Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 43

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43. TV Drama

After the discussion at the Student Council room, I decided to go home. On the way back, in the train and station, I was thinking about whether to join a club or the Student Council.

Should I enter or not… Seriously, I’m troubled… Sure, I can just not join any, but since I got the chance to spend my youth again, I have a desire to try it. Think about what happened when you helped the Student Organization.

I am doing my daily work for the school while sweating, and the students who see that figure of me are moved until they trembled. (Mc’ Delusion)

…… It isn’t all that bad? And above all, it is good that my reputation could go up.

However, I wonder why it is necessary for me, who just want to join a club, to worry so much…. As I walked thinking about such things, I could see my house.

…… Sure, I can see my house, but more than that, I could see a person who piqued my interest.

That person was… standing in front of the house of my neighbor, the popular novelist Kikusui-san, with an expressionless face. However, that person’ hand was violently pressing the intercom button continuously…. Well, that expressionless face could rival the maid of my house.

Normally, if I see a suspicious person, I would contact the police immediately, but I have seen that person several times, and I have also seen that person together with Kikusui-san. I haven’t heard about that person in detail from Kikusui-san, but I think it’s probably her editor. However, when I see that person keep pushing the intercom persistently like that, it makes me think that being an editor is not that easy.

When I tried to enter my house without worrying about the person, suddenly that person stopped pressing the intercom and looked at me, and apologized for being a bother.

“Oh, yes, don’t worry.”

“If only she comes out, then the talk will be quick.”

Said that and returned to the task of pressing the intercom.

Seeing that, I thought that communication between the author and the editor was a not that simple and easy.

Anyway, when I entered my house, Maria came to the front door and greeted me as if she knew my return.

“Welcome back.”

“I’ve just met a person, who I think is probably Kikusui’s editor, standing in front of her house.”

“Oh, that person huh?…”

“Hmm? You know?”

“Yes, lately that person came to her house, so I’ve come to know a little.”

Oh, a bond between expressionless people… I hope the awkward air don’t spread to this neighborhood…

Then, I go to the living room while talking with Maria and sit on the sofa in there. Maria immediately went to the kitchen and prepared a drink. While drinking it, I keep talking to Maria.

“… As expected, a popular writer must be busy.”

“Well, the drama is about to begin, and I think it’s a about the time where it get busy.”

“What? It’ll be a drama?”

“Did you not know about it? Tonight at 9 pm will be the first broadcast.”

‘I’m looking forward to it’, says Maria. Somehow, she said it happily.

“But, it’s a popular work that has been serialized for ten years, the fact that it hasn’t been made into a drama until now kind of surprised me.”

“Kohaku-sama, please think about the story.”


“That story is about a number of men falling in love with a woman and keep approaching her.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

“I’m sure Actors won’t simply say, ‘I want to be in that drama’, by their own will.”

“… Oh, I see.”

In other words, the actors weren’t available…

“So, in other words, they somehow gathered the Actors this time.”

“Yes, it seems that the director keep trying to make it happened.”

“I see… Wait, how come you know it well.”

“Yes, I’ve been looking forward to it since I got the information that it’ll be made into a drama.”

“Ah, is that so …”

“And Yoko-sama is also looking forward to it.”

“Even Mom too, huh…”

“Many people have already applied for paid leave just to watch the first broadcast of the drama…”


“I think a lot of people will come back early today.”

Somehow I remembered that in my pervious life, I heard that the same thing as this happened….

Then, time passed and it was time for the drama to begin.

Two hours before the start, my mother had returned, ate dinner, had a bath, and was sitting with Maria in front of the TV with a perfect condition.

…..And, the drama started.

In conclusion, it was kind of questionable for me. Certainly, the acting of the actress was amazing, and there were many male actors too, but I was worried that the acting ability of the male actor was bellow the level than that of the actress. And above all, I think that the male actor was not handsome at all. However, I came to this conclusion while thinking about the one in my previous life. In fact, my mother and Maria looked like they enjoyed it a lot and really happy about it. And now, both of them are discussing their impressions.

“Ah, I’m looking forward to the next broadcast.”

“Yes, it was a special episode for the first broadcast, so it was two hours long. Well, I enjoyed it for a long time, but still, from now on, I want to see the men fight over the main character.”

“Yeah, right?!”

“Kohaku-sama, did you enjoy it too?”

“Hm? Well, I, I wish the actors had a better face…”



They looked at me silently.

“Hm, hey?”

“Kohaku, you can’t think based on yourself. You see, the actors that was in the drama earlier were also very popular.”

“Yes, think about it, if there was an Actor that’s around Kohaku-sama’ level of beauty in it, that one person would really stand out. Besides, if that was the case, you don’t have to think much about it, and you can guess that the story will end fast with that person being chosen by the main character.”

That said, the two became excited about the drama again.

