Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 37 Part 1

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37. In the meantime, It’s wide (Part 1)

While I was busy today, Maya-san gave me some time to set up a place for discussion at the church.

“Let’s start today’s agenda, ‘How to cure Lacra’s airhead’.”

“You want to cure something that’s similar to a natural disaster!?”


This discussion was started by adding Maya-san to the people who live in Illias’ house. However, since Wolfe was reading a book, it was actually a discussion within four people.

“Lacra was not a complete airhead, she has some good points too. So, I’ll do the usual things and analyze Lacra.”

“The usual thing? Is it understanding the other person?”

“That’s right. I’m going to close my eyes to the fact that she’s a ‘living catastrophe’ and try to understand her as an individual called, Lacra. Maya-san gave me some of her time because I want to hear an opinion from a Yugura Believer perspective.”

“I see, I understand.”

“For me, anything is fine as long as Shosho-sama feed me.”

“Lacra, do ‘seiza’ on the chair.”
[TN: Seiza is one-way of sitting in japan, It is the position where you folding your legs underneath your thighs, while resting the buttocks on the heels. (It painful to sit this way for a long time)]

So first, I asked about Lacra’s history.

Lacra Salph, 25 years old woman, and also single. She was picked up at an orphanage that run by Yugura in Mejis.

Lacra liked to interact with others, but when the relationship deepened to a certain extent, then the other person began to avoid her.

The specific reason was that since in the orphanage, Lacra caused some ‘incident’ that involved the people around her.

However, She was not ignored or bullied, and she grew up while always having a moderate friendship with the others.

After leaving the orphanage, she became a priest working at the cathedral, the sanctuary of Yugura Religion. The reason why she aimed to become a priest was that she was interested in it after being told that she had more qualities by the priests she met in the past.

However, she was not good at work that need one’s precision and was desperate every time it came to the office work, she was avoided by her colleagues, and her boss always angry at her, so she was devoted to practical training to escape from all of that. And so, She learned a lot of magic.

The first person to notice Lacra’s ability was Archbishop Ukka, who witnessed her training and noticed her talent, so he took her as his disciples. However, Archbishop Ukka was usually busy making connections with others and had little time to gave a direct guidance to Lacra.

『”If you could do all of this basics, everything will be okay”, or “You could do it already? okay, then this is next”, “I’m busy, I can’t afford to always watch your training… Oh right, please practice this too.”』

Under such a short guidance, Lacra honed her ability. And she left an excellent achievement that was out of the standard in her first demon extermination, and went up to the rack of priest at once.

Still, other things than that were not good, and so she continued to be a subordinate of Archbishop Ukka without being involved in work of other Archbishops.

“Archbishop Ukka excels in connections but lacks other talents. But he’s working hard to bring other part of him to the bare minimum level. It’s the result of that effort that he can be an Archbishop, even if most of his abilities are just average. “

“Just like Lacra, he is a person with talent in one area. But, unlike Lacra, he’s not an airhead.”

“Yeah, but when he get cocky, he’ll make a mistake. That part of him is similar to Lacra.”

Although he was a hard worker, he was a person who was easily get cocky…. Was it because he knew the taste of success so he developed that trait? But even Lacra who hasn’t even succeeded, already this bad….

“So Boy, could you analyze and understand Lacra?”

I looked at Lacra. Due to the seiza-style of sitting, her legs were numb and fall down to the ground.

“Well, well, this is just a hypothesis. Lacra is a type that can’t handle multiple things, but can concentrate on one thing to the limit.”

… Hmmm, It’s close to the things called Asperger’s syndrome in my original world. Although it’s a condition where the level of disability affects communication skills, Lacra’s interpersonal skills are not different from ordinary people. It’s more like ‘It’s similar but also not at the same time’.

But, her talent said to be special. And her life until this point was the result of making good use of it.

“You see, there are multiple processes when you do work. And Lacra tended to lose concentration when the process keep changing.”

When Lacra came to Illias’ house and I asked her to clean, she screamed several times. This happened during the work, but there was some interval between the screams.

