Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 43

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43. TV Drama

After the discussion at the Student Council room, I decided to go home. On the way back, in the train and station, I was thinking about whether to join a club or the Student Council.

Should I enter or not… Seriously, I’m troubled… Sure, I can just not join any, but since I got the chance to spend my youth again, I have a desire to try it. Think about what happened when you helped the Student Organization.

I am doing my daily work for the school while sweating, and the students who see that figure of me are moved until they trembled. (Mc’ Delusion)

…… It isn’t all that bad? And above all, it is good that my reputation could go up.

However, I wonder why it is necessary for me, who just want to join a club, to worry so much…. As I walked thinking about such things, I could see my house.

…… Sure, I can see my house, but more than that, I could see a person who piqued my interest.

That person was… standing in front of the house of my neighbor, the popular novelist Kikusui-san, with an expressionless face. However, that person’ hand was violently pressing the intercom button continuously…. Well, that expressionless face could rival the maid of my house.

Normally, if I see a suspicious person, I would contact the police immediately, but I have seen that person several times, and I have also seen that person together with Kikusui-san. I haven’t heard about that person in detail from Kikusui-san, but I think it’s probably her editor. However, when I see that person keep pushing the intercom persistently like that, it makes me think that being an editor is not that easy.

When I tried to enter my house without worrying about the person, suddenly that person stopped pressing the intercom and looked at me, and apologized for being a bother.

“Oh, yes, don’t worry.”

“If only she comes out, then the talk will be quick.”

Said that and returned to the task of pressing the intercom.

Seeing that, I thought that communication between the author and the editor was a not that simple and easy.

Anyway, when I entered my house, Maria came to the front door and greeted me as if she knew my return.

“Welcome back.”

“I’ve just met a person, who I think is probably Kikusui’s editor, standing in front of her house.”

“Oh, that person huh?…”

“Hmm? You know?”

“Yes, lately that person came to her house, so I’ve come to know a little.”

Oh, a bond between expressionless people… I hope the awkward air don’t spread to this neighborhood…

Then, I go to the living room while talking with Maria and sit on the sofa in there. Maria immediately went to the kitchen and prepared a drink. While drinking it, I keep talking to Maria.

“… As expected, a popular writer must be busy.”

“Well, the drama is about to begin, and I think it’s a about the time where it get busy.”

“What? It’ll be a drama?”

“Did you not know about it? Tonight at 9 pm will be the first broadcast.”

‘I’m looking forward to it’, says Maria. Somehow, she said it happily.

“But, it’s a popular work that has been serialized for ten years, the fact that it hasn’t been made into a drama until now kind of surprised me.”

“Kohaku-sama, please think about the story.”


“That story is about a number of men falling in love with a woman and keep approaching her.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

“I’m sure Actors won’t simply say, ‘I want to be in that drama’, by their own will.”

“… Oh, I see.”

In other words, the actors weren’t available…

“So, in other words, they somehow gathered the Actors this time.”

“Yes, it seems that the director keep trying to make it happened.”

“I see… Wait, how come you know it well.”

“Yes, I’ve been looking forward to it since I got the information that it’ll be made into a drama.”

“Ah, is that so …”

“And Yoko-sama is also looking forward to it.”

“Even Mom too, huh…”

“Many people have already applied for paid leave just to watch the first broadcast of the drama…”


“I think a lot of people will come back early today.”

Somehow I remembered that in my pervious life, I heard that the same thing as this happened….

Then, time passed and it was time for the drama to begin.

Two hours before the start, my mother had returned, ate dinner, had a bath, and was sitting with Maria in front of the TV with a perfect condition.

…..And, the drama started.

In conclusion, it was kind of questionable for me. Certainly, the acting of the actress was amazing, and there were many male actors too, but I was worried that the acting ability of the male actor was bellow the level than that of the actress. And above all, I think that the male actor was not handsome at all. However, I came to this conclusion while thinking about the one in my previous life. In fact, my mother and Maria looked like they enjoyed it a lot and really happy about it. And now, both of them are discussing their impressions.

“Ah, I’m looking forward to the next broadcast.”

“Yes, it was a special episode for the first broadcast, so it was two hours long. Well, I enjoyed it for a long time, but still, from now on, I want to see the men fight over the main character.”

“Yeah, right?!”

“Kohaku-sama, did you enjoy it too?”

“Hm? Well, I, I wish the actors had a better face…”



They looked at me silently.

“Hm, hey?”

“Kohaku, you can’t think based on yourself. You see, the actors that was in the drama earlier were also very popular.”

“Yes, think about it, if there was an Actor that’s around Kohaku-sama’ level of beauty in it, that one person would really stand out. Besides, if that was the case, you don’t have to think much about it, and you can guess that the story will end fast with that person being chosen by the main character.”

That said, the two became excited about the drama again.

Certainly, if there is a good-looking guy in it, the main character will end up choosing a good-looking guy without hesitation, otherwise even the viewers will give a lot of complain…

I thought so while watching my mother and Maria happily talking about the drama.

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