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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 41

I’m back!!!! For real this time!!
Well, A lot happened in RL, I won’t talk it here, anyway it’s kind of sorted out for now, and I’ve my free time? again for now.

Also I wanted to say thank you to ‘Bored Armadillo’ for trying to tl while I’m gone? I’m gonna leave his work in the comment for now….

Anyway, here is the ch, I’ll release more tomorrow…

41. Discussion

As I recalled the fight scene earlier, while feeling terrified in my heart, I could see two girls coming toward me. I thought they were going to the club, but for some reason they walked to my direction.

I don’t know them, so I’ve some doubt, but when those two reached my side, they called out to me.

“Are you Kohaku Hatano-kun?”

They called my name… In other words, they didn’t come to my side and greet me because they happened to see me by chance…

In other words, they want something from me…

…Ah, I got it. These two want to get closer to me! Well well, I know what you feel! For sure it’s because I’m cute! 

“You see, I wanted to talk to you, but when I went to your classroom, I heard that you went to this place.”

See? As I thought, My charm is amazing!… While thinking like that, I tried to respond them without showing what I’m thinking on my face.


“Yeah, can I get some of your time now?”

It was the one with the short hairstyle who asked for my time.

This… Is this an invitation to have a tea break together? I see. Well, I don’t mind, but… If I say yes and follow them easily, they might think that I’m an easy guy…. I’ll be angry if that happen.

“Well…You see, if someone you don’t know suddenly say that, you’ll be troubled to answer it right?…”

Well, it’s the first time we met, so I think that was an appropriate response.

But, when the girl with the short hair heard my words, she was a little surprised.

While wondering if I said something strange, I asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

She answers it with a bitter smile.

“No, I’m sorry. I thought my face was well-known….. It seems I was a little overconfident.”

Ah, She thought that she was a popular person, so she called me out with full confidence, but the person she called, me, didn’t know her at all….. Of course she would be so embarrassed, right!? I’m sure if there is a hole near here, she would like to enter it I guess!?…. Involuntarily, I send a pitiful gaze. But, She continues talking without noticing it.

“Well, Let’s start by introducing ourselves, I’m Risa Sanada, the President of Kenran High School’ Student Council. And next to me is the vice president of the Student Council…”

“I’m Chika Katsurakawa. Nice to meet you.”

Risa Sanada and Chika Katsurakawa

Another student who hasn’t spoken anything until now also introduces himself. She’s a person who wears glasses and give off ‘a serious girl’ impression. Also she looks like an intelligent person…. For some reason, the Student Council President looks at the Vice President, who introduced herself, with a strange face… I wonder why?

Anyway, it’s the Student Council President and Vice President! That’s why she thought that I know her face! Sure, the Student Council President gave a speech at the entrance ceremony, so it was me who was overconfident and self-conscious! What ‘charm’?! Go ahead and laugh at me all you want!

…But what does the Student Council President want with me? Probably not as what I expected, I’m sure it’s not a simple tea break invitation …

“Nice to meet you…. I’m sorry, even though I saw your face at the entrance ceremony, I couldn’t remember well…”

“Well, you just entered the school, so it’s not strange that you can’t remember me who only gave a greeting once.”

The Student Council President gave follow-up words and smiled gently.

“President, it’s is about the time to get to the main topic …”

Perhaps seeing that the talk was not progressing at all from the side, the Vice President asked her to proceed the talk.

“Oh, that’s right. What should I do? Hmm, instead of standing here, why don’t we continue the talk in the Student Council’ room?”

Well, The Student Council President invited me to have a tea break. I have no particular reason to decline, so I accepted the invitation and followed along. The room that I entered, The Student Council room, was large and luxurious.

As expected, Kenran High Student Council room looked expensive, and when I was looking around the room, I was asked to follow them further. It was a room with a large table. Perhaps it’s a room used for meetings and receptions. She asked me to sit down… When I get to the seat, a cup of tea served to me.

“Thank you”

It was the Vice President who put out the tea. She then bowed lightly and sit next to the President……

But, I’m really concerned about how the President is looking at the Vice President…. It was somehow a strange gaze, but also looked like as if she was amazed.

It’s strange. Even though she’s not doing anything strange. Then, The President shifts her gaze to me and speaks.

“Well, it’s bad to have you come and waste your time, so I’m going to get into the main subject right away.”

“Yes, please”

Nodding once, the President begins talking.

“It’s about club activities”

“Club activities?”

“Yeah. Are you thinking of joining a club?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of entering one if there is a club that interest me….”

“I see… then I think there will be one problem.”

“A problem? What is it?”

“It’s not something difficult, it’s just that a lot of other schoolgirls will join the club you’re in.”

“… Hmm, isn’t that a good thing? And up until now, aren’t there boys who joined a club?”

“Yeah, of course, but in their case they had a cold attitude towards girls, so the girls knew that if they had joined the same club, they would be disliked, so until now it wasn’t really a problem. But I heard from a source that you’re friendly, good-natured, and gentle, on top of that, you also handsome. So I guess that the problems that haven’t happened before, will happen.”

Apparently, there wasn’t a boy with a good personality in Kenran High until now…….. Are you for real?!


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