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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 22

Oh my, I think I put too much TN for this ch….
But a lot of the thing in this ch can’t be translated to English… there’s just no word for it.
Ah, a few more ch and it’s gonna be a few ch from Natsukawa POV, we’ll know more about her way of thinking.

22. Sinister Sister

I like Natsukawa but I don’t like ‘Natsu’. [TN: the knaji of ‘Natsu’ in Natsukawa name mean summer]

Insects come out from their nest and it’s hot. There’s nothing good about it. It’s not like the coldness in winter that can be solved just by wearing more layer of clothes. And, why don’t the school turn on the AC even though there’s one in the classroom? Seriously, I can’t get motivated.

Suddenly my pocket quivered when I was hanging down. When I took out the smartphone and checked the screen secretly, it was displayed as follows.

「There is 1 new message from Kaede」

Oh my… I don’t want to open this. After all it’s a message from my sister…but, I think it’s been since she ordered me to bought her a meat buns half a year ago. I only have a bad feeling about this message.

But, I’m in class now. She won’t complain even if I leave it unread right? I’m sure, my sister who is attending a cram school recently will show her understandi─…

「There are 2 new messages from Kaede」

That was dangerous, I was about to throw my smartphone. I’ve already broken the screen once this year, so I need to held myself from doing that, or it’ll be the end.

But, seriously, what does she want with me? I bet that second message is something like ‘Don’t ignore me’. Well, since she’s my older sister, I’ll at least check the contents.

「Hey! Oi?!」

Ah, no, she didn’t say it directly. but it scares me. Is she a ‘Yakuza’? Isn’t the fuction of message application to convey your ? The pressure is too strong.

I have no choice but to flick the screen down to see the previous message above it.

「Noon. The Student Council Room」

Well, I understand that she want to meet me, but wait… Did she has something on me? I wonder what will happen to me if I’m not going?…… Well, I plan to go.

She added, 「Wash your neck and wait for me」. [TN: this is an idiom in japan that came from the ritual of ‘harakiri’ in Samurai period. It means, ‘Prepare to die, I’ll be the one who chops your head’]

「I seeー. Okay, I’ll heat up the sword」 [TN: Well, before to make a clean cut, it’s better to heat the sword first right?]

Why she always casually pick a fight with other people like that? Seriously, I don’t want to go at all. Is there any other siblings who are in the same position as me?

I wonder, why are the four handsome guys treats my sister so well? Did she grasped their weaknesses, right?

When I was staring at my smartphone while felling terrified, suddenly I saw a shadow of someone on my knees.


“I am sorry.”

“I’ll not forgive you.”

Well, the world isn’t that sweet. It’s like the Q&A in classroom when the teacher will pick you randomly. And this, it’ll also be one of my the challenge on my road to be an adult.

‘Where is the Student Organization Room?’, While thinking about such things, I walk around places I have never been to.

It’s noon. Then, it’s okay to be a little late.

When I was planning such a thing, I saw something strange in my sight.

“That woman is…!”


In front of a certain classroom, a girl student who sticks close to the window and looks inside. She has a blonde hair that’s flashy. Her dyed hair contrast it’s natural trait. I like the fact that she doesn’t look like a ‘Gyaru’. Even so, I don’t want to get involved, after all her hair is blonde, it stands out. [TN : ‘Gyaru’ is, a young woman adhering to a fashion trend and usually has a brown or blond-dyed hair wearing gaudy clothes and accessories.]

Oi, oi, don’t shake your hips while doing something like peeping… I mean, my eyes will be caught by those movement…

Looking up at such a suspicious person, I was startled. A tag stating “Student Council Room” was hanging at the door.

….Why my luck so suck?

But I have to enter. My master (Sister), I got a command from─…. Wait, why I feel like I’m ingrained in slavery?

Anyway, I have to pass that beautiful woman and enter the Student Council Room.

I wonder if there is any way.. alright, let’s do it this way.(immediate decision).

[Because there’s some strange person in front of the Student Council Room, I’m going home.]

I send a message to my sister.

Then, I sneak back and head to the usual bench at the schoolyard.

Isn’t this the best decision? I don’t have to be involved with that weird woman, and I don’t need to meet my sister. I even regained my peaceful day. Thank you and goodbye, suspicious person.

[Secured. How troublesome. The sword is ready]

Oi, is it a case file? It sounds like she is writing a story of revenge where she finally caught the person who has a deep grudge against her.

