudes looking at a porno isn’t such a big deal? Was he a huge prude before? Is that why he decided to become ‘a devilish man’? Lmfao, no sense at all without elaboration.

    1. It’s the content itself thats repelling for him (muscle macho man)
      Imagine if a girl showed you her BL stash.
      Ok, cool, you flick the bean… I don’t want to see whatyou use as inspiration.

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