Certainly, if there is a good-looking guy in it, the main character will end up choosing a good-looking guy without hesitation, otherwise even the viewers will give a lot of complain…

I thought so while watching my mother and Maria happily talking about the drama.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 42

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42. Recruitment

Since Kenran High was originally unpopular with boys, did they have a hard time to get boys with good personalities to enroll?

….No, I’m sure there must be some among these many students. Anyway, I think it’s better to asks them directly?

“Have there been really no boys who were kind to girls?”

I asked the chairman a question. When I hear my question, the chairman answers with a giggle.

“Well, there were. Even now, there are still a few boys in this high school with that kind of personalities.”

Oh, I’m glad there are….. So, how about them?

“Those people, what they did with their club activities?”

“Well, it’s simple. They just didn’t join any club.”

Ah! I see…. Originally, there are only a few boys in Kenran, so it must be hard for them to decide whether to join any club or not, and among those few boys who joined a club, there was no one with good personality.

“Actually, there was a case with a kind boy involved before, hmm… what was it again….. I think it was a cultural club, I’m sure it was a club with a few members and that boy joined the club.”

Hoho… interesting …

“So, what happened?”

“When it became known to other students that the child had joined the club, there was a flood of applicants that wanted to join the club. I couldn’t refuse them because they applied by the regular procedure, so I allowed everyone to join the club, but all of them flocked the boy and didn’t really care about the club activities. In the end, the boy couldn’t do the club activities satisfactorily and decided to quit the club. When the boy was not there anymore, the girls who were joining the club only because of the boy also decided to quit, and eventually the club ended up in a messy situation…”

What a terrible story… especially for those who were serious with their club activities, I can’t find any better words for thwm other than, it’s a disaster.

“And what’s more…”

There’s more?!

“The kind boy was traumatized by it and became cold to the girls.”

…… There’s nothing you could get from this story. Except the fact that It’s a tragic story where a boy got his twisted character. Only that.

“That’s why, I want you to think it again.”

The President gently speaks out with care to me… Surely, not only me but also the club that I joined will be inconvenienced, and she can’t complain or restrict the others because those girls will apply to the club by a regular procedure…… I guess it’s better not to join any club, is what I concluded from this talk. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed.

Perhaps my disappointment can be seen from my face, the Vice President, who had been quietly listening, talked to me to cheer me up.

“I understand your disappointment, I’m sure since it’s your high school life, you might as well want to do some club activities, right?”

“Yeah, this high school has a lot of club and facilities, so I was really looking forward to it.”

‘That’s right’, the Vice-President agrees, and make a suggestion.

“Well, this might not a club activities that you’ve in mind, but why don’t you help the Student Council?”

I didn’t quite understand what the Vice President said, because to be a member of the Student Council, you should be elected. While having some doubts, the Vice President started to explain.

“Actually, there is a thing called an ‘Apprenticeship System’ in the Student Council of this school. So, this system is where the person wanted to join the Student Council by their own will, plead to join. Also, it need the Student Council President’s permission. If the President agreed to it, that person will be appointed as an apprentice of the Student Council. But unlike the club, they need the approval from the Student President herself to join this system. So, we can limit who could join and you can get involved in school activities too. “

‘How about it?’, Asks the vice chairman.

“An apprentice of the Student Council, huh? Do I need to become an official member of the Student Council in the future if I become an apprentice using that system?”

“No, that’s not the case. After all, to be an official member of Student Council you need to be elected by the others.”

The President answered my question…. Well, I’m not really interested in the activities of the Student Council.

“You see, it’s a lot of fun here. Planning and running events such as school festivals and sport festivals, and the school gives the Student Council a lot of authority too. You even can use the Student Council’s budget to do new things. I know it’s hard but you can have fun too. “

The Vice President appealed the good point of the Student Council while seeing my reaction.

…I see, unlike the high schools in my previous life, in here, the Student Council could do a lot of things, I guess it’s not a bad idea, and it might be fun too.

Seeing me thinking, the President calls out to me.

“I’m not telling you to give an answer right now, you can think about it slowly.”

“Yeah, but the Student Council will be happy to have you.”

Following the President’ words, the Vice President also gave her words to me, but for some reason the Vice President seemed like she really want me to join.

“Hmmm, why do you want me to join?”


It suddenly became quiet…

“Vice President?”

When I called her, the vice chairman replied with an awkward smile.

“You see, That! You know…”

Which one?

“If you join us, people who are unsupportive with the Student Council may also be supportive.”

Perhaps seeing the Vice President troubled with my question, The President answered.

…Oh, I see. So, they want to use me as a weapon in the negotiation table?

For some reason, the Vice President made a relieved face…. Still is it okay if her ‘smart-looking girl’ impression to be broken?

“Well, that’s all I want to talk to you. Anyway, would you like to have another cup of tea? It’s okay to think slowly about it.”

I nodded to the President’ words and had another cup of tea. Then, I left the Student Council Room.

