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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 46

Well, after I reconsider it again, I should release this first before the other series…

46. One Morning (3)

There is one beautiful girl with a sad face in front of me, and naturally I want to comfort her, but… To be honest, I don’t know what she is sad about.

From what she said, it seems that she is sad that she can’t have a conversation with me…


“I understand…”

When I tried to talk, the Former Chairman cut my words and talked to me first.


“That Hatano-kun is not mine…”

…Well… yeah. That’s correct.

The Former Chairman continued her monologue.

“But, when I see other people, talking to you, one after another, and getting to know each other, I feel anxious!”

The Former Chairman suddenly turned her face up and turned toward me.

……It’s really like a conversation between lovers, even though we’re not.


“You met a new woman the other day, right?”


“No, no… I’m not blaming you.”

The Former Chairman shook her head.

And she was forming her next words with a sad expression.

“But, I want you, to talk to me, a little more…”

The Former Chairman said to me sadly and shyly.

……If you think so, at least let me talk too! You always cutting my words from a while ago! Are you really want to have a conversation?! …And, who does she mean by ‘new woman’?!

I tired to remember the last few days.

……is it that two members of the Student Council? Well, in a sense, they’re certainly new. But, why does the Former Chairman know that? The place I met them was near the first Martial Arts Hall, and she won’t go there if she had no particular business…

“Hmmー, Who do you mean by the new womanー”

It was Yachigusa-san, who came to school with me. She said that with a dissatisfied voice and face.

When I thought that Maizumi-san, who also had come to school with me, was quiet. I saw her start crying with tears overflowing in her eyes.

When Maizumi-san noticed my gaze, she uttered words to hide it.

“No! I’m no crying!”

…..What should I do? I feel guilty even though I haven’t done anything wrong.

I tokk a look around again.

On the front was the Former chairman with a slightly embarrassing face.

On the left was Yachigusa-san with a puffed cheeks.

On the right was Maizumi-san with a teary eyes.

……What’s this? 

I really don’t know what to do…

“…L-Let’s got to our own seat for now. The school bell will ring soon.”

I’m pointing at the clock in the classroom.

Th clock was telling that the school bell was about to ring.

The three who saw the clock all exhaled at the same time, and said that they understand in their own way.

I went to my seat.

…I managed to save myself. I’m sure time will calm those three.

I went to my seat, while hoping that time would resolved everything.

…But as I was wondering earlier, why did the Former Chairman know that I was meeting with the students from the Student Council? Was she going around to visit club too?…. But even if that’s the case, I don’t think she’ll be doing martial arts.

Well, no matter how much I think about it, I can’t get an answer. There’s no choice other than listen it directly from her….. after school… You see, If I listen before the school end, the time may not resolved it yet!

On my way to the seat, Shino-san turned her eyes to me. Perhaps she heard the talk earlier.

It can’t be helped, after all I was talking at the entrance of the classroom.

…My classmates, I’m sorry if I disturbed you all .

When I looked at her best friend, Yuzuka-san, she smiled and waved lightly.

As expected of an Angel, her smile could heal the exhausted mind!…. Long live Angel!! Viva Angel!

Hmmm? When I woke up in a funny morning, I didn’t feel tired, but …

I waved back to Yuzuka-san and took a seat. At the same time, the school bell rang and the teacher came after a while.

After that, I spend my school time peacefully, and when I noticed the school end.

I thought I would be asked regarding the students from the Student Council, but apparently they thought it was not good to ask, and I wasn’t asked anything.

…Well, if a girl try to ask a man about another girl face to face, she might be disliked by him at that point…. But, since polygamy is accepted in this world, they might not care about it too much. I guess, she just dissatisfied because she think that I was closer to other girl than her.

If that’s true, then Yuzuka-san’s behavior she took toward it was that of a big figure’s…

Well, I guess it’s the time to ask the Former Chairman about what I’ve been wondering…… I hope the time had calmed her down.

I head to the seat where the Former Chairman sit.

…It seems like she is feeling down.

I remembered that she said she wanted to talk to me, but I left it until after school….

…It’s not getting worse, right?

I was a little scared, but I set up my courage and called her.

“Mi, Mishima-san.”

It was the first time I called the Former Chairman by her name, but I’d no other choice, it was to get her mood back. Besides, I can’t call her ‘Former Chairman’ out loud.

When Mishima-san heard my words, she slowly raised her face.

Her face was as usual. It was beautiful with the mole bellow her eye as a charm point.

But there was no light in her eyes! It was as if all hope was gone…

……I wonder if I had such an eye in the accident?

However, as soon as her eyes caught my presence, the light returned to her eyes as if she saw hope.


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