It was a trouble that every time Lacra switch between work like sweeping the floor, cleaning the dust with a mop and giving some maintenace to the tools. However, she carried out each process well. I saw the room and it was cleaned very carefully.

In addition, it has been confirmed that at the “Dog’s bones”, she was so concentrated on the party that she cannot control her drinking.

“The teachings of Archbishop Ukka were also effective. Instead of letting her do multiple things at once, he wait until she mastered one thing before moving on to the next one. So Lacra learned all the magic in a short period of time, and, every magic ended in the high-level one.”

“Well, but isn’t it strange that she also excels in combat with that reasoning? You see, in actual battles, you have to take various actions, not just monotonous action, right?”

“That’s where you can see that Lacra is growing properly. Lacra continued her monotonous training and adapted her various skills to the same level as if it was her own limbs. Then for Lacra each step in a battle, it’s just like moving her own limbs. In other words, it can be said that she just concentrate on one thing, and that is the ‘battle’ itself. “

If the way she train was not good enough, Lacra would have caused a catastrophe even in the actual battle, since she would recognize that it was an action that need a combination of multiple processes. However, Lacra, who escaped from the devastation of office work experience, devoted herself only to training and mastered each step perfectly.

And Archbishop Ukka’s short guidance policy was also perfect for her. As a result, each step learned was combined to one action, and it became possible to concentrate the battle.

“Maybe, if she was asked to switch between attack and support each time during battle, Lacra will immediately self-destruct. And they probably didn’t instruct such a things. So Lacra who was able to concentrate on the battle more than other was able to produce results.”

“I see. So there’s a need to give her work based on that?”

“Yes, if you leave her to a one simple action endlessly, she should be able to move more efficiently than others.”

Maya-san was thinking for a while, then she brought a sewing tool as if she came up with something. The tools she brought was embroidery tools.

“If what the boy said is true, So I just need to let you focus on one thing, right? Lacra, try to do keep doing this for a while.”

After that, She handed the embroidery set to Lacra and showed the picture of the design…. Hmm, what building that have such an artistic design?

“Oh, it’s the cathedral! So I just need to make this, right?”

Lacra started to work immediately. From the stage of passing the needle through the thread, the surrounding tools were dropped to the ground a few times, but after starting the actual work, the work was done silently.

No, not only that, it eneded fast, it was to the level of ridiculous. It was slow at first, but then the thread was swimming on the cloth at the speed of sewing with a sewing machine. I mean, she was not even seen the drawings anymore. Soon after, the beautiful embroidery as designed was completed.

“I’m done!”

“…..I see, it’s amazing.”

“There is a drawback that you can not do normal work, but depending on how you use it, you can do the work of several people by yourself.”

However, It not that Lacra’ airhead was cured. It’s not a

“If this is the case, I think I can think of a job that can be left to Lacra.”

“Is that true!? Ah, but I wish I could always be fed by Shosho-sama like in my current life…”

….This girl was mentally corrupt. Not only she lacked in concentration, she also has a short-circuited brain and ‘I want to always live comfortable’ mentality.

Therefore, there was a time when she used the Charm Magic that even though she recognized it as something unpleasant but she still did that because it was easy, and she was also not giving any of her opinion when searching for books

…. This, This alone, I can’t always let it pass, especially in front of Wolfe.

“Illias, collect the rent and food money from today. I’ll pay for Wolfe. So, get rid of those who can’t pay.”

“Shosho-sama!? Won’t you pay for me too!? Aren’t we best buddies!?”

“Shut up, I won’t pay for your living expenses and rent even if we become a married couple!”

“You’re kidding me, right!? If we became a married couple, at least pay for my rent!”

Lacra was thus able to get a job again in the Yugura church. However, Maya-san refused to shelter Lacra, and in the end the airhead priest still stayed at Illias’ house.

I presume that Maya-san kicked out Lacra because she essentially felt that Lacra was mentally ill.


“I see, I felt something not good from Lacra from a long time ago, but that was true huh.”

In a break after learning about another world, I told Marito about Lacra’ history. Though it was thin, Marito may have felt the corrupt side of Lacra.