Now, I wonder what to do with this..… Maybe it’ll let me to get a recommendation letter for university easier? If that’s the case, it might not be a bad idea to accept their suggestion.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 41

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41. Discussion

As I recalled the fight scene earlier, while feeling terrified in my heart, I could see two girls coming toward me. I thought they were going to the club, but for some reason they walked to my direction.

I don’t know them, so I’ve some doubt, but when those two reached my side, they called out to me.

“Are you Kohaku Hatano-kun?”

They called my name… In other words, they didn’t come to my side and greet me because they happened to see me by chance…

In other words, they want something from me…

…Ah, I got it. These two want to get closer to me! Well well, I know what you feel! For sure it’s because I’m cute! 

“You see, I wanted to talk to you, but when I went to your classroom, I heard that you went to this place.”

See? As I thought, My charm is amazing!… While thinking like that, I tried to respond them without showing what I’m thinking on my face.


“Yeah, can I get some of your time now?”

It was the one with the short hairstyle who asked for my time.

This… Is this an invitation to have a tea break together? I see. Well, I don’t mind, but… If I say yes and follow them easily, they might think that I’m an easy guy…. I’ll be angry if that happen.

“Well…You see, if someone you don’t know suddenly say that, you’ll be troubled to answer it right?…”

Well, it’s the first time we met, so I think that was an appropriate response.

But, when the girl with the short hair heard my words, she was a little surprised.

While wondering if I said something strange, I asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

She answers it with a bitter smile.

“No, I’m sorry. I thought my face was well-known….. It seems I was a little overconfident.”

Ah, She thought that she was a popular person, so she called me out with full confidence, but the person she called, me, didn’t know her at all….. Of course she would be so embarrassed, right!? I’m sure if there is a hole near here, she would like to enter it I guess!?…. Involuntarily, I send a pitiful gaze. But, She continues talking without noticing it.

“Well, Let’s start by introducing ourselves, I’m Risa Sanada, the President of Kenran High School’ Student Council. And next to me is the vice president of the Student Council…”

“I’m Chika Katsurakawa. Nice to meet you.”

Risa Sanada and Chika Katsurakawa

Another student who hasn’t spoken anything until now also introduces himself. She’s a person who wears glasses and give off ‘a serious girl’ impression. Also she looks like an intelligent person…. For some reason, the Student Council President looks at the Vice President, who introduced herself, with a strange face… I wonder why?

Anyway, it’s the Student Council President and Vice President! That’s why she thought that I know her face! Sure, the Student Council President gave a speech at the entrance ceremony, so it was me who was overconfident and self-conscious! What ‘charm’?! Go ahead and laugh at me all you want!

…But what does the Student Council President want with me? Probably not as what I expected, I’m sure it’s not a simple tea break invitation …

“Nice to meet you…. I’m sorry, even though I saw your face at the entrance ceremony, I couldn’t remember well…”

“Well, you just entered the school, so it’s not strange that you can’t remember me who only gave a greeting once.”

The Student Council President gave follow-up words and smiled gently.

“President, it’s is about the time to get to the main topic …”

Perhaps seeing that the talk was not progressing at all from the side, the Vice President asked her to proceed the talk.

“Oh, that’s right. What should I do? Hmm, instead of standing here, why don’t we continue the talk in the Student Council’ room?”

Well, The Student Council President invited me to have a tea break. I have no particular reason to decline, so I accepted the invitation and followed along. The room that I entered, The Student Council room, was large and luxurious.

As expected, Kenran High Student Council room looked expensive, and when I was looking around the room, I was asked to follow them further. It was a room with a large table. Perhaps it’s a room used for meetings and receptions. She asked me to sit down… When I get to the seat, a cup of tea served to me.

“Thank you”

It was the Vice President who put out the tea. She then bowed lightly and sit next to the President……

But, I’m really concerned about how the President is looking at the Vice President…. It was somehow a strange gaze, but also looked like as if she was amazed.

It’s strange. Even though she’s not doing anything strange. Then, The President shifts her gaze to me and speaks.

“Well, it’s bad to have you come and waste your time, so I’m going to get into the main subject right away.”

“Yes, please”

Nodding once, the President begins talking.

“It’s about club activities”

“Club activities?”

“Yeah. Are you thinking of joining a club?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of entering one if there is a club that interest me….”

“I see… then I think there will be one problem.”

“A problem? What is it?”

“It’s not something difficult, it’s just that a lot of other schoolgirls will join the club you’re in.”

“… Hmm, isn’t that a good thing? And up until now, aren’t there boys who joined a club?”

“Yeah, of course, but in their case they had a cold attitude towards girls, so the girls knew that if they had joined the same club, they would be disliked, so until now it wasn’t really a problem. But I heard from a source that you’re friendly, good-natured, and gentle, on top of that, you also handsome. So I guess that the problems that haven’t happened before, will happen.”

Apparently, there wasn’t a boy with a good personality in Kenran High until now…….. Are you for real?!