Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 47

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47. Blow into the ear

“W-what is it?”

Former Chai… I mean, Mishima-san said that while futzing with her own hair slowly.

“I’m sorry.”

Mishima-san blinked a few times at my sudden apology, but she hurriedly snapped.

“Wha-!? You don’t need to apologized for that! I was just upset this morning!”

Oh, so you realized it yourself, huh. I see…

While being careful not to reveal such an inner feeling, I continued my words.

“Well, I realized after being told that I certainly didn’t have many opportunities to talk to Mishima-san.”

“That’s not true. I’m sorry for saying something so impudent, I reflected a lot…”

….Ah, so you were reflecting on that? I thought you were in despair.

“You don’t have to do that. After all, we’ve been friends since junior high school.”

I said so while grabbing Mishima-san’s right hand with both of my hands and staring at her eyes.

Then I slowly brought my face closer to Mishima-san’s ear and whispered softly.

“I’m sorry to make you feel lonely …”

And, I gently blew into her ears.


I heard a melting voice from Mishima-san.

And, when I looked at her face, it was bright red and her breathing became rough…

…It seems she was so exited, did I overdo it? Nah… I mean, I need to give her a little service, right? After all, it’s really embarrassing to say such words! I even blow into her ears! Yeah, I did my best! I can be proud of myself!

When I saw Mishima-san’s reaction and confirmed that she got her mood back, she exhaled softly.

“Oh, by the way.”

I ask what I was interested in.

“Hmm~? What~is~it~?

….She replied vaguely with a dreamy look on her face, probably because the stimulus was too strong…. She is okay, right?

“Hmm, In the morning You said that you saw me meeting new girls right? I wonder from where you saw it.”


Mishima turned her dreamy look on her face into a beautiful smile.

“I mean, those people had something to do with me. But it happened near the Martial Arts Hall, so I wonder why was Mishima-san there?”


Mishima-san didn’t move and she still smiling with a beautiful smile.


“… By chance. I just happened to saw it by chance.”

“Ah, I see. So, was there something you had to do in that area?”


There’s been a lot of silence since a while ago…



“I was taking a walk! I’m not suspicious or anything!”

…But, I didn’t say that you’re suspicious.

Wait… Perhaps the gaze I felt at that time…

“Perhaps, you’ve been following me?”

“… N-No way, I’m not that kind of person.”

I feel cold sweat from Mishima-san’s reply.

Perhaps, if left this case unattended, she might become a real stalker… she’s okay already, right?

“Ye-yeah. I understand, but please don’t do it anymore.”

“Haha… yes …”

Mishima-san was disappointed, but she immediately raised her face and asked me a question.

“B-But! Who are those people? You were kind of close to them…”

……You, you don’t know your own school’s Student Council President?…… Me too. Anyway, if I leave this alone, it could lead to a strange misunderstanding, so let’s talk this properly.

“Who are them?… well, they’re the Student Council President of this school. She gave a greeting at the entrance ceremony, do you remember?”

“Student Council President? Oh right, I remember seeing that face somehow…”

I look like she’s convinced after remembered it somehow.

“But what did the student council president want with Hatano-kun?”

“She just gave me some notes about club activities.”

“Is that so?”

Mishima-san tilted her head a little and had a doubtful expression on her face.

“Hmm… It’s not something like you’re dating with her on the premise of getting married, right?”

…Of course.

“Where did that come from…”

“I, I mean, you looked very close with her, Hmmmpphh…”

Don’t ‘Hhmmpphh’ me. Even if you said it in a cute way, it’s an action that can lead you become a stalker. It’s just one step more you know…

….’I think that the reason it looked like that was because you were so depressed at that time.’, When I was talking Mishima-san like that, Saegusa-san came near and talked.

“I’m glad that you guys got along well. I mean, I’ve lost the means to comfort Yuri-san already.”

“Hey, Saegusa! What did you said?!”

Apparently, it was Minori-san who was comforting Mishima-san, who had been depressed until now.

..Thank you for your hard work.

“Hmm… well, good work. it must’ve been hard.”

In my words, Minori-san exhaled and said, “That’s right…”.

“One day, she became very depressed, and when it became worse, she started muttering to herself…”

“Aaaー! Iiiー! Uuuー!”

Perhaps Mishima-san doesn’t want me to know when she was depressed, she’s trying hard to hide it

…Well, it’s impossible!

After that, Minori-san said that she was glad Mishima-san recovered and left because she had club activities.

…..I wonder, how many people will be beaten today?

“Ah, Ha,Hatano-kun?”

Perhaps she think that I became afraid of her, Mishima-san called out timidly…. Well, I past that stage already.

I decided to invite Mishima-san with a smile.

“Would you like to go home with me today?”

Hearing that words, Mishima-san, with a bright smile, replied yes.

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