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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 20

20. The bad Yamazaki

Class A and Class B, both classrooms was noisy. However, the Class C, my classroom, was strangely quiet. When I looked inside the classroom from the corridor, I can see that there were already many of classmates inside.

There, I found an unfamiliar back view of someone standing with the arms crossed in the middle of the classroom. From the silhouette, it might be someone I had seen somewhere before….. I remembered that long ponytail. Next to it, there was also a cute back that looked like a back of a small animal.

“Alright, Ashida, please go ahead.”

“No way! Stop pretending to be a gentleman and that Ladies First attitude!”

“Then, Natsuka….”


“A, I, I’m sorry…”

She gave me a gaze that looked like she want to say, ‘You should die already’. (exaggerated).

….Anyway, I don’t feel like bullying Natsukawa…….. Yeah, I’m your dog, please order me anything.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just stand there for a while, but suddenly my eyes met my senior eyes. Without further saying, in a high speed, she came to me, who was standing in the hallway, and opened the window in front of me.

“Hey, I thought you wouldn’t come to the morning assembly.”

“Good morning… Shinomiya-senpai…”

“Yeah, yeah, good morning……… ‘Yama,zaki,-kun’.”

G ・ u ・ l ・ p

“You see, I was surprised. When I went around the first grade classroom looking for you, I found only one boy with the surname ‘Yamazaki’. When I asked around about him, I found out that there is only one person called Yamazaki-kun in the first grade.”

“Senpai, you are misunderstanding something. Actually, there is another Yamazaki, the Phantom Yamazaki, in this grade…..”



“Lunch break, I’ll be waiting at yesterday’s place.”

“I understand.”

Shinomiya-senpai, passed me while smiling. Inatomi-senpai followed behind her, while shaking the red ribbon she used. With a very apologetic face, she looked at me, but in the end we didn’t exchange a single word.

When I looked into the classroom, I saw the real ‘Yamazaki’ looking at me with an angry face.

“Sajou, you shit! How dare you pretend to be me!”


“Huuh!? Whaaat!?”

“Shinomiya-senpai… she wasn’t your type?”

“…Hm?… Well, she is my type, but…”

“… Did you get to talk to her?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Oooh, good for you, Yamazaki.”


I silenced Yamazaki with a skillful speech, and then I went to sit quietly at my seat. Natsukawa saw me with a face like she wanted to say something to me, but she turned away and headed for her seat. On the other hand, the woman who was right next to her, she breathed so roughly and her eyes was on fire.

“Hey, Sajo-chi! Why did Shinomiya-senpai looking for you….!?”

“Well, a lot of things happened and I was asked for my name….. I had a feeling that it’ll just be a problem if the chairman of the discipline committee remembered my name, so I lied to her unintentionally…..”

“Are you stupid!? Even though she started to favoring you… what an idiot…”

“What are you talking about, huh…”

…Rin Shinomiya, The chairman of the discipline committee. She is popular with both men and women due to her cool beauty behavior, and seems to be treated like a prince by girls. Apparently, even for Ashida, Shinomiya-senpai looks like a prince to her. It just absurd. Anyway, Aika Natsukawa alone is enough to be the ‘idol’.

“Wait a minute, by the way… why did you come together with Aichi?”

“Well, I met her in the hallway.”

“Hmmmm, I see.”

I looked sideways at Natsukawa who was sitting far away from me. She poked her own cheeks on her desk and looked tired…. Oh my, it’s cute, and by the way, I’m sorry for my sister behavior.

Well, as what Ashida told me, I never see Natsukawa chatting with students other me or Ashida. But, when I looked around her, it seemed that there were some students who looked like they wanted to talk to Natsukawa….. Well, I’m not near her, maybe this problem will solve by the time.

“…Steamed pizza bun?”

“The shop was selling it.”

“You… you don’t plan to apologize?”

“See, I bought two properly. Do you know what this means? One for you.”

“As you can see, Yuyu is next door.”

“This is a spare triangular choco pie, Please have it.”


Student guidance room. After I opened the door of the room, Shinomiya-senpai saw me with a stunned eyes. If She had such a face in front of me in this small room, I would made an expression like Ashida. Next to her, Inatomi-senpai was looking at me with confused looks. At least the way she looked at me, it didn’t look like she saw a decent human.

When I handed over the stuff to Shinomiya-senpai, she sighed and pointed to the seat facing me.

“Well, anyway, please sit down.”

“Roger Ma’am.”

“You don’t need to be so tense… Well….”

