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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 44

So sleepy… I’ll recheck after I sleep…

44. One Morning

It was a sunny day with no clouds… Yeah, what a good weather

It was a pleasant morning with a pleasant breeze.

As I was walking down the road to school as usual, I was called out. The person spread the fan and talked to me.

“Prince, Good morning, morning.” [TN: So, in here, she mixed up the way of how normal people talk, and typical noble girl’ way of talking that they usually use in anime or manga]

As usual, Maizumi-san has her blonde curly hair set beautifully.

…But isn’t the way she talk a bit strange?

“Good morning Maizumi-san. The fan looks stylish.”

“Ohoho, I’m very happy to hear that. This is one of my favorite.”

“Yeah, I think it suits you very well.”

“Oho! Ohoho, Ohohohoho!”

Perhaps she was pleased with my words, she started laughing with a red face.

However, since I was on my way to school, there were many Kenran students around us. Naturally, we got a lot of attention.

Well, you see, it was embarrassing, so I wanted her to stop it…

“That, Maizumi-sa…”


When I tried to stop Maizumi-san, who was laughing loudly, something seemed to hit me from behind. At the same time, the laughter stopped, and I was falling forward.

“Good Morーningー”

It was Yachigusa-san who greeted me in the morning with a nice smile while doing the ‘Kyaha!’ pose. [TN: ‘Kyaha’ Pose, usually it’s the pose of a girl give a wink while smiling plus one hand making a V sign over eye]

…Well, it’s good to say hello in a cute pose, but the fact that she decided to tackle Maizumi-san who was laughing from behind is scary.

However, from the morning, to met Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san at the same time was like eating steak and grilled meat for breakfast, ‘too strong’ for my morning… But, well, maybe because of my mental age, I think my stomach can somehow handle it?

Also, I was greeted with a nice smile, so I will have to return it too! …Since I don’t want to lose, I will return with my nice smile as well.

“Good morning, Yachigusa-san. You’re so energetic today as well.”

I ended my words with a nice smile. Seeing that smile, Yachigusa-san makes her smile even more shining and happy.

“It’s all because~, I met Hatano-san from the morning.”

While saying so, she started to line up next to me and enter her ‘normal student’ mode. However, there is another one here….

“Wait a minute! You can’t just go to school while tackling and kicking someone’s ass!”

Kick someone’s ass…. I’m sure it’s not a word used by a young lady.

“Well, you were laughing strangely, so I thought Hatano-san got involved with some pervert.”

‘That’s that, it’s not Miu’s fault’, says Yachigusa=san.

Maizumi-san, who heard the words, naturally got angry.

“Well, well! What a way of talking you have! But, I guess beacuse you keep talking like a child, your breasts and butt are petan!” [TN: ‘Petan’ means flat]

“Katchi-n” [TN: it’s the way, the japanese thought the sound of clapperboard when the movie director say cut!]

…You don’t have to say it.

“Even though, I should have been able to go to school together, just us two.”

“That’s Miu’s line! I wish you had kept quiet as .”



Both of them swelled their cheeks and began to argue, and attracted more attention from the surrounding. I could hear the voices of those around me.

“It looks like they’re fighting for that boy.”

“It seems that only one person can go to school together with him.”

“What?! In other words, are they trying to kill each other here?”

“In other words, does it mean that if I defeat them, I can go to school with that boy?”

I heard a gulping sound.

…Somehow, the signs of the people around me have become strange. The air around here became like the one in ‘The Land of Asura’. [TN: The Land of Asura is one of the country in the ‘Fist of the north star’ series, I don’t know anything about anything about this series, but I guess the place is like a bloodbath battlefield]

It should have been a nice morning…

Where did it go wrong…?

…Well, I know that the cause is the two people in front of me. Anyway, let’s get away from this place.

“Both of you, we’ll be late if we don’t leave soon.”

I said so and started walking toward school.

“Ah, please wait~. Miu will go too~.”

“Eh?! Hey! Please wait for a moment!”

Seeing me start walking, they both stopped arguing immediately and went to school together next to each other.

The dispute up to that point just disappeared as if it never happened. And the topic changed to the story of last night’s drama.

“Did you see the drama yesterdayー?”

“Yeah, I myself also love novels so I was really looking forward to it.”

“It was interesting rightー? I’m looking forward to the next broadcastー.”


As expected, I’m the only one who thinks that it was ‘questionable’…

both of them were excited about the actor who will coming out next time, it said that the character he’ll play is an original character for the drama.

When we went to school while talking about that, Maizumi-san said that she had decided on a club she want to join.

“Hoー, which one is it?”

“Of course, it’s the drama club!”

…This girl, I’m sure she have been influenced by that drama.

…Is she gonna be alright from now on? I wonder if she’ll start saying that her dream is to become an actress…

“And My dream is to be a famous actress!”

While saying that, she clenched her fist.

….Oh, It seems I hit the jackpot.

Yachigusa-san, who was looking at Maizumi-san with a face of ‘I seeー’, and with a convincing voice…

“Then, Miu will join the drama club too.”

‘Somehow, it looked fun’, was what Yachigusa-san said.

…… Well, she’s kind of good in acting, I think she’ll be okay.


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  1. They need to kill each other for a chance to go to school with an alpha male. Sure, it really sounds like a story from the end of the century…

  2. “…Well, it’s good to say hello in a cute pose, but the fact that she decided to tackle Maisumi-san who was laughing from behind is scary.”

    No no no, that was definitely ok. 10/10 satisfying

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