But, that message… My sister, her language skills have improved since she started attending cram school, huh…!

Anyway is she the main character of a otome game who make a reverse harem and have a rival girl student, who hold a grudge against her? [TN: Otome game is story-based video game that is targeted towards women.]

If so, Please, don’t get me involved. Nothing should have happened to the brother who aren’t handsome right?……. Isn’t it?

[Oi, it’s over. Come.]

Over? Did you finished her? What’s over? And, isn’t the response too quick?

My motto is to make a quick decision. Apparently, it’s in our blood.

With a sigh, I turn right and head for the Student Council Room.

When I reached there, five members of the Student Council were all waiting for me.

“Thanks for the good work.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“Oi, your words, Vice Chairman”

“Shut up!”

My older sister returned to the Student Council Room briskly.

When I tried to enter the room, my sister said, ‘Come in. Fast.’. When I looked up at the handsome senior who was around me…. he was laughing with a troubled face while hearing the complain. Still, what a beautiful smile, I seems to be melted by it.

“So, why did you call me?”

“There are a lot of materials that I have to put together for the autumn school festival. Please help me. I don’t have enough hand, so I had no choice but to ask you.”

“Don’t casually make treat me like a free helper….. was there no one else to ask?”

“You are good at office work, right?”


“Your part-time work. I know you were faking your age back then.”


That was when I’m in middle school. An era when I was doing my best to make Aika Natsukawa like me. I used to work part-time only on Saturdays and Sundays in order to obtain ‘military’ funds. Surprisingly I was good at it, but I was planning to quit when it was near the exam day. But, I was told not to quit, and they would even raise my hourly wage. At that time, I had been doing it for half a year. Still, I’d no choice but to quit, and the reason was because my parents almost caught me for going out on Saturdays and Sundays even though it was almost the exam day.

I intended to keep it secret. Never did I thought my sister know it.

Well, she got me… Ugh.

“What? What is it? Is Kaede’s younger brother useless?”

“Nah, he’s a serious and hard-working villager.”

“Wait, aren’t we in a city?”

‘You’re the sporty and handsome seni─.. I mean Todoroki-senpai, right?’, When I replied so, The handsome slim senior was able to put in a sharp ‘tsukkomi’. [TN: ‘tsukkomi’ is when you playing the straight man in a comedy group]

The nameplate attached to his left chest, ‘Hanawa’…. Wait, you mean ‘Hanawa’?? I feel like I heard that name before! I can smell money from him…! [TN: ‘Hanawa’ that the MC know here, is a character from ‘Chibi Maruko-chan’ series]

“Ba, baby…” [TN: And that ‘Hanawa’ in Chibi Maruko-chan likes to call every girl, ‘Baby’, so yeah, the Mc kind of mocking him]

“So annoying. Start moving your hand. after you done with that, I’ll buy you meat buns later.”

“Two, okay?”

“Huh? why you said something so obvious?”

…Eh? Is that so?

Surrounded by good-looking guys, I move my hands while receiving explanations. Somehow, Senior Kai, the talented handsome guy who is also a senior in the second grade, treat me politely. But, why does this person use honorifics for me?… Is it his normal?

‘K4’, I thought they were just clingy to my sister, but everyone, including Todoroki-senpai, was hard-worker.

Well, I guess the reason my sister called me may have been unexpectedly necessary.

After continuing to move the pen with another hand holding a sweet bread, when I noticed it was almost time for the day to end.

“───See? It was like what I said, right?”

“Ah… sure. I’ve never thought you could filled the rejection section of the application from each department so smoothly like that.”

“Ah, no, that is …”

The cool handsome seni── I mean, Yuuki-senpai, praised me.

I mean, I’m good at making excuse to my sister…. No, it’s not just to avoid my sister’s unreasonableness. Well, right now I can’t avoid it and somehow doing it even though I feel it’s unreasonable.

“Wait, don’t tell me, I’ll be called here again tomorrow?”

“Aaaa, I understand. I’m gonna buy you an erotic book, the ‘big one’.”

“The ‘big one’?”

What do you mean by that?…. Don’t tell me you’re talking about my preference?

Wait a minute, if that’s true, I’m scared to know why she know.

This person, isn’t she grasping all of my weakness?

Wait… do girls have this information power on each person? If so, girls is really amazing. I’m sure their vocation is to become a spy, definitely.


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