Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 42

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42. Recruitment

Since Kenran High was originally unpopular with boys, did they have a hard time to get boys with good personalities to enroll?

….No, I’m sure there must be some among these many students. Anyway, I think it’s better to asks them directly?

“Have there been really no boys who were kind to girls?”

I asked the chairman a question. When I hear my question, the chairman answers with a giggle.

“Well, there were. Even now, there are still a few boys in this high school with that kind of personalities.”

Oh, I’m glad there are….. So, how about them?

“Those people, what they did with their club activities?”

“Well, it’s simple. They just didn’t join any club.”

Ah! I see…. Originally, there are only a few boys in Kenran, so it must be hard for them to decide whether to join any club or not, and among those few boys who joined a club, there was no one with good personality.

“Actually, there was a case with a kind boy involved before, hmm… what was it again….. I think it was a cultural club, I’m sure it was a club with a few members and that boy joined the club.”

Hoho… interesting …

“So, what happened?”

“When it became known to other students that the child had joined the club, there was a flood of applicants that wanted to join the club. I couldn’t refuse them because they applied by the regular procedure, so I allowed everyone to join the club, but all of them flocked the boy and didn’t really care about the club activities. In the end, the boy couldn’t do the club activities satisfactorily and decided to quit the club. When the boy was not there anymore, the girls who were joining the club only because of the boy also decided to quit, and eventually the club ended up in a messy situation…”

What a terrible story… especially for those who were serious with their club activities, I can’t find any better words for thwm other than, it’s a disaster.

“And what’s more…”

There’s more?!

“The kind boy was traumatized by it and became cold to the girls.”

…… There’s nothing you could get from this story. Except the fact that It’s a tragic story where a boy got his twisted character. Only that.

“That’s why, I want you to think it again.”

The President gently speaks out with care to me… Surely, not only me but also the club that I joined will be inconvenienced, and she can’t complain or restrict the others because those girls will apply to the club by a regular procedure…… I guess it’s better not to join any club, is what I concluded from this talk. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed.

Perhaps my disappointment can be seen from my face, the Vice President, who had been quietly listening, talked to me to cheer me up.

“I understand your disappointment, I’m sure since it’s your high school life, you might as well want to do some club activities, right?”

“Yeah, this high school has a lot of club and facilities, so I was really looking forward to it.”

‘That’s right’, the Vice-President agrees, and make a suggestion.

“Well, this might not a club activities that you’ve in mind, but why don’t you help the Student Council?”

I didn’t quite understand what the Vice President said, because to be a member of the Student Council, you should be elected. While having some doubts, the Vice President started to explain.

“Actually, there is a thing called an ‘Apprenticeship System’ in the Student Council of this school. So, this system is where the person wanted to join the Student Council by their own will, plead to join. Also, it need the Student Council President’s permission. If the President agreed to it, that person will be appointed as an apprentice of the Student Council. But unlike the club, they need the approval from the Student President herself to join this system. So, we can limit who could join and you can get involved in school activities too. “

‘How about it?’, Asks the vice chairman.

“An apprentice of the Student Council, huh? Do I need to become an official member of the Student Council in the future if I become an apprentice using that system?”

“No, that’s not the case. After all, to be an official member of Student Council you need to be elected by the others.”

The President answered my question…. Well, I’m not really interested in the activities of the Student Council.

“You see, it’s a lot of fun here. Planning and running events such as school festivals and sport festivals, and the school gives the Student Council a lot of authority too. You even can use the Student Council’s budget to do new things. I know it’s hard but you can have fun too. “

The Vice President appealed the good point of the Student Council while seeing my reaction.

…I see, unlike the high schools in my previous life, in here, the Student Council could do a lot of things, I guess it’s not a bad idea, and it might be fun too.

Seeing me thinking, the President calls out to me.

“I’m not telling you to give an answer right now, you can think about it slowly.”

“Yeah, but the Student Council will be happy to have you.”

Following the President’ words, the Vice President also gave her words to me, but for some reason the Vice President seemed like she really want me to join.

“Hmmm, why do you want me to join?”


It suddenly became quiet…

“Vice President?”

When I called her, the vice chairman replied with an awkward smile.

“You see, That! You know…”

Which one?

“If you join us, people who are unsupportive with the Student Council may also be supportive.”

Perhaps seeing the Vice President troubled with my question, The President answered.

…Oh, I see. So, they want to use me as a weapon in the negotiation table?

For some reason, the Vice President made a relieved face…. Still is it okay if her ‘smart-looking girl’ impression to be broken?

“Well, that’s all I want to talk to you. Anyway, would you like to have another cup of tea? It’s okay to think slowly about it.”

I nodded to the President’ words and had another cup of tea. Then, I left the Student Council Room.

Now, I wonder what to do with this..… Maybe it’ll let me to get a recommendation letter for university easier? If that’s the case, it might not be a bad idea to accept their suggestion.


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