I took a seat and sit face to face with her. When I saw that two seniors in front of me like that, it felt like I was going to have an interview. There was actually some nerve-raking air around me.

“Well, ‘Sajou’, why did you lie?”

…Did she want to say something like, ‘Hoho, you can’t escape anymore’? But it’s okay, because Shinomiya-senpai have a very straightforward personality, I could predict what she would say. That’s why I dare to be honest.

“I had a feeling that if a person in the position of chairman of the discipline remembered my name, it’ll just become a trouble for me in the future, it’s troublesome, so I reflexively answered using my classmate’ name.”

“What…!? I, I’m glad that you’re being honest, but that mean, you just gave a trouble to your classmate, right?”

“Yamazaki was happy.”

“I, I see… Wait, I don’t understand! Why do some students hate me and some are happy with me!”

…..What!? So you want me to talk about it in detail? I think it’s a pretty embarrassing story for Yamazaki, but … It’s okay, right? No matter what the result, I can only see the future where Yamazaki will be happy by this.

When I was thinking about it, I was nodding next to Shinomiya-senpai as if Inatomi-senpai could understand me.

“Inatomi-senpai seems to understand what I mean.”

“Ah, a…!? Tha, that …!”

“Oi, don’t scare Yuyu.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Nah, I’m kidding, why do you apologize right away like that…”

…It’s because I don’t want a girl that looked like a little animal to be scared of me, I’ll be super hurt if that happened. That’s why I have to apologize. I know that she was scared of men, so I’m sorry for being a man. No, wait, if I were a handsome guy, maybe her reaction would be different…? Maybe that’s the reality.

“Well, hmm… What should I say…”

…She is so cute. What kind of person will be the couple of these kind of people in the future? I want to slap on his back so hard while saying that he must make her absolutely happy.

“Well, hmm… just like what Sajou-kun said, I think Yamazaki-kun was happy because he can talk with the beautiful Rin-san.”

“Oi, you… Yuyu! See, even you make a fun of me!”

“I, I’m just kidding…”

“….I’m sorry, Yamazaki”

I felt sorry for Yamazaki because my analysis was accurate without any deviation. Shinomiya-senpai with her unfamiliarity of being praised was having no problem with Yamazaki, whose manliness disliked by most girls….. I, I haven’t done anything bad, really.

“Hmmmmp…! An-Anyway, Sajou, Please don’t lie to people for that kind of reason.”


…Yeah, after all Shinomiya-Senpai, who seems to be loved by many students, is a normie, so she couldn’t understand the feelings of the students who sit in the corner of the classroom… is what I thought but it seemed that she also have some soft-spot.

…’I am proud of the my average potential.’, If my way of thinking was close to how the general public think. Most of the ‘ordinary’ students will tend to behave in a similar way to me.

Just as I used a pseudonym, I think Shinomiya-senpai has been casually evaded until now without being aware about it. Not only because of the fact that she was the chairman of the discipline, but also because those who were not confident in themselves avoid direct contact with her. Because they fear of being inferior to amazing people. Especially girls seemed to have a strong tendency for that. The point was that the combination of good looks and masculine attitude of Shinomiya-senpai has become a barrier to other people, and that other people seemed like they were out of reach to her.

With that in mind, I suddenly felt sympathy for Shinomiya-senpai. Maybe she was also lonely.

“I’ll be careful from now on, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, please be careful.”

“Yes, then excuse me.”

“Okay, well, let’s meet again if there’s a chance.”



Well, as I thought, ‘Here it come, the trouble’. Sure, I was grateful to be able to talk to beautiful women like Shinomiya-senpai, but when I came in contact with them, when they work as a disciplinary committee member, I felt the pressure in term of appearance… You see, it’s so much more troublesome to interact with a person who has an authority than a normie.

As I thought ordinary daily life is the best. I thought I was trying to do achieve that, but I wonder why I must be in a student guidance room, even though I tried so hard to avoid unnecessary contact…. Maybe it is a karma to me because I used a pseudonym? Why did I use a pseudonym in the first place?

“… Wa, wait… please wait…!”


I heard a low voice that seemed very desperate. Apparently it wasn’t the voice of Shinomiya-senpai, so I had no choice but to stop and look back, because there was only one person left… Oh my, so cute.

……It’s an endangered species, a high school girl who wear a ribbon, that must be cherished. Let me protect you…. Ah, that’s a lie.

Author note : In fact, the disciplinary committee itself is an endangered species.


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