“I was worried that the words you gave her were a bit harsh. At first I thought it was the same as Lady Ratzel, maybe you were just on good terms with her, but somehow I felt that it was kind of shady.”

“Oh, that’s true… I’m sure it’s similar to me, but there was a slight difference in treatment…”

“Really? I wasn’t aware of that.”

When I was being told like that, I remembered that the way I speak to Lacra changed after I felt her ‘not good’ side.

I think I felt it instinctively, but when I thought about it again, it seemed that my sensor against other people was still working properly.

“Anyway, this place is good.”

I was always suffocating to be indoors, so I was taking a walk in the garden inside the castle. Not only the size but also the degree of maintenance was really wonderful, and I can feel that I was in some Western Countries.

“Right? It’s my garden that I proud of. That even an amateur could understand the craftsmanship.”

“Yeah, on Earth, it’s a lot like the large gardens of the Western…. West continent. I’ve seen some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, but this garden is not lose to them.”

“Right, Right? But by the way you said it, it sound like you can’t see a garden like this in your country?”

“Yeah, in Japan, there are many gardens that value its imperfectness rather than its gorgeousness. It makes you feel the satisfying but lacking beauty from the simpleness but imperfect scene in front of you.”

“So, it’s not that everything will be count as good as long as it’s gorgeous. I think it’s like pushing out that aspect so that even when the flowers don’t bloom, the garden is also look good.”

“That kind of thoughts is good enough. In fact, if you look at it with your own eyes, I’m sure, you will leak a voice of admiration too.”

After all, the goodness of a Japanese rock garden can only be conveyed by looking at it on the spot, rather than explaining it in words.

I had seen the scene of making a Japanese rock garden pattern in the media before, but I hope that I could remember it a little more better… Sure, I don’t think I can imitate it overnight, but I may have been able to convey how it looked like.

“There is another thing called, ‘Bonsai’, it was something like growing small trees in pots. Recreating outdoor trees in small pots is a very pleasurable thing to do in old age.”

“That’s interesting. Can you make it indoors?”

“I think it’s okay as long as the sunlight enters, but… In this world, Mana can be a source of nutrition and can be used as a substitute of it.”

“I see, it seems interesting to give your own Mana to grow plants. There are rare plants in the forest where the Black Wolf tribe lives. I wonder if I can get it for myself next time.”

“It would be difficult to grow it in a different environment. Ah, the trees that lived in the “Black Demon King’s Killer Mountain” were particularly beautiful. The trees that seemed to be made of crystal were especially glowed beautifully at night.”

“I’ve heard it in the folklore, but I’m reluctant to get it. It’s a mountain of death with no one to come back to life. If I send the knights just to pick it up, I’m sure my reputation as a King may decline.”

A mountain inhabited by a Slime that unilaterally preys on things with mana. So it could be said that to get the plants there equal to kill the person who go there…. Somehow I feel it’s something close to the five challenges of Princess Kaguya.

If you were a human without Mana, the threat will be reduced to some extent, but I didn’t want to be the one to go. So, only children that were qualified to do that in this world, but surely a King who forces them into a life-threatening adventure will not have a long life in his Kingdom.

“But, as I thought I want to see it at least once. It must have been wonderful, right!?”

“Yeah, it was the scenery of this world that I saw for the first time, but it was such a fantastic place that I could feel at a glance that it was definitely something could be found in a different world.”

Marito was deeply envious. And Illias who was quietly watching both of us who were excited about the story of plants. Everyone can tell the difference in the atmosphere around her and us at a glance.

“Illias, you looks bored.”

“Well, I know they’re having fun. I just don’t really sympathize to the topic.”

“Lady Ratzel doesn’t know how good the trees and nature are, but there are times when you loves flowers, right?”

“No, that’s… Ah, there was a time when I think that weapons were eye-catching and I can’t helped but fell love with it!”

After a while of silence, Marito looked sad when he looked at her face. Perhaps I also has a similar face.

“Right, each person has different taste…”

“That’s right …”


In front of Illias, who leaned her head, I kept in mind to teach Wolfe the beauty of